The 5th House Element
Describes Your Love Expression 

Is He Astrologically Afflicted?

In this article we delineate the 5th house element.

The 5th house represents the way you express yourself in a creative, playful and radiant way.

Hence, the 5th house is the house of 'love', a way to express your emotional Self in a tangible way.

In the natural order of the zodiac signs, the 5th sign is a fire sign because it belongs to the Leo part of the fire trinity (Aries-Leo-Sagittarius).

This holds true for the 5th house too that is a 'fire house' as well.

In its natural state, the creative drives and urges are expressed outwardly (the fire element is an outgoing, spreading one).

This is the case when you have a fire sign on the cusp of the 5th house.

However, in practice, you may find other elements on the cusp of the 5th house (depending on your ascending sign).

We use the Topocentric house system (that does not differ too much from the Placidus house system).

When delineating the elements on the house cusps, you have to take into account a very important (and infallible) astrological rule:

  • the houses represent the 12 areas of life.

    The houses represent the environment in which these areas unfold or take place.

  • the zodiac signs color the environment and describe the background on which events unfold.

This is basic knowledge that anyone must know and understand when studying real astrology.

What do the different elements on the 5th house cusp reveal?

  • The Fire Element (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) is in sync with its natural state.

    It's the most showy position (either physically or mentally) and the native tends to be outgoing, trying to manifest him- or herself to the full.

    In a more negative sense, the native can be too excessive and pushy.

    Anyway, the native wants to be personally involved. There is some enthusiasm that must be shared.

    Fire signs on the 5th house cusp want to be part of an active environment and are often outdoorsy.

    The native is very open-minded in matters of love as well but tends to be rather blunt and bold in his or her approach.

  • The Earth Element (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) does not fit well on the cusp of a fire house (earth 'kills' fire).

    Earth is very realistic and practical (down-to-earth), quite 'heavy' which the fire element is not (upward enthusiasm where the sky is the limit).

    So, heavy earth damps down enthusiasm and outward expression.

    The result can be a restricting environment in which the daily realities (work- and/or household-related) prevail.

    It's a very persevering combo though that delivers much resistance and tenacity, even when it's experienced or lived in a more passive way.

    The native has learned to be cautious in whatever (s)he does and is more reluctant and hesitant to fully go for something.

    Hence, a lack of enthusiasm.

    Creativity is lived in a most tangible way (fine art, sculpturing, painting, etc ...).

    Earth is a refined and subtle element so that it behaves in a more sobering and less striking way.

    The earth element on the 5th house cusp wants to be in control and have everything under control.

    It is related to a serious person who wants to be reliable and meticulous in whatever (s)he does.

    The earth element may create a distance between the native and his or her lover(s).

  • The Air Element (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) enhances the fire traits and promotes communicative urges.

    Talking, reading, reasoning, communicating are favored because the native loves to live, work or reside in such an environment.

    The native cannot stand silence and there always must be some noise in the environment to feel well.

    The native needs a lively environment -- and lover(s) -- to feel well as well.

    There is a huge need to talk about matters of love.

    The air element nourishes the fire element and may be unable to live the daily (restricting) realities.

    It wants to take everything lightheartedly and needs to 'fly high'.

  • The Water Element (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) is another 'misfit' because the water element extinguishes the fire traits.

    Unlike the air element, here, there is the need to live in a silent environment.

    The water element needs a cocoon and a cozy place to withdraw.

    Creative urges are experienced on an inward level.

    It's a very sensitive combo, easily resulting in hurt feelings.

    Water is a passive element so that it brings reluctancy and hesitation in showing his or her feelings outwardly.

    Everything is lived on an inner level resulting in mood swings.

    The lesson to be learned is to cope with fear and emotional behavior.

    Know that fear is just an illusion.

    The water element on the 5th house cusp is very secretive about its love life.

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