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In this article we will discuss some important natal midpoints in love related matters (marriage, childbirth, sex etc.) with their core meaning.

We will also show how to use the midpoints with some natal chart examples of celebrities.

In love related matters, the following midpoints often are aspected (in the 45° dial/wheel or 8th harmonic within a 1° orb) by other personal points, bodies and planets (the Ascendant, MC, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, the Moon's Node).

Mind though that the keywords we list are NOT limitative.

The keyword is just one single, but important, meaning of the planetary combination and is a great way for novices to learn about the working of midpoints.

  • Mercury/Venus (ME/VE): the Mercury/Venus midpoint brings gifts, love talks, nice conversations etc.

  • Venus/Mars (VE/MA): the midpoint between Venus and Mars represents desires and, especially when it is aspected by the Sun (which represents the physical body), sex.

  • Venus/Jupiter (VE/JU): the Venus/Jupiter midpoint signifies popularity above all.

    It brings a feeling of happiness.

  • Venus/Uranus (VE/UR): the midpoint between Venus and Uranus is a very important conception and childbirth combo.

    It brings excitement in matters of love and love at first sight.

  • Mars/Jupiter (MA/JU): the midpoint between Mars and Jupiter litterally denotes a successful (JU) activity (MA), a fortunate event and is very frequently found in times of happiness or success.

    It's one of the possible marriage and childbirth indicators.

  • Mars/Neptune (MA/NE): the midpoint between Mars and Neptune is an important illness combo but it also denotes "denial" or "refusal."

    In case it's aspected by Venus, the love planet, for example, it may denote rejection in love.

    From this midpoint alone it's not possible though to find out if it will bring illness (because Venus also represents the kidneys, ovaries, skin... for example) or if it's only related to matters of the heart.

    Other midpoints have to be taken into account so that you get all the pieces of the puzzle together to find out the final "image" of the puzzle.

  • Jupiter/Saturn (JU/SA): the Jupiter/Saturn midpoint has different meanings but when finding this combo strong in a chart comparison, it most often points to friendship.

    Don't confuse friendship with love!

    We never recommend marrying when in the chart comparison, this midpoint is prominent without other love connections because the union may result in divorce (a happy or fortunate separation/divorce).

    When outer planets transit the Jupiter/Saturn midpoint that also aspect planets and midpoints in the chart of the other partner, it will trigger setbacks.

    Especially Mars (and Saturn itself), may be very disruptive here and bring separation.

  • Jupiter/Uranus (JU/UR): the midpoint between Jupiter and Uranus brings relief from tension and (happy) surprises. It's the 'Thank God' combo.

  • Jupiter/Neptune (JU/NE): the Jupiter/Neptune midpoint combines the most idealistic and religious planets of all resulting in fantasy, dreams, high ideals and visions.

  • Jupiter/Pluto (JU/PL): the Jupiter/Pluto midpoint denotes fortunate (JU) developments (PL), but also large mass events.

  • Saturn/Uranus (SA/UR): the Saturn/Uranus midpoint almost always brings stress, tension and separation (disruptions). It breaks up barriers.

  • Saturn/Neptune (SA/NE): the Saturn/Neptune midpoint is all about dis-ease and ill-feelings. In matters of love it may bring tearful experiences.

  • Saturn/Pluto (SA/PL): this midpoint represents "the builder."

    However, in almost all instances that we researched, Saturn and Pluto together also result in a severe downfall and/or bankruptcy!

    So, it's also the combo of bankruptcy and reversals.

  • Uranus/Neptune (UR/NE): this midpoint combo represents everything that is not visible, that is "digital" and immaterial. It works on a higher sub- or unconscious level.

    It is remarkably often found prominently in timed horoscopes of unconsciousness (and death!).

  • Uranus/Pluto (UR/PL): the Uranus/Pluto midpoint combines two generational bodies that bring (r)evolution and a sudden turn of events -- for good or bad.

So far the meaning of the natal midpoints in love related matters.

Jupiter expands and broadens. It brings some favors.

When we find Saturn in the picture or planetary combination, it always brings limits and/or separation and loneliness.

However, note that childbirth is always a "happy separation" and you may often find Saturn prominent in some midpoint combinations.

The same is true for a change of residence or a move (which is actually a separation from the environment or place!).

So, don't always think the worst when you find Saturn in a planetary picture or midpoint!

Uranus is related to the unexpected and sudden turn of events. It's the awakener.

Neptune sucks, dissolves and makes things invisible (more spiritual or platonic).

Pluto brings power and force.

Remember that the most exact midpoint combinations and planetary pictures (orb 0°00' - 0°01') work out prominently, powerfully and will manifest during your whole life.

We once more remind you that all the below mentioned examples and principles relate to the 45° dial/list or 8th Harmonic.

Now let's take a look at some examples to find out how it all works in practice.

We analyze some random natal charts to find out about the love life of the native by analyzing the natal midpoints in love related matters.

Example 1:
In a female horoscope of a client we find the following exact midpoints (orb 0°00'!): MO = SA/KN = SO/NE.

When analyzing these midpoints or planetary pictures, you have to look up all the single midpoint combos and then blend the single delineations together into one.

In other words, you have to look up MO=SA/KN and MO=SO/NE separately first and then blend their meanings.

Let's analyze this for a moment:
MO: the woman, emotional feelings

= SA/KN: separated, disconnected, limited in connecting, alone or lonely.

The MO=SA/KN relates to a separated or single woman, someone who is emotionally living a detached life with the environment.

= SO/NE: a sensitive body, a spiritual person, the invisible or absent man.

The MO=SO/NE midpoint then relates to a longing for an unknown man, living a spiritual life...

Because the midpoints are exact, this midpoint combo overpowers her life completely.

She has never been married, almost no friends either.

No children either...

Example 2:
In the natal chart of Bo Derek, born on November 20, 1956 at 14:13 PST in Long Beach (California, USA) (Source The AstroDatabank), we find the following midpoints (planetary picture): JU=VE/PL=VE/KN=SO/VE.

This picture denotes:
JU: success, happiness or something fortunate
= VE/PL: powerful love, compulsive love desires
= VE/KN: a happy union, a fortunate bond
= SO/VE: a beautiful body, a loving person

This is a midpoint combination or planetary picture of a very happy woman.

No wonder she was happily married to John Derek for over 20 years.

Example 3:
In the natal chart of Arnold Schwarzenegger, born on July 30, 1947 at 04:10 am in Graz (Austria) we find the following planetary picture or midpint combination: MC=UR=SO/PL=KN/AS=SO/SA=ME/KN.

Let's delineate this one without making it too complicated (because, actually, you have to bundle every single factor and midpoint separately and then bring the together like UR=KN/AS and MC=KN/AS and UR=ME/KN and MC=ME/KN etc. and then blend it all to get the bigger picture):

MC: 'I am'
= UR: a reformer, sudden changes, reversals, upsetting situations
= SO/PL: a powerful man, a self-made man, the developing body
= KN/AS: connected with the environment and the ones that can be met there
= SO/SA: the ambitious man, the lonesome man, personal hindrances
= ME/KN: threads of communications, connected with letters or documents or talks (anything related to communication).

This planetary picture describes him in many ways, in his personal life as well as in his jobs and career.

He's a builder (because of the SO/PL AND SO/SA midpoint combo) who's predestined to experience reversals (because of Uranus in this picture!).

Also notice that SO/PL and SO/SA represent the body-builder: the Sun represents the physical body and Saturn (SA) and Pluto (PL) together represent "the builder."

You see how the pieces of the puzzle come together?

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