Midpoints in Synastry - Examples

Was He Born To Love You?

Below you can find some midpoints in synastry examples that demonstrate the importance of using planetary pictures and midpoints in the chart comparison.

We discussed the theory on our midpoints in synastry page, so now's the time to look at some examples to find out how this works in practice.

Example 1:
Joanne Woodward (born on February 27, 1930 at 04:00 am EST in Thomasville/GA, USA) and Paul Newman (born on January 26, 1925 at 06:30 am EST in Cleveland/OH, USA) have been one of the most remarkable and happily married couples in Hollywood.

And for a reason.

In the chart comparison, we notice his Moon (MO) to aspect her Moon/Jupiter (MO/JU) and Sun/Moon (SO/MO) midpoints: MO=MO/JU=SO/MO.

Now look up the different midpoint combinations in The Combination of Stellar Influences.

This planetary picture translates to:
MO: emotions, feelings and the comfort zone of Paul
= MO/JU: a happy feeling, optimism in Joanne's chart
= SO/MO: the heart and soul of Joanne.

Moreover, they both share heaps of auspicious midpoint contacts (too numerous to list here!).

Example 2:
Goethe (born on August 28, 1749 at 12:00 pm LT in Frankfurt/M, Germany) and Charlotte von Stein (born on December 25, 1742 in Eisenach, Germany -- time unknown).

Because we don't have an accurate time of birth of Charlotte von Stein, we don't have any Ascendant, MC and Moon positions. However, we can still use the other bodies and planets in our chart comparison.

Both shared a deep friendship that lasted about 12 years (a Jupiter return!) and ended with Goethe's sudden departure without telling her.

In the chart comparison we notice that her Mercury (ME) is exactly at his Ascendant/Moon's Node midpoint (ME=AS/KN). Her Mars (MA) is exactly at his Venus/Saturn and Jupiter/Saturn midpoints (MA=VE/SA=JU/SA).

Now, look up the different midpoint combos in The Combination of Stellar Influences: ME=AS/KN, MA=VE/SA and MA=JU/SA.

The ME=AS/KN midpoint denotes lots of ideas and talks between both partners. No wonder that she had such an influence on his writings...

The MA=VE/SA=JU/SA midpoint clearly links to "friendship" (the Jupiter/Saturn midpoint) but the VE/MA part is related to separation and huge disenchantment and severe dissatisfaction.

Clearly, this important midpoint describes their relationship fully.

Exact midpoints almost always work out in an infallible and very clear way, leaving you wonder if there is free will at all...

Example 3:
Paul McCartney (born on June 18, 1942 at 14:00 in Liverpool, UK) and Linda Eastman - McCartney (born on September 24, 1941 at 10:00 am EDT in New York, USA).

In the chart comparison, we notice that her Mercury (ME) is at his Venus/Jupiter (VE/JU) midpoint (ME=VE/JU).

Also, her Jupiter (JU) is at his Mercury/MC midpoint and his Jupiter (JU) is exactly at her Saturn/Pluto (SA/Pl) midpoint.

Let's delineate the midpoints (look them up in The Combination of Stellar Influences).

Any VE/JU midpoint combination in synastry denotes pure love and happiness in love. Her Mercury at his Venus/Jupiter midpoint (ME=VE/JU) can hardly be better and this midpoint denotes optimism and true happiness!

The JU=MC/ME midpoint is another very happy combo of optimism and popularity etc.

Finally, the JU=SA/PL midpoint denotes sorrow through illness. It brings sacrifice and a helping hand in slowly deteriorating situations (illness).

The fact that Linda lost her cancer battle speaks loud and clear. It was a devastating experience for both of them and the midpoints do describe their highly caring and loving union perfectly.

The chart comparison clearly shows what people will experience together and how they interact together.

It goes beyond a doubt that using the (exact) midpoints results in a goldmine of reliable information as the above listed midpoints in synastry examples have shown clearly.

Midpoints and planetary pictures (geometry) must be incorporated in your workflow when delineating horoscopes.

It will increase the accuracy of the predictions and analyses manyfolds and you will soon start to raise the question and wonder whether our life really is cut in stone...

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