The (Love) Life of Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue was born on May 28, 1968 at 11:00 (11:00 AM) AEST in Melbourne, Australia (37 S 49 /144 E 58) (source: AstroDatabank, Rodden Rating B).

Planetary positions:
Sun: 6° Gemini | Moon: 14° Gemini | Mercury: 28° Gemini | Venus: 0° Gemini | Mars: 13° Gemini | Jupiter: 27° Leo | Saturn: 21° Aries | Uranus: 25° Virgo | Neptune: 24° Scorpio | Pluto: 20° Virgo | North Node: 16° Aries | Ascendant: 26° Cancer | MC: 18° Taurus

Standouts in the natal chart of Kylie Minogue

As usual we will look at the standouts in her natal chart.

After all, that's what will bring us to the essence and predisposition of the person.

Not to overwhelm you with information, we will assess the horoscope of Kylie Minogue by looking at the factors that only have some meaning for her love life.

In the horoscope of Kylie Minogue we can find the following standouts:

  • Venus is at a critical degree (0° Gemini)
  • there is a stellium (more than 3 planets) in Gemini
  • most planets are posited in mutable air signs
  • there are two powerful planetary connections:
    1. Mercury-Uranus because Mercury squares Uranus, Uranus is in Virgo (ruled by Mercury) and Mercury is in the 11th house (mundane ruled by Uranus)
    2. Neptune-Pluto because Neptune and Pluto are contra-parallel and sextile each other and Neptune is in Scorpio (ruled by Pluto)
  • the following midpoints (45° dial/list) are exact:
    * MC = MO/SA = PL/KN
    * JU = VE/NE
    * VE = SO/NE
    * SA = UR/MC = SO
    * AS = JU/UR
    * MA = SO/PL
    * MO = ME/VE
    * PL = MO/UR
  • Mercury is the final dispositor in her chart
  • Leo and Aquarius are intercepted in the 1st-7th house axis of relationships

Venus at a critical degree denotes that Kylie Minogue is "on the road" often.

0° Gemini is one of the most unstable degrees, changing the place often, always restlessly moving and up to new stimuli.

When Venus, planet of love, is at 0° Gemini, this reflects the social butterfly leading to unstable and ever changing relationships.

The Gemini stellium adds to ever changing situations and circumstances.

The New Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars are all posited in Gemini, reinforcing her powerful Gemini traits.

Gemini is a mutable air sign, representing "wind" and thus often drifting and changing in numerous directions.

Moreover, Gemini is a double sign, indicating a dual personality that often needs two things at once (two lovers, for example).

She's actually what you can call "a real Gemini."

Astrological research has shown that women with predominant Gemini traits are the most difficult to live with (and face the most divorces) because of their ever-changing opinions, mindset, restlessness and living circumstances. 

Most planets posited in mutable and air signs reinforce her Gemini stellium because Gemini is a mutable air sign.

Air cannot cope with and/or stand emotional display. 

She would need a partner with more earth traits to bring more stability into her life.

The powerful planetary connections reveal the following:

  • Mercury-Uranus: this connection suggests an original, uncoventional and keen thinker with lots of insight.

    However, her mind may jump from one topic to another and in many instances Mercury-Uranus connections are known to disrupt communications (abruptly).

    She may contradict herself at times.
  • Neptune-Pluto connections indicate fear to bond, to be clear and unambiguous.

    The mind can be scattered and/or chaotic and Kylie Minogue should rather try to develop her own standards and values rather than following the norms and standards of others.

The exact midpoints reveal the following:

  • MC = MO/SA = PL/KN: to be single, to feel rejected, to withdraw, her fate depends upon others and relationships
  • JU = VE/NE: the love illusions, to engulf in beauty, unrealistic love ideals
  • VE = SO/NE: the disppointments in love, love ideals, to give in
  • SA = UR/MC = SO: the cold shower, to be dismissed, to be rejected, to feel alone, to be dumped, sudden restlessness and the sudden decisions to be taken
  • AS = JU/UR: the beautiful environment, to find relief in the environment and/or with others
  • MA = SO/PL: to be bold or blunt, the hard worker, a busy schedule
  • MO = ME/VE: to be creative and artistic, the artistic taste, the beautiful voice, to love beautiful things
  • PL = MO/UR: to be highly willful, the sudden (shocking) reversals or changes, to be fanatic

Mercury as a final dispositor in the natal chart signifies involvement in group ventures.

Kylie Minogue is very outgoing and sociable but because Mercury is a mental (cerebral) planet, she prefers keeping a distance and prefers not becoming too intimate and/or committed too soon.

There can be a lack of emotional contact or involvement noticeable.

She might prefer an intellectual partner who is able to stimulate her brain and curiosity.

Whenever the zodiac signs Leo and Aquarius are intercepted in the 1st-7th houses of relationships and encounters, there are issues expressing oneself.

Kylie Minogue has to learn to find her own and real identity.

Her intimate and one-on-one relationships lack consistency, commitment and bonding.

People with interceptions in the house axis of relationships do very well in group activities but have issues building inter-personal emotional connections.

The Leo-Aquarius signs build a very creative axis but also relate to ego-issues.

Self-interests often are not in balance with the interests of a group or of another.

The love life of Kylie Minogue

It is told that Kylie Minogue had quite some lovers and has not found a lasting bond yet.

Her love life is not going smoothly.

It's possible that her 2005 breast cancer diagnosis changed her life a whole lot

Reportedly, she dated:

  • Spanish model Andres Velencoso (for four years)
  • Actor Jason Donovan (for three years)
  • Singer Michael Hutchence
  • French actor Oliver Martinez
  • Model James Gooding
  • Stéphane Sednaoui
  • British actor Joshua Sasse (the relationship ended in 2017)

Despite vowing never to get married after her failed engagement to Joshua, she still insists that marriage is nothing for her.

Her current boyfriend since 2018 is Paul Solomons and it was reportedly love at first sight.

Astrodamus forecasts for Kylie Minogue

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How will Kylie Minogue fare according to Astrodamus?

Click here if you want to take a look at her 1990-2050 forecasts.

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