The (Love) Life of Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler was born on November 13, 1969 at 05:21 in Glasgow, Scotland (55 N 53 /04 W 15) (source: AstroDatabank, Rodden Rating AA).

Planetary positions:
Sun: 20° Scorpio | Moon: 4° Capricorn | Mercury: 18° Scorpio | Venus: 3° Scorpio | Mars: 6° Aquarius | Jupiter: 23° Libra | Saturn: 4° Taurus | Uranus: 7° Libra | Neptune: 28° Scorpio | Pluto: 26° Virgo | North Node: 17° Pisces | Ascendant: 15° Libra | MC: 21° Cancer

Standouts in the horoscope of Gerard Butler

As usual we will look at the standouts in his natal chart.

After all, that's what will bring us to the essence and disposition of the person.

Not to overwhelm you with information, we will only assess the horoscope of Gerard Butler by looking at the factors that only have some meaning for his love life.

There is quite a lot to tell about his natal chart though, but we'll still try to keep it to the essence.

In his horoscope we can find the following standouts:

  • Most planets and bodies are posited in water signs, the fire element is missing
  • Most planets are posited in the Northern hemisphere (houses 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6) and Eastern hemisphere (houses 10, 11, 12, 1, 2 and 3) resulting in  a predominant 1st Quadrant
  • The Ascendant is at 15° Libra, a so-called "critical degree"
  • There is a stellium (more than 3 planets/bodies) in Scorpio (the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Neptune) and there is a stellium in the 2nd house too with the Sun, Mercury and Neptune
  • The most exact midpoints in the 45° dial/list are: JU = SO/PL; VE = SO/AS = KN = UR/NE; MA = SO/MC = ME/JU; SA = VE/MA; PL = SO/VE = ME/SA; MC = MA/UR; AS = JU/UR = SA/PL = VE/PL; NE = MO/MC; SO = MO/UR = JU/KN = PL/AS; MO = KN/MC = SO/ME = ME
  • There are the following predominant connections in his natal chart: Neptune/Pluto, Venus/Neptune and Venus/Saturn
  • Mercury and Pluto are in mutual reception (in each other's sign)
  • There is a (released) T-square between Saturn, Venus and Mars (the apex planet) in fixed signs. The Moon releases the pattern.

Most planets are situated in water signs and none are found in fire signs.

This suggests a lack of enthusiasm and/or zest.

He may at times feel inadequate, anxious and periodically depressed.

The predominant water element may be related to feelings of dependence. 

An emphasis on the Northern and Eastern hemispheres implies a more private personality, preferring solitude or a closed group of people to be around.

He's quite self-reliant, self-satisfied.

The Ascendant at a "critical degree" (15° Libra) indicates "easy come, easy go" relationships.

Gerard Butler can be irresistibly attracted to someone, but most often for a very short time only.

Knowing when to come close and when to keep a distance in relationships (in the widest sense) can be an issue in his life.

He longs for a peaceful and harmonious environment but may not be able to attain this wish because he's attracted to more fiery personalities who disrupt the harmony. 

Inter-personal clashes and conflicts are indicated.

Libra Ascendants tend to represent handsome people and tall men, so it does not wonder many people find him sexy and handsome.

The stellium in Scorpio points to intensity, above all.

Scorpio often lives in some extremes and because the stellium is also posited in the 2nd house, he may be quite robust and shrewd.

Emotions may run high and he may get swayed easily by his emotions, which may bring quite some problems.

The stellium in the 2nd house, the most material and inert house as well, denotes financial interests and acquiring possessions and a focus on a comfortable and secure living.

Love and money may be intertwined and bring huge complications in life.

Secret love affairs are a given, as well as secret financial deals.

The most exact midpoints in the 45° dial/list denote the following:

  • JU = SO/PL: success, international fame, to push through successfully, renown
  • VE = SO/AS = KN = UR/NE: personal secret love acquaintances, reveling in love, one-way-love, to enjoy a beautiful and romantic environment, to need company
  • MA = SO/MC = ME/JU: to make one's point successfully, to be talkative, the successful negotiations and/or agreements, to be a good critic, to carry out plans 
  • SA = VE/MA: inhibitions in relationships, a huge age difference in matters of love, adultery
  • PL = SO/VE = ME/SA: to fear abandonment, the karmic or "fated" relationships, to be seduced easily 
  • MC = MA/UR: always getting one's way, to take drastic measures, to be highly independent, to not give in, to be courageous, to experience physical injuries
  • AS = JU/UR = SA/PL = VE/PL: the personal confidence, fortunate twists, to face dire situations because of others or someone else, the tragic love, mourning a beloved one, the karmic bond, not being able to quit a love bond
  • NE = MO/MC: deceit, the shock, feeling devalued, to worry, to be misunderstood, "narcotics" or being under some influence or addiction
  • SO = MO/UR = JU/KN = PL/AS: the nervous woman, to be very self-willed, to be sociable and liked, the fortunate or helpful connections, to show oneself physically 
  • MO = KN/MC = SO/ME = ME: to be sociable and compassionate, the young partner/wife/lover, to share plans, the emotional thoughts

In Gerard Butler's natal chart, we find the following powerful and predominant connections:

  1. Venus/Neptune because Venus is semi-sextile Neptune, the ruler of the 2nd house (mundane ruled by Venus) is in the 12th house (mundane ruled by Neptune), the ruler of the 12th house (mundane ruled by Neptune) is in the 2nd house (mundane ruled by Venus), Neptune is in the 2nd house (mundane ruled by Venus).

    So, actually there is mutual reception between the rulers of the 2nd house and the 12th house.

    This extremely powerful connection represents powerful and idealistic love dreams and reveling in love. 

    There can be wishful thinking and usually, the native is very creative in an artistic way.

    The double whammy confirms or reinforces secret financial deals.

  2. Neptune/Pluto because Pluto is in the 12th house (mundane ruled by Neptune), Neptune is sextile Pluto and Neptune is in Scorpio (ruled by Pluto).

    This analogy denotes fear for being pinned or tied down.

    He may live in some chaotic or unclear circumstances or conditions.

    There can be issues with aggression and/or assertive behavior.

  3. Venus/Saturn because Saturn is in the 7th house (mundane ruled by Venus), Venus is opposite and contra-parallel Saturn, Saturn is in Taurus (ruled by Venus)

    This is the connection of feeling separated from society, a group or from others (the "partner" as well).

    This analogy or connection often implies living a distant or detached love bond.

Mercury and Pluto in mutual reception denote a single-minded attitude and intent. 

He wants to achieve his goals in a willful way.

He may be picky and a bit obsessed.

The (released) T-square in fixed signs points to some arrogant and very head-strong traits.

Gerard Butler has tons of determination, vital energy resources and might not stand external pressure.

In Aquarius, apex Mars suggests single-minded persistence (confirmed by the 2nd house stellium in fixed Scorpio) in acting out his calculated urges.

In matters of love and romance, his willfulness may bring some issues though.

The fact that this T-square is released by the emotional Moon in the 3rd house is auspicious because the tension between the opposition aspect has an outlet (in talking, moving or changing the place and being restless, among others...).

However, he should beware of harsh disputes and jealousy resulting in separation.

The love life of Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler has been romantically linked to, among others, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Biel and Madalina Ghenea (till 2013).

Since 2014 he has a toggle relationship (on-off-on-off...) with Morgan Brown, an interior designer and former model.

Reportedly, late 2018 Gerard was looking to move in with his on/off girlfriend.

He'd love to have one or two kids and wants to be more run by his personal life than his career, as he reportedly told in September 2018.

Morgan Brown is born on March 22, 1971 (time unknown) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (USA).

Interestingly, her Mars is conjunct his Moon and her Moon MIGHT be in the same sign as (even conjunct) his Mars.

This Moon-Mars double whammy suggests irresistible physical attraction, hypersensitive (emotional) reactions and (temperamental) impatience, among others.

Moreover, when looking at the chart comparison they both share a T-square: her Venus and Lunar North Node build the apex point of this pattern that also involves his Sun and Mercury and her Saturn.

This T-square suggests separations (and this may clarify the toggle bond) and living a detached or distant love bond, among others.

Also know that their personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus) are in clashing or incompatible zodiac signs (but after all, it's the house positions that still prevail and because we don't have her time of birth, we can only say they have totally a different personality).

Astrodamus predictions for Gerard Butler

When we, at Cosmic Technologies (CosmiTec), analyze horoscopes, we often consult Astrodamus 1.0™ to know what the future may hold for the native...

The "problem" with the annual analyses generated by Astrodamus is that this software makes use of the primary directions which are stunningly accurate ON CONDITION that the time of birth is EXACT.

A difference of 4 minutes brings worthless predictions!

We did not rectify his natal chart though but we suspect his time of birth is quite accurate.

What has Astrodamus to tell us about his future (love) life?

Click here to download his Astrodamus predictions till 2030.

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