The (Love) Life of Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio was born on November 11, 1974 at 02:47 in Los Angeles, California (34 N 03 /118 W 15) (source: AstroDatabank, Rodden Rating AA).

Planetary positions:
Sun: 18° Scorpio | Moon: 15° Libra | Mercury: 29° Libra | Venus: 19° Scorpio | Mars: 9° Scorpio | Jupiter: 8° Pisces | Saturn: 18° Cancer | Uranus: 29° Libra | Neptune: 8° Sagittarius | Pluto: 8° Libra | North Node: 11° Sagittarius | Ascendant: 3° Libra | MC: 3° Cancer

Standouts in the horoscope of Leonardo DiCaprio

As usual we will look at the standouts in his natal chart.

After all, that's what will bring us to the essence and disposition of the person.

Not to overwhelm you with information, we will only assess the horoscope of Leonardo DiCaprio by looking at the factors that only have some meaning for his love life.

There is quite a lot to tell about his natal chart though, but we'll still try to keep it to the essence.

In his horoscope we can find the following standouts:

  • Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto are all at the same numerical degree in a sign (8°)
  • most planets are posited in the 1st Quadrant (houses 1, 2 and 3)
  • there is a stellium in Libra (Ascendant, Pluto, the Moon, Mercury and Uranus) in the 1st house
  • there is a stellium (more than 3 planets/bodies) in Scorpio (Mars, the Sun and Venus) in the 2nd house
  • the most exact midpoints in the 45° dial/list are: SO = JU/UR; MA = VE/UR and SA = UR/PL
  • there are the following predominant connections in his natal chart: Sun/Venus, Moon/Saturn, Venus/Pluto, Mars/Pluto, Jupiter/Neptune and Venus/Mars
  • the Moon, Mercury and Uranus are at a 'critical' degree
  • Neptune and the North Node of the Moon are conjunct
  • Saturn is the singleton planet (the only planet posited in the southern hemisphere)

Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto at the same numerical degree in a sign mark spendthrift, huge expenses, bankruptcy, addictions, to be betrayed, seduction, Universal Love, to be very religious and/or spiritual, to be peaceful, to be euforic and happy.

Most planets in the 1st Quadrant indicate a self-sufficient, self-reliant nature.

People with a predominant 1st Quadrant need lots of time for themselves, to develop themselves.

Their main interest is their own evolution.

Though others may find this to be selfish, it's part of what life is about: self-development!

The Libra stellium points to a person who needs lots of harmony and a beautiful environment.

He is sociable but in a detached way (Libra is still an air sign!).

Reportedly, Leonardo has been enamored with models for pretty much his entire acting career which fits this stellium beautifully!

A stellium in the 1st house refers to a very sensual and aesthetically beautiful person.

The Scorpio stellium is all about intensity and charisma.

No wonder he is told to have an intense emotional acting style...

A 2nd house stellium refers to a very materialistic person.

Material gain and wealth describe his self-worth also and the more wealth, the more his self-esteem increases.

Both Libra and Scorpio are sensual and even sexual signs denoting an avid interest in physical pleasures, the more so when these signs can be found in the 1st Quadrant of the horoscope wheel (which represents the personal life and physical body).

The most exact midpoints in the 45° dial/list denote the following:

  • SO = JU/UR: to experience great success, going one's independent way to success
  • MA = VE/UR: the creative ability, strong excitability in love, love at first sight, to be in fire and flame easily 
  • SA = UR/PL: to be selfish, the self-will, 'my way is the best way', to be forced to comply, fated separations

In Leonardo DiCaprio's natal chart, we find many important and predominant connections:

  1. Moon/Saturn because the Moon is square Saturn, the ruler of the 4th house (mundane ruled by the Moon) is in the 10th house (mundane ruled by Saturn) and Saturn is in Cancer (ruled by the Moon).

    This connection represents a huge fear to be disappointed in matters of love.

    Hence, he wants to be single and does not commit easily.

  2. Sun/Venus because the Sun and Venus are conjunct and parallel, the ruler of the 5th house (mundane ruled by the Sun) is in the 2nd house (mundane ruled by Venus), the Sun is in the 2nd house (mundane ruled by Venus).

    This connection is all about a beautiful and/or aesthetically pleasing body.

    He is very sensitive and loves aesthetically beautiful objects and people and is involved in artistic projects.

    In matters of love and romance, he's very indecisive though.

  3. Venus/Pluto because Venus is semi-square Pluto, the ruler of the 8th house (mundane ruled by Pluto) is in the 2nd house (mundane ruled by Venus), Pluto is in Libra (ruled by Venus) and Venus is in Scorpio (ruled by Pluto) -- in other words Venus and Pluto are in mutual reception.

    This powerful connection reflects his fear to lose a (be)loved one.

    He fears too deep connections and prefers superficial contacts.

    He's excited and passionate and needs security in his relationships.

    He feels guilty easily towards other people.

  4. Mars/Pluto because Pluto is in the 1st house (mundane ruled by Mars), Mars is semi-sextile Pluto and Mars is in Scorpio (ruled by Pluto).

    This analogy is more about a survival instinct.

    Leonardo tends to live with lots of (irrational) fear and he's able to accomplish tons of (hard) work.

  5. Jupiter/Neptune because Neptune is in Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter), Jupiter squares Neptune and Jupiter is in Pisces (ruled by Neptune) -- in other words, Jupiter and Neptune are in mutual reception.

    This is the connection of spiritual interests.

    The common life is too boring for him and he needs quite some excitement to keep him going.

    He wants to live in an idealistic and romantic fantasy, represented by acting his dreams and imagination out.

    In many ways, this connection represents actors and people who want to propagate their ideals.

    Unfortunately, this is also the connection of addictions.

  6. Venus/Mars because the ruler of the 1st house (mundane ruled by Mars) is in the 2nd house (mundane ruled by Venus), the ruler of the 2nd house (mundane ruled by Venus) is in the 1st house (mundane ruled by Mars), Mars is in the 2nd house (mundane ruled by Venus) and Venus and Mars are at their (contr)antiscion point.

    This connection shows some difficulty relating to others, especially people of the opposite sex.

    Often, this connection denotes someone who needs to learn to set boundaries when encountering others (the opposite sex).

    The native easily enters or penetrates the others' territory without noticing it (coming too close in an inappropriate way or keeping too much of a distance -- which can be disturbing also).

    This often results in clashes with others one way or the other.

The Moon, Mercury and Uranus at a 'critical' degree denote the following:

  • the Moon at 15° Libra reflects 'easy come, easy go.'

    He's excited and has charisma but he should learn to set boundaries.

  • Mercury at 29° Libra reflects the fear to be pinned down and the inability to enter any fixed (love or intimate) bond.

  • Uranus at 29° Libra reinforces the fear to be pinned down and the inability to enter any fixed (love or intimate) bond.

Neptune and the North Node of the Moon are conjunct which suggests Universal Love.

Leonardo is more a spiritual being who advocates spiritual love rather than interpersonal love.

He wants to sacrifice for other people, the weaker ones and those who need help and support.

Indeed, this is a very humanitarian and helpful aspect and he's very much interested in his own spiritual development also.

Reportedly, Leonardo DiCaprio is passionate about environmental and humanitarian causes, having donated to numerous causes.

Saturn is the singleton planet (the only planet posited in the southern hemisphere, above the horizon that is).

This pattern signifies the willingness to sacrifice short-term goals for long-term goals.

He's not the person you can get 'close to' because he's very suspicious and defensive.

In many ways, he wants everything to go his very own way.

The love life of Leonardo DiCaprio

His first high profile girlfriend was rumored to be actress Brittany Daniel in the mid 1990s.

Reportedly, Leonardo DiCaprio then went out with model and actress Kristen Zang for two years.

He then dated quite some models, including Amber Valletta, Eva Herzigova and Gisele Bündchen, who he went out with for about five years.

Conflicting schedules and divergent careers are told to be the cause of the break-up with Gisele Bündchen.

After Gisele Bündchen, Leonardo DiCaprio went with the Israeli model Angel Bar Rafaeli on and off from 2005 to 2011.

In 2011 he also dated Blake Lively for five months.

After Blake Lively, Leonardo DiCaprio dated Madalina Ghenea, Erin Heatherton, Toni Garrn and Kelly Rohrbach.

Since the end of 2017 his girlfriend is model and actress Camila Morrone.

In 2022 they split after four years being together.

Since August 2023 he is regularly spotted with Vittoria Ceretti, a 25-year-old Italian model.

Astrodamus predictions for Leonardo DiCaprio

When we, at Cosmic Technologies (CosmiTec), analyze horoscopes, we often consult Astrodamus 1.0™ to know what the future may hold for the native...

The "problem" with the annual analyses generated by Astrodamus is that this software makes use of the primary directions which are stunningly accurate ON CONDITION that the time of birth is EXACT.

A difference of 4 minutes brings worthless predictions!

We did not rectify his natal chart though but we suspect his time of birth is quite accurate.

What has Astrodamus to tell us about his future (love) life?

Click here to download his Astrodamus predictions till 2050.

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