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On this page we list all our French astrology book reviews.

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We will only list books in the French language that are not translated into English and that provide information and knowledge not found in the English language, as far as we know.

This French astrology book reviews section just hopes to bring you all that; top-notch and empirical researched astrology books that make THE difference.

No serious astrologer or student in astrology should be without the books we review below.

Don't expect any ratings because, with the below listed French astrology book reviews, be assured that they earn our highest rates and scores!

The books presented below are important because of their unique, valuable and reliable content, not because they have a beautiful cover -- which they most often have not ;-)

Some books may be rather difficult for the novice astrologer to start with, but understand that real astrology is not simple too!

You better jump into this exciting topic with reliable books rather than easy to follow theoretical concepts that leave you empty afterwards.

So, don't be afraid to read them if you understand French, even if you are a beginner.

The list and reviews will be updated frequently, so check back often again.

The below listed French astrology book reviews are presented in no particular order.

Astrology Book Reviews
Denis Labouré and Chantal Etienne
Prédire par les révolutions solaires (et lunaires).

This might be the best astrology book ever written about solar and lunar returns.

Both authors have based their approach and method upon the works by Cyril Fagan, Donald Bradley and James Eshelman but they went further and incorporated a lot of their own well-researched techniques.

The method they propose is very methodical and concise.

It can be used with both the Tropical and Sidereal Zodiac.

The method relies on the most exact midpoints, parans, and the most and least predominant planets in the charts.

The book contains lists of delineations of the aspects/parans, the most important midpoints (taken from COSI by Ebertin) and topics (life events) with astrological configurations to look for.

They have also included a chapter on progressing the return chart as well.

Some stunning practical and real examples show how their method works and how reliable it is.

Indeed, there is hardly any book about solar returns that has such reliable information that works.

Jacques Lapierre
Les encadrements de Vénus

Since long French astrologers use a system called planetary containments; one planet is situated in-between two others (clockwise or counter-clockwise).

In this book, the author presents his empirical research based upon the containments of Venus (Venus in-between two other planets).

This is a very well-researched masterpiece that we cannot miss because it gives so much additional insight into a natal chart that you won't find otherwise.

Planetary containments are not well-researched, unfortunately, and after reading the book you will know that the order of planets really is important.

Investigating planetary containments is a highly time-consuming task though and the author has done a massive and superb job delineating all the possible Venus containments and listed lots of biographical descriptions to prove his findings.

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