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On this page we list all our German astrology book reviews.

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We will only list books in the German language that are not translated into English and that provide information and knowledge not found in the English language, as far as we know.

This German astrology book reviews section just hopes to bring you all that; top-notch and empirical researched astrology books that make THE difference.

No serious astrologer or student in astrology should be without the books we review below.

Don't expect any ratings because, with the below listed German astrology book reviews, be assured that they earn our highest rates and scores!

The books presented below are important because of their unique, valuable and reliable content, not because they have a beautiful cover -- which they most often have not ;-)

Some books may be rather difficult for the novice astrologer to start with, but understand that real astrology is not simple too!

You better jump into this exciting topic with reliable books rather than easy to follow theoretical concepts that leave you empty afterwards.

So, don't be afraid to read them if you understand German, even if you are a beginner.

The list and reviews will be updated frequently, so check back often again.

The below listed German astrology book reviews are presented in no particular order.

Astrology Book Reviews
Harald Hoffmann
Astrologie der Paarbeziehungen.

This might be the best astrology book ever written about inter-aspects in synastry.

This book is impressive to say the least, the more so because the author has researched all possible inter-aspects 'scientifically.'

Though the author, an engineer, has done the utmost to present his research results in a readable and fashionable way, this book is best consulted by advanced and/or professional astrologers.

The most practical part of the book lists the statistically significant inter-aspects related to sexuality, attraction, illusion, criticism, disagreements, power conflicts and karma.

The results are based upon 48,262 (Swiss) divorces and 5,373 lasting unions.

In his research, the author not only takes into account the common planets and bodies but also Chiron and the Black Moon.

He also investigates some 'minor' aspects like the (Bi-)Quintiles and his research proves these aspects are NOT minor ones at all...

Also, his investigation shows that it's highly important to take into account the gender of the partners involved because this seems to matter as his statistical research results show.

This is a book we consult often and we are grateful that he has published his scientifically significant results so that we all can develop and evolve in the best way!

Johann Hilble
Faszination Geburtszeitkorrektur

This too is not a book for novices.

Advanced and/or professional astrologers will find this book to contain a goldmine of information, especially regarding the signification of certain zodiac degrees.

The author uses the degree areas as researched and propagated by the Munich Rhythm Theory and uses them convincingly to rectify the birth chart with the help of the secondary progressions.

However, this book is not only about chart rectification but also about how to use the researched degree areas.

Not all zodiac degrees are listed in this book, only the ones that the author researched and that he has found to be of value.

That's why we consider this book to be another milestone in astrological research: the delineations of the listed degrees are often spot-on, well-researched and true.

We can only wish more degree areas are researched so to find out their essence and their meaning for all of us and for humanity (because most degrees not only have a personal meaning but also a mundane- and health-related one as well).

Andreas Bunkahle
Astrologische Erfahrungsbilder: Konstellationsbeschreibungen und ihre psychosomatischen Entsprechungen in Erlebens- und Erleidensform mit Arzneimittelentsprechungen

This too is a book that builds upon the Munich Rhythm Theory and delineates all possible planetary connections, affinities or analogies in-depth in a psychological way.

This book is so much more readable than the ones published by the Munich Rhythm Theory that are extremely insightful but that cannot be understood by most humans like you or us... ;)

Andreas Bunkahle has the ability to rewrite the connections, affinities or analogies in a very understandable and very complete way.

Based upon the connections, affinities or analogies, the author is able to give insightful and in-depth information regarding one's personality and nature.

With penetrating insight he delves into who you were and are now and he lists some homeopathic remedies that might be able to help you develop yourself and counteract health issues happening due to the ongoing planetary transits (of generational planets that affect natal planets or natal houses).

This book is unlike any superficial counseling methods found in some other astrology books that are full of psycho-blah blah.

For some reasons, countries speaking the German language are more penetrating, in-depth and insightful in their assessments and psychological views.

Clearly, this might not be everyone's cup of tea..., certainly not if you can't stand the truth about who you truly are...

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