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On this page we list all our Dutch astrology book reviews.

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We will only list books in the Dutch language that are not translated into English and that provide information and knowledge not found in the English language, as far as we know.

This Dutch astrology book reviews section just hopes to bring you all that; top-notch and empirical researched astrology books that make THE difference.

No serious astrologer or student in astrology should be without the books we review below.

Don't expect any ratings because, with the below listed Dutch astrology book reviews, be assured that they earn our highest rates and scores!

The books presented below are important because of their unique, valuable and reliable content, not because they have a beautiful cover -- which they most often have not ;-)

Some books may be rather difficult for the novice astrologer to start with, but understand that real astrology is not simple too!

You better jump into this exciting topic with reliable books rather than easy to follow theoretical concepts that leave you empty afterwards.

So, don't be afraid to read them if you understand Dutch, even if you are a beginner.

The list and reviews will be updated frequently, so check back often again.

The below listed Dutch astrology book reviews are presented in no particular order.

Astrology Book Reviews
René Argonijt
2024 - Het jaar van de Kristallen Revolutie.

As a historian, not an astrologer, the author has been attracted by repeating patterns and cycles since long.

He found important patterns between planetary cycles and world events (wars to start with) to start with.

He devotes a large part of the book presenting very compelling evidence that conjunctions and oppositions between the outer planets describe the ebb and flow of world events.

He discovered a model to predict the likelihood of Big Wars or peace that alternate between each other and that he presents in the book.

The last part of the book is also devoted to 24 predictions made with the help of his model and research that span the coming decade.

Between mid 2024 and late 2027 will take place some important planetary cycles that coincide with refreshingly new social and political reforms, so he has found.

From mid 2024 on, he predicts society will slowly become more open, build more trust with a new generation of people taking the lead in a refreshingly new way.

Hence, he talks about 2024 being the year of the Crystal Revolution.

We will see how his forecasts will turn out in the end and how his model will stand the test of time, but in the meantime the way the planetary cycles influence (or should we say steer and drive) world events cannot be denied.

Christiane Beerlandt
Op Aarde zoals aan de Hemel

In this book, containing +550 pages, the author describes the most important 231 Fixed Stars in an unseen psychological (and spiritual) way.

Her guidelines are neither positive nor negative as it's her conviction that the Fixed Stars are just a turn signal and cannot be labeled positive or negative.

It's her opinion that when you have a certain Fixed Star conjunct a personal point or planet, it is because it's the reflection of the Universal Law of like attracts like.

The descriptions are extremely insightful and beyond what we have ever found.

They seem to describe the very essence and deeper influence of the Star profoundly.

A list with all the Fixed Stars and their position is part of this very valuable book.

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