What Tripolar Astrological Patterns Describe the Partner?

The Concept or Principle

Was He Born To Love You?

Tripolar or tripod patterns are astrological configurations that are three-legged (and thus have one planet or body on each end of a leg).

In other words, such patterns are triangular in shape.

The best known examples are T-squares and YOD-configurations.

Such configurations can be delineated by reading them as if they were a midpoint configuration in which the apex body or planet is at the midpoint between the two other planets/bodies.

In matters of love and romance and when looking for some description of the possible partner, we always look at the position of the Moon in a male horoscope and the Sun in a female horoscope.

Building further on this important theory, it pays to look if your natal Sun (in a female chart) or natal Moon (in a male chart) happens to be the apex body of such a tripolar pattern (T-square or YOD).

The two planets/bodies that build the midpoint describe the partner very well.

In this case, the apex Moon represents "the wife or girlfriend" and the apex Sun represents "the husband or boyfriend" and you should read the midpoint configuration accordingly.


Let's assume you find in the natal chart of a man that the Moon is the apex body of a YOD or T-square and is at the midpoint of the Sun and Saturn (the Sun and Saturn being in opposition when it's about a T-square or in a sextile when it's about a YOD).

In Cosmobiology, we would write this down as MO = SO/SA.

We can translate this as "the wife or girlfriend" (the Moon) = having health issues (the Sun always represents the physical body and Saturn suggests restrictions), has authority (Sun/Saturn), has discipline (Sun/Saturn), is self-contained (Sun/Saturn), has determination (Sun/Saturn), is serious (Sun/Saturn) etc.

Take a look at the natal chart of Gerard Butler.

In his chart we find a T-square in which the Moon (the apex body) squares the Uranus/Chiron opposition (MO = CH/UR).

Does it wonder that he has such a toggle or fickle relationship (Chiron/Uranus midpoint) with his long-term girlfriend (the Moon)?

In the natal chart of Johnny Depp, the Moon is the apex body of a YOD and inconjunct the Ascendant and Sun.

In other words, the Moon is at the midpoint of the Ascendant and Sun (MO = AS/SO).

Does it wonder his girlfriend(s) are a model (The Sun representing the physical body and the Ascendant pointing to one's Self in the environment; a showy combination physically).

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