Eclipses and Relationships
How Eclipses Influence your Relationships

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It's known for centuries that Solar (and Lunar) Eclipses mark major turning points, for good or ill, on a mundane as well as on a personal level.

Because Eclipses don't happen that often (not more than a couple of times every year), it's easy to track them and spot them in your horoscopes.

Eclipses highlight events and/or experiences when they hit specific planets, bodies, points or are found in certain positions in your natal chart.

In matters of love and romance, Eclipses can shed some light where your (love) life is going.

It's certainly one of the better tools that can be used to give some general indications of your love life.

Because Solar Eclipses are more powerful and more lasting then Lunar Eclipses, we'll only discuss the Solar Eclipses for now.

There are a couple of basic rules that you must understand and apply first before trying to assess the meaning of the Eclipses in your natal chart with regards to your relationships or love life though.

First, there is a difference between a North Node Eclipse and a South Node Eclipse.

  • North Node Eclipses happen when the New Moon takes place at the North Node of the Moon.

    North Node Eclipses are very personal and focus on your own personality, your personal situation, your physical body.

    You may enter a new chapter in life because you want so and/or because you have the impression to have more control of your own destiny now.

    Your life's direction depends largely upon yourself and is more steered by your own goals, drives or urges.

  • South Node Eclipses happen when the New Moon takes place at the South Node of the Moon.

    South Node Eclipses involve external influences and/or other people that have an impact upon you and your life's direction.

    South Node Eclipses often show more interactions with others, suggesting others may have more control over your life's direction, for good or ill.

    Others have your life's direction more in control and/or things are out of reach, beyond your control. 

Second, in matters of love and romance, ANY Eclipse in Leo, the sign of love and creative self-expression (which love is, actually), has some signification to the love life of people.

North Node Eclipses can be more powerful in that matter, perhaps.

Additionally, ANY Eclipse, in whatever zodiac sign it falls, can have a meaning for your own personal love life when it falls in your 5th house OR falls in the 5th zodiac sign counting from your Sun sign OR ascending sign.

For example: if you are a Capricorn (born with the Sun in the sign Capricorn), ANY Eclipse in Taurus may influence your love life (for good or ill) because Taurus is the 5th sign, counting from your own Sun sign Capricorn.

This is a very important principle to take into account.

In matters of relationships (speaking about relationships in the widest sense which is more than just your partner), the 7th house OR the 7th sign counting from your Sun sign are important.

IF it happens to be the case in your natal chart that an Eclipse falls in your 7th house AND also falls in the 5th sign counting from your own Sun sign or ascending sign, it's almost a given that this Eclipse WILL affect your partner, lover, husband or wife.

The same is true if the Eclipse falls in your 5th house AND also falls in the 7th sign counting from your own Sun sign.

When taking a look at the latest Solar Eclipse of February 15, 2018, it will influence the love life (for good or ill) of all Libras because Aquarius is the 5th sign counting from Libra.

If your Ascendant is Libra or late Virgo, the Solar eclipse might fall in your 5th house as well denoting that you too may face some changes to your love life.

If your Sun sign is Libra and your Ascendant is Leo (making the Solar Eclipse falls in the 7th house), the Solar Eclipse will affect your partner or lover profoundly for good or ill.

The same is true if your Sun sign is Leo and your Ascendant is in Libra or late Virgo.

A very good example of the impact of the February 15, 2018 Solar Eclipse at 27° Aquarius can be found in the announcement by Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux on the day of the Solar Eclipse of their split.

When looking at the natal chart of Jennifer Aniston, you will notice her Ascendant is 24° Libra with the Solar Eclipse falling in the 5th sign counting from the Ascendant (and trine her Ascendant as well).

In her natal chart, the Solar Eclipse exactly squares natal Neptune of dissolving and disappointments and is exactly inconjunct her MC of reputation and status.

Moreover, natal Neptune rules her 5th house of love...

Clearly, people just experience and live a pre-programmed script as part of a big hologram.

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