Detecting Your and Your Partner's Annual Worst Relationship Period(s)

The Concept or Principle

It's universal law that everything is cyclic, goes with ups and downs, twists and turns (the Law of Rhythm).

Once born, nobody can escape the inevitable "good times and bad times."

However, there are different cycles at work and what we want to discuss in this article only refers to the annual cycle, crossing the four seasons, not the larger cycles.

The annual cycles are not only based upon the lunations or Moon phases, but also involve the daily position of the Sun.

The transiting Sun travels through the zodiac signs in a counterclockwise direction and will change the background color of your life any time it changes zodiac signs.

There is lots of evidence showing that when the Sun resides in a zodiac sign that is incompatible or clashes with the zodiac sign(s) both your natal Sun and Ascendant are in, you have detected a time frame during which things may go awry in your life.

Your health may then need more attention, your relationship may cause issues, there can be more issues at the working floor, or whatever...

When the transiting Sun enters a zodiac sign that "afflicts" both your rising AND Sun sign (the whole signs), you (and your life) may feel at a low.

All zodiac signs that square, oppose or are inconjunct are told to "afflict" each other.

This means that when the transiting Sun enters a zodiac sign that is square your own Sun sign, for example, and opposes your rising sign at the same time, you know that, as long as the transiting Sun resides in that particular zodiac sign, your life may go a bit at odds with you.

Let's give you an example: let's say your rising sign is Gemini and your natal Sun is in Aries.

By detecting the zodiac signs that are square, opposite and inconjunct them, you have found your annual period of mishaps and low energy.

In this example, Scorpio is inconjunct both Aries and Gemini, resulting in a low period when the transiting Sun enters Scorpio, every year between October 23 and November 23.

It's true that certain natal Ascendant-Sun combos have more than one challenging period a year.

This is especially true if your Sun and Ascendant square each other or are in the same zodiac sign, for example.

You can find out if your partner, lover or anyone else faces the same challenges during the same period or not.

Your Relationship Lows

Couples can now detect when their relationship faces its lower peaks in a year.

Start with the Sun sign of each partner separately and check the zodiac sign(s) that square, oppose or are inconjunct BOTH Sun signs (your Sun sign and your partner's Sun sign).

When the transiting Sun enters that zodiac sign or these particular zodiac signs, you have detected your combined challenging period that may affect the relationship.

Additionally, when you have found your own personal lows as well as your partner's personal lows separately, you can check if you don't share the same periods.

These overlapping periods too may mark annual relationship lows (for whatever reason: health issues, disagreements, or other common issues).

These are often periods triggering separation, divorce etc.

When you know this, you can take advantage of this knowledge by NOT triggering more issues (no judgments, no blame, no pointing etc.) and instead cultivating more compassion.

Understand that these lows pass and are nobody's fault because they are pre-programmed in the cyclic changing Heavens !

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