The 12th Derivative House or Sign Describes Whom or What
You Can't Stand

Is He The Right Man For You?

The concept that we hereby want to discuss relies on the fact that the 12th derivative house or sign in your natal chart describes whom or what you can't really stand.

This theory is based upon two very important astrological (archetypal) principles:

  1. the elements (or triplicities) and qualities (or quadruplicities)

  2. the derivative meanings (each sign is the 12th sign of the next one)

The quadruplicities and triplicities build the foundation of astrology.

Each zodiac sign is the combination of an element (fire, earth, air and water) and a quality (cardinal, fixed or mutable).

Combining the qualities and elements gives very tangible descriptions, characteristics and traits that are linked to the zodiac signs.

From here on, you can find an amicable, indifferent or even averse relationship between the zodiac signs.

Disjunct zodiac signs (that are either inconjunct, 150°, or semi-sextile, 30°) have traits they cannot relate to, understand or grasp. They represent kind of blind spots.

In this article, we delve deeper into the zodiac signs (and houses) that are disjunct in a semi-sextile (30° aspect) way.

Zodiac signs that are semi-sextile each other don't 'see' each other and cannot understand each other very well.

However, this is not all.

Each zodiac sign or house is also the 12th sign or house of the next one, following the natural order of the zodiac signs (and houses) in a horoscope wheel.

This is called the derivative sign or house system.

This method is much used when delineating the houses and planets in the houses in a horoscope wheel but it can also be used in delineating the zodiac signs.

So it is that Pisces is the 12th sign, counting from Aries.

But Aries is also the 12th sign counting from Taurus and Taurus is the 12th sign counting from Gemini etc...

In astrology, the 12th house and sign have a sorrowful meaning.

In the system of the derivative houses or signs, each house is the 12th house or sign of secrets, sorrow, tears, undoing,... of the next one.

This is true also if you take this concept to the zodiac signs and their relationship to each other.

Each zodiac sign that is behind the next one, has something the other cannot cope with, cannot understand, cannot relate to or cannot stand.

It's about minor or major traits, energies, characteristics depending upon how powerful or predominant the zodiac sign is in the natal chart.

Mind that this goes way beyond Sun or Moon signs!

So, let's take a look at some examples on how the 12th derivative house or sign works out for the 12 zodiac signs:

  • linear, dynamic and aggressive (pushy) Aries cannot stand the winding, confusing and non-aggressive (soft) energies of Pisces

  • inert and stable Taurus cannot stand the pushy impulses of Aries

  • mental and airy Gemini cannot stand the 'heavy' and less mental (material) traits of Taurus

  • emotional, home- and family-loving Cancer cannot stand mutable and on-the-road Gemini who lives in the mental realms

  • self-aware Leo cannot stand family-minded Cancer energies

  • submissive and serving Virgo cannot stand the overly self-conscious Leo traits

  • sociable Libra cannot stand the work-related Virgo traits

  • intense and confrontational Scorpio cannot stand the superficial and diplomatic Libra traits

  • freedom-loving and free-spirited Sagittarius cannot stand dogmatic Scorpio traits

  • realistic, self-limiting and serious Capricorn cannot stand the flamboyant, freedom-loving and overly optimistic Sagittarius traits

  • independent and original Aquarius cannot stand the conservative and restrictive Capricorn traits

  • compassionate Pisces cannot stand the detached and cool Aquarius energies

The mentioned traits are only examples and not limitative.

Personalities have many different faces thar are, among others, reflected by the most powerful ore predominant zodiac signs in the natal chart.

A stellium (more than 3 bodies/planets in a sign), the analysis of the elements and qualities that are most occupied by planets and bodies, the Astrodyne (or Cosmodyne) calculations are ways to find which zodiac signs are the most prominent and powerful in a chart.

If two zodiac signs that are semi-sextile are powerful and predominant in the same chart, you will know that the person has two groups of (disjunct) traits, characteristics, ways of behaving.

In the chart comparison (synastry) between two people, you may find that partner A has a predominant zodiac sign and that partner B has a predominant zodiac sign that is semi-sextile the predominant sign of the other (partner A).

In that case some traits may need continuous adjustments to find agreement.

For example:

If you have predominant Leo traits and your partner has predominant Virgo traits, you know that adjustments will be necessary to learn to get on with the disjunct traits to make the relationship work.

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