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Read below YOUR personal 2010 FREE monthly horoscope, discussing the monthly trends, ups and downs in your relationship(s) in a broad sense.

Indeed, we describe relationships in a general way and that's why we will often refer to your family life, co-workers or neighbors,... as well.

So, actually, it's more than a monthly love horoscope you'll read here.

When we find a very specific or rare astrological configuration coming up in a month, we will comment on this too.

This way you will be able to learn some astrological principles too when you read your personal 2010 free monthly horoscope.

You may expect your 2010 free monthly horoscope to be published on this page around the 1st day of every month.

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2010 free monthly horoscope for January

Around January 2 and 3, you may enjoy artistic and/or romantic moments. This is the more so if you are born around December 31-January 1, March 30-31, July 1-2 or October 3-4. Make a trip to some photographic scenery or beautiful places or listen to some favorite music with your beloved ones.

The Sun and Mercury conjoin at 14° Capricorn around January 4 while Mercury conjoins Venus around January 5 at 13° Capricorn. Clearly, if you are born around January 4-5, April 3-4, July 5-6 or October 7-8 these days bring presents, love letters, or just enjoyable (love) talks. Say what's on your mind and in your heart. Express your heart's desires.

The Sun and Venus go together at 21° Capricorn around January 11 and will conjoin the Moon's North Node the same day. When the Sun, Venus and the Moon's Node blend, expect real LOVE! This configuration will especially affect you if you are born around January 11-12, April 11-12, May 12, July 14, September 14 or October 14-15.

If it's your birthday now, this trio is in your solar return chart for the next (solar return) year and will mark a very prosperous year re love. Expect love, enjoyable moments, eventually a proposal and/or marriage.

To a lesser extent this configuration will also affect you if you are born around February 10, March 12, June 12, August 14, November 13-14 or December 13-14. You too may enjoy cozy moments, parties, meetings etc. Do enjoy!
Around January 13, the tide is slowly starting to turn when Saturn stations to turn retrograde at 4° Libra. Something is bothering you and you are reluctant to take decisions. You're withholding... and need time. You tend to think things over.

It's not really a time for commitment now but you are really serious AND realistic about your relationship(s). You tend to redefine your relationship(s) and in case you're still unsure or confused, things will become clear.

Because Saturn also relates to your boss, career, reputation, father, older people or authority figures, you tend to re-evaluate them too. You may re-consider and set new goals.

Also, you tend to become more disciplined during Saturn's retrogression. You may tend to switch careers too.

Around January 15, a Solar Eclipse at 25° Capricorn takes place, just when Mercury stations and turns direct again at 5° Capricorn. Yes, these configurations mark important days for sure.

First, there is the tight conjunction of the Solar Eclipse with Venus, then there is Mercury (the messenger and decision-maker) turning direct and lastly, there are some very favorable (exact) midpoints working out. You may tie the knot (even when this involves a separation or divorce; there awaits a change for the better). Because the Solar Eclipse sextiles Uranus of sudden events, you may meet your future lover or buddy too (keep an eye on the coming six months). This Solar Eclipse will bring advancements in relationships and new relationships to grow.

If you are born around January 16-17, April 16, July 19 or October 20 you will enjoy highly favorable and auspicious moments full of love, bliss and sudden windfalls. Expect love, childbirth, material gain etc. depending on you horoscope and personal situation.

Around January 18, the stellar influences start to change course and will bring a shift that will be felt. Jupiter enters Pisces and Venus enters Aquarius. Both planets are now at 0° in a sign and break with the past.

The ingress of both planets may (temporarily) bring some more challenging times for some though. For others, it can denote more freedom-loving aspirations and a deeper interest in groups and ideals. There may be an increased interest in social concerns rather than in individual ones. Anyway, Venus and Jupiter (fortuna major and fortuna minor) changing signs, will be felt and it will bring new hope and some windfalls. Also, expect a new love to blossom.

However, if you're a pregnant woman beware of miscarriages, the more so if you are born around January 19-20, February 3, April 19-20, May 5, July 22, August 7, October 23 or November 7.

The Sun enters Aquarius around January 20, a day that is marked by infidelity and/or the love for the home. This is especially true if you are born around April 22-23, July 25, October 25-26 or January 22. Now that both the Sun and Venus are in airy Aquarius, expect some more flirtatious behaviour. Love is in the air...

Venus at 9° Aquarius opposes Mars at 9° Leo around January 27. Some sexual tension is noticeable. However, this aspect will not bring sex to anyone ;-). There are opposing views between a man and a woman, disputes or arguments coming for some of you.

Around January 29, the Sun at 9° Aquarius opposes Mars at 9° Leo denoting yet more arguments and conflicts (or physical injuries and illness).

These configurations are setting the stage for the upcoming Saturn-Pluto square that will, for another time, be exact at 4° Libra around January 31. We recall that this square is a most difficult one that will last till mid 2010 and will bring lots of hardship, deaths, losses and, especially, emotional shocks.

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2010 free monthly horoscope for February

If you are born around May 10, August 12, November 11-12 or February 8, this month of February 2010 starts with love at a distance which troubles you a lot, especially around February 3. It's kind of a tragic love. Also, there is hard work waiting for you around February 8.

Around the same day of February 8, Venus, Chiron and Neptune conjoin at 25° Aquarius. Love's sorrow is in the air and sadness surrounds beloved ones. Also, disappointments in love happen now as well as (physical) injuries (especially burns with Venus in this position!). So, be careful.

Mercury enters independent and cerebral Aquarius around February 10 denoting an increased interest in trying out new ideas and in social interactions and groups. Discussions in or among groups are not uncommon during this transit.

However, if you are born around January 20-21, April 20-21, July 23-24 or October 23-24, secrets keep your interest and, eventually, lots of unfruitful thinking or projects that cannot be finished. There might be lots of daydreaming instead.

Venus enters compassionate and creative Pisces around February 11. Visit a beautiful and harmonious environment or make it cozy.

February 13 may bring disputes and arguments when Mercury at 4° Aquarius opposes Mars at 4° Leo. Divorces are likely under this transit as well as legal issues that pop up. Expect lots of harsh arguments but also a solution the day after, around February 14 on Valentine's day.

The Sun conjuncts Neptune at 26° Aquarius around February 15. Disappointments and losses are likely to happen around this conjunction.

Fortuna minor (Venus) and Fortuna major (Jupiter) conjunct each other at 6° Pisces around February 17. If you are born around February 25, June 28 or October 30 you will feel blessed with lots of pleasant surprises, joyful events and gifts or presents. Surprise each other. This conjunction makes you very popular in many ways! If you are born around December 28, January 26, March 27, April 27, May 28, July 29, August 29, September 29 or November 29, you will feel the positive energies too, but in a minor way. Expect some windfalls. Be sociable and share your love.

The Sun enters Pisces too around February 18 making for a stellium in the zodiac sign Pisces (there are 4 bodies in Pisces now). However, Pisces is also about letting go and sacrifices. It increases spiritual events. Indeed, this stellium is a spiritual one but also a harmonious one of kindness, balance and joy. It adds to your popularity if you are born between February 19 - March 1, April 20 - May 1, June 21 - July 3 or October 23 - November 3 or December 22 - January 1. There are (financial) windfalls, optimism and happiness around.

If you are born around March 1, June 1, September 3 or December 3, there is lots of imagination and fantasy around February 20. Also, some unexpected exciting events may occur. Be creative and imaginative. It's a very spiritual day too which may bring you new insight in life and the world. If you are born around February 4, May 6, August 8 or November 8, this day will bring tension and news about a sudden death or separation that will be talked about a lot. You will have to (learn to) let go...

If you are born around March 5-6, June 5-6, September 7-8 or December 7-8, there is love's sorrow around February 23. It's a tearful day that will last some time.

The Full Moon on February 28 brings new hope and optimism when the Sun also conjuncts Jupiter at 9° Pisces. It's a very creative day. Decorate your home, do some home improvements or just stay home and make it cosy if you are born around March 12, June 13, September 14 or December 14.

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2010 free monthly horoscope for March

In general, expect lots of separations this month of March 2010 as you will notice in a second if you read on.

Mercury enters compassionate and sensitive Pisces around March 1. Mercury is too rational for foggy and intuitive Pisces resulting in miscommunication and confusion. Things are clear as mud because of conflicting opinions.

Till March 8, there are now five bodies transiting in the zodiac sign Pisces creating quite some events for Pisces and Virgo. If you are Aries, the stellium takes place in your 12th solar house of loneliness, sorrow, confusion, letting go, secrets and working behind the scenes. There may be some health issues too.

If you are Gemini or Libra, the focus is on work-related matters. Scorpio will notice an increased need for love and creative self-expression. Children are taking your time. The attention of Aquarius is on money and possessions.

In mundane astrology, a stellium in Pisces is going to bring lots of (heavy) rain, rain, rain. So, we expect floods and inundations here and there...!

If you are born around January 8, February 22, April 8, May 24, July 10, August 26, October 11 or November 25, March 3 brings day-dreaming, lots of talks and, for some, travel. You may be absent-minded for most of the day though. Also, chances are you may be with actors or people you should not rely on too much in first instance. You better go to the theatre or watch a movie.

Around March 4, Venus conjuncts Uranus at 25° Pisces bringing surprises and sudden encounters (for some women it will bring childbirth). Give or go to a party, go out dancing and enjoy short-lived encounters. If you are born around January 15, February 14, March 16, April 15, May 16, June 16, July 18, August 18, September 18, October 19, November 18 or December 17 this may especially apply to you.

If you are born around March 5, June 5, September 7 or December 6-7, you may not feel too well around March 5. If it's your birthday today, you may encounter health problems during your solar return year, which lasts till your next birthday. Also, quite some disappointments in love may be expected. Love's sorrow is indicated too if you are born around January 16, February 15, March 17, April 16, May 17, June 17, July 19, August 19, September 19, October 20, November 19 or December 18. Also beware of injuries and burns around this day of March 5.

Venus enters competitive and initiating Aries around March 7. It's a very seductive position for Venus, increasing the need to conquer impulsively.

Around March 8, Mercury and Jupiter conjoin at 11° Pisces bringing lots of talks and rumors. Invite your lover to a concert or listen to some music if you are born around March 2, June 2, September 4 or December 4. Let your fantasy drift and imagine your wishes coming true.

Be prepared to get on your feet again the day after when Venus at 2° Aries opposes Saturn at 2° Libra. This day may bring you a headache and love's sorrow. Love is at a distance and is really cooling off. It may hurt you deeply and will take time to heal. Also keep an eye on your finances as you seem to lack funds. This all may especially apply to you if you are born around March 23, June 23-24, September 25-26 or December 24.

March 2010 horoscopes: You said;
"Be prepared to get on your feet again the day after when Venus at 2° Aries opposes Saturn at 2° Libra. This day may bring you a headache and love's sorrow. Love is at a distance and is really cooling off. It may hurt you deeply and will take time to heal."
BAM! March 8th, that's exactly what happened to me.
You are good Luc!
More testimonials...

Mars stations at 0° Leo around March 10 and turns direct again. This may be a good day to cut the knot and go for it. Direct Mars will start to build up more energy and become more and more outward again. In Leo, the sign of (playful) love, Mars will slowly start to express itself more openly and will share love more freely -- which is a good thing for sure. However, Mars will seek more attention and may become quite (and often annoyingly) pushy too at times.

Around March 11, Venus at 5° Aries squares Pluto at 5° Capricorn denoting compulsive love needs, often compensated by (over)eating or marathon sex. Intensity rules! Too much of a good thing is never good and you better watch out under this transit to not over-do. In some cases, we noticed that this square denotes the death of a female person.

If you are born around March 13, June 13, September 15 or December 14, March 14 may bring a change of residence, a move or travel. If you are born on this day, your solar return, which lasts till your next birthday, indicates a year of a move or travel.

The Sun is conjunct Mercury at 23° Pisces around March 14. Mercury conjuncts Uranus at 26° Pisces around the New Moon of March 15 and the Sun conjuncts Uranus around March 17 at 26° Pisces, one of the most tragic degrees of the whole zodiac and often found in horoscopes of earthquakes. So, from March 13 till March 18, we have a tight Sun, Mercury, Uranus conjunction denoting breaking news, separation(s) and lots of (short) trips and moves. It may become a very hectic and stressful period in which tragic accidents or events will happen (especially on Sunday March 14). You may be called upon and will need to be fast in your taking decisions. Your stress-level will be tested.

Mercury enters pioneering Aries around March 17 bringing a continuous flow of news and messages. Tell what's on your mind openly. There is a huge urge to communicate under this transit in an open way.

Another separative aspect is found around March 18 when Mercury at 1° Aries opposes Saturn at 1° Libra confirming the separative tendencies from the previous days. Short trips, moves and travel are high on the agenda. You may not see your lover very often under these positions.

Around March 20 the Sun enters Aries while Mercury at 5° Aries squares Pluto at 5° Capricorn. Spring brings vexation and annoyance. You may be in a rage for one reason or the other.

Around March 21, Venus at 17° Aries squares the Moon's North Node at 17° Capricorn denoting some general disharmony in the air!

Again, this is confirmed, and even reinforced, by the Sun at 1° Aries opposing blocking Saturn at 1° Libra around March 22. There is sorrow and separation from a male person (father or husband)...

Around March 26, the Sun at 5° Aries squares Pluto at 5° Capricorn while Mercury at 17° Aries squares the Moon's Nodes making for heavy power struggles and clashes of will. Communication is at a low and seems impossible now.

Venus enters materialistic and possessive Taurus around March 31, bringing the focus on food, money and possessions. Venus feels very well in its own sign and may bring additional income, gain or money. If you are born around January 18-19, March 5, April 20, June 5, July 22, September 7, October 23 or December 6-7, expect love's sorrow on March 31. It won't be your day at all.

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2010 free monthly horoscope for April

The focus of the month of April 2010 can be found in property, possessions, income (money) and separations.

If you are born between January 17-20, March 3-5, April 17-20, June 3-6, July 20-23, September 5-7, October 21-23 or December 4-7, the first days of April (April 1-3) may bring sorrow and sadness. Unfulfilled longings and confusion mark your days. It's a time of reflection.

Mercury enters possessive Taurus around April 2, bringing the focus of your mind on money and possessions for some weeks to come.

Around April 3, Venus at 3° Taurus squares Mars at 3° Leo, increasing the odds of arguments over expenses. Clashes and disputes continue for the next days and may turn into violence between April 5-8 when

  1. Mercury at 3° Taurus squares Mars at 3° Leo around April 5,
  2. the Sun squares the Moon's Node around April 6,
  3. Pluto stations to turn retrograde
  4. while Saturn enters Virgo around April 7.
That's a lot of activity in a short time span, so let's now take a closer look at this all.

The Mercury-Mars square in fixed signs is a quarrelsome combo which is also marked by obstinate behavior and lots of self-will. Still try to be gentle!

The Sun square the Moon's Node denotes disagreement and clashes of will.

Stationing Pluto at 5° Capricorn around April 7 is, for another time, not a good indication regarding finances. There are still lots of reforms necessary in the financial market and in large (governmental) institutions and corporations. 5° Capricorn is a very possessive and materialistic degree so that this topic really will be highlighted around the station. Stationing Pluto is a real big one and also bringing emotional turmoil. On a mundane level, we noticed in many instances that 5° Capricorn is also related to accidents and the masses (mass violence, catastrophies etc...).

Retrograde Saturn is entering the earth sign Virgo again around the same time too adding up to the already materialistic focus (all earth signs are materialistic!). You will hold on to your property, what you have -- or is left (because Saturn limits) -- and what is still yours. You will (try to) cling to your working environment because Virgo is related to your working environment.

If you are born around January 29, March 15, April 29-30, June 16, August 1-2, September 17, November 1-2 or December 16 expect travel, short trips or a move between April 8-10. Also, now is the time for some home improvements. Make your home a cozy place.

Between April 10-12, there is tension between lovers, love's separation or even divorce if you are born around February 2-3, March 18-20, May 4-5, June 19-21, August 6-7, September 20-22, November 6-7 or December 20-22.

Mercury stations and turns retrograde at 12° Taurus around April 18. Financially speaking, Mercury, the messenger, can be another bummer resulting in invoices, expenses or financial news. Don't sign any agreements or don't take any decision of importance until Mercury is direct again (which will happen around May 12). It's time to think everything over in the mean time.

The Sun enters Taurus around April 20 and adds to the importance of your income, property, material goods and possessions because of the stellium now in Taurus and the majority of planets/bodies in the earth signs.

If you are born around January 18-19, March 4-5, April 18-20, June 4-5, July 21-23, September 6-7, October 22-23 or December 5-7 you may feel down or ill around April 18-19. In some cases, this transit might bring separations and even death in the environment too.

Around April 23, Venus at 28° Taurus squares Neptune at 28° Aquarius resulting in yet more expenses and financial drain. There are chaotic situations and your love life is at an all-time low. Have you been living in illusions? There is unrequited love and love's sorrow noticeable. Tearful events happen regarding a beloved person. Have courage!

If you are born around January 30, March 16, May 1, June 16-17, August 3, September 18-19, November 3 or December 17 there may be a short trip or travel or some home improvements around April 24-25.

Around April 25, Venus enters airy Gemini and becomes less set in her ways, less heavy and less materialistic. Venus in this mutable sign will bring a shift in behavior. In Gemini, Venus becomes the social butterfly, trying to open and lighten up more and enjoy the environment. Short trips to beautiful places and events become your reality.

Around the same day of April 25, Mercury at 10° Taurus squares Mars at 10° Leo resulting in accidents and/or disputes. Separations may occur, with a lover or beloved one leaving and/or wandering away...

Around April 26, you may feel discontented and focused on separations and lawsuits, the more so if your are born around January 30, March 16, May 1, June 16-17, August 3, September 18-19, November 3 or December 17. The tension will run high!

Indeed, with Saturn at 28° Virgo opposing Uranus at 28° Pisces around April 27, late April is marked by lots of tension, stress, disputes, separations and divorces. Expect a highly hectic time and the need to break free or break up. The question whether or not you should stay or go pops up. You may leave or other people may leave. Breaking with the past just happens now.

The Sun joins Mercury at 8° Taurus around April 28. If you are born around January 29, March 15, April 29-30, June 16, August 1-2, September 17, November 1-2 or December 16 there is some good news awaiting you. People will hear you loud and clear and you will get on very well. It's a successful day for most of you but some of you will visit and/or talk to a doctor though or have a health check-up.

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2010 free monthly horoscope for May

If you are born around January 31-February 1, March 17, May 2, June 18, August 4, September 20, November 4 or December 18 there will be changes of the place around May 1. You may be alone, but not lonely. For some of you a trip or travel is on the agenda.

May 3-4 brings challenges and even rebellion if you are born around February 2, March 19, May 4, June 20, August 6, September 19, November 6 or December 20. You will fight against your fate or will try to find an outlet for stress and tension. There may be overexertion and anxiety about how things will get on. Expect lots of upheaval.

If you are born around March 4-5, June 4-5, September 6-7 or December 6-7 there is love's sorrow around May 6. There may also be unrequited love and you may rather feel inhibited in your social activities. You may feel deluded in love too. If you are pregnant and are born around the before-mentioned days, there may be some complications manifesting.

Mercury stations around May 12, ready to move forward again at 2° Taurus. It's time for additional income or financial windfalls. In materialistic Taurus, Mercury is interested in and concerned about food and hard goods, possessions and money.

Around May 17, Venus at 26° Gemini squares Jupiter at 26° Pisces. You may be cautious and reserved in matters of love. You tend to withdraw and feel good at home. You may question your lover more easily during this transit.

Actually, Venus will also square Saturn at 27° Virgo around May 18 so that it is the apex planet of the T-Square in mutable signs. Venus between Jupiter and Saturn is more home-bound, less outgoing but may also point to infidelity. This may be especially so if you are born around March 18-19, June 19-20, September 20-21 or December 19-20. Clearly, your love life may be under stress till Venus enters emotional Cancer around May 20.

In home-loving Cancer, Venus wants to stay at home, wants to make home a better and more enjoyable place to live. The problem with Venus in this highly sensitive water sign is that it brings too much vaccilating influences into your love life. You become too emotionally involved in other people and feel the ups and downs in an exaggerated way. In other words, you may easily feel hurt. You cling to your lover and will live all the insecurities of the other one too.

The Sun enters Gemini around May 21 resulting in more changes of the place and short trips.

Around May 23, Jupiter at 27° Pisces opposes Saturn at 27° Virgo. While the opposition is an aspect of separation and what is out of reach, Jupiter and Saturn too are opposites. Jupiter wants to broaden while Saturn wants to limit. Jupiter wants to open up while Saturn closes. Jupiter reflects the open horizon while Saturn represents the wall. Jupiter looks forward, Saturn clings to the past.

When two opposing forces are opposite each other, there is a short-circuit, resulting in a standstill. Patience is the password to overcome the standstill caused by Jupiter and Saturn.

Venus at 4° Cancer opposes Pluto at 4° Capricorn around May 24. When Pluto's intensity opposes Venus, planet of love and relationships, you may expect a huge pressure coming from outside and intruding your (love) life. It may go as far as violence and rape. Females are warned to be very vigilant with whom they have a date.

Uranus enters Aries around May 28 for the first time (soon, it will retrogress into Pisces again) bringing us a sneak preview of what it will bring later on in 2011 when it enters Aries definitely for years to come. When one of the outer and slow-moving planets changes a sign, the influence will be felt on a mundane level in many ways and worldwide. In case it also aspects personal points in your natal chart, you will feel the influence personally too.

You can find out what the transit of Uranus in Aries will bring by blending all the different meanings of Uranus with the meanings of Aries.

Disruptive and groundbreaking Uranus in pioneering Aries might be one of the most innovative positions imagineable. Also, Uranus and Aries act instantly and abruptedly so that most events will happen in a flash. As a cardinal fire signs, Aries love fireworks and that's exactly what Uranus in Aries will bring.

The 1st degree Aries is a very important degree as it marks the start of everything (brand new) and is the most impulsive, eruptive and initiating degree of the zodiac, just living its own primary and instinctive urges. No doubt Uranus in this degree is about novelties and surprising discoveries which reflect the meaning of this planet too. It will enlighten and will bring huge changes, revolutionary inventions and news that will spread rapidly (instantly!).

Speak about instant news, and you will get it. No doubt, the position of Uranus in Aries will renew quite a lot in the world, even if it may shake, move and shock a lot too. Because the 1st degree in cardinal signs is above all and in general related to the European continent (as history has shown), the most important events will likely happen in Europe too.

The 1st degree Aries is also a very military degree. Spectacular events related to the police or military are likely (causing quite some interventions). And, by the way, it's an explosive and eruptive degree also. Stress and hectic moments will increase -- often causing lots of panic -- because nobody has seen "the event" coming (whatever the event may be).

Around May 30, Saturn will station at 27° Virgo and will turn direct at this work-related degree. Your focus is on employment, work and how to cope with the daily living circumstances.

Around May 31, Venus at 13° Cancer opposes the Moon's North Node while Neptune at 28° Aquarius stations and starts to move backwards. This configuration may bring some sadness and grief and is of a dissolving nature. You may have to let (a) beloved one(s) go.

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2010 free monthly horoscope for June

With an upcoming Lunar Eclipse and no less than 6 (six!) sign ingresses the month of June 2010 is going to become another eventful month with lots of shifts and background changes.

If you are born around January 20-21, February 19, March 20-21, April 20-21, May 21-22, June 21-22, July 23-24, August 23-24, September 23-24, October 23-24, November 22-23 or December 22-23 this month will be a very important one for you.

Around June 1, there may be lots of business opportunities and fortunate changes heading your way. This is especially so if you are born around February 6, May 8, August 10 or November 10.

If you are born around March 4, June 4, September 6 or December 5 there may be illness around on June 3. You may feel weak and just drag around during the early days of June.

Mars at 28° Leo opposes Neptune at 28° Aquarius around June 4, adding to your weakness. You may feel exhausted and drifting in senseless directions.

Jupiter enters fiery and initiating Aries around June 6, promoting hope and optimism. You tend to over-do, act too quickly without thinking things through. Impulses run high which often lead to mistakes and bouts of trouble. You are too careless and jump ahead too soon. However, you gain new optimism and confidence and may often feel over the top from joy and happiness.

Mars enters work-related and health-conscious Virgo around June 7. Mars in this earth sign is very much focused on work and the working environment. Mars in this position is obsessed with the minutest details and the small stuff rather than the big picture. The downside is too much analysis, causing paralysis.

Jupiter conjuncts Uranus at 0° Aries around June 8. Actually, this conjunction will mark this month of June in a profound way. It will especially affect you if you are born around January 20-21, February 19, March 20-21, April 20-21, May 21-22, June 21-22, July 23-24, August 23-24, September 23-24, October 23-24, November 22-23 or December 22-23. It will bring relief, sudden luck and advancements.

The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction also signifies (scientific) successes, bringing important discoveries and milestones that will affect mankind. These are interesting times for sure and we will all experience historical moments and "firsts" this month of June 2010.

Mercury at 28° Taurus squares Neptune at 28° Aquarius around June 9 causing lots of confusion. You miss the mark and seem to have lost your head.

Mercury enters its own sign Gemini around June 10 resulting in short trips and more gossip. There are talks and changes of the place all at once. You wander around in tension.

Mercury at 2° Gemini squares Mars at 2° Virgo around June 11 resulting in discussions and even disputes. Mind your words! (Traffic) accidents are likely to happen and try to keep your head cool.

June 12-14 are marked by love's sorrow, unrequited love and/or miscarriages if you are born around January 19-20, March 4-5, April 19-20, June 5, July 22-23, September 7, October 22-23 or December 7. You may feel down and not in the mood at all.

Venus enters fiery Leo around June 14. Share your love and enjoy funny moments. As long as Venus resides in Leo, you are charming, generous and warm. Your love life may blossom!

If you are born around January 19-20, March 4-5, April 19-20, June 5, July 22-23, September 7, October 22-23 or December 7, June 17 may bring lots of sorrow. For some, this day marks a day of travel to far distant places, but for others your thinking is really all about sadness.

June 18 is marked by absent-mindedness, daydreaming, living in a fantasy world, longings, being confused, short trips and travel. This is especially so if you are born around January 21-22, March 6-7, April 21-22, June 6-7, July 24, September 8-9, October 25 or December 8-9.

Family matters are becoming a focus point around June 19 when the Sun at 28° Gemini squares Saturn at 28° Virgo. There is separation and even divorce possible. Issues arise about the father or about an older person.

Around June 21, the Sun enters Cancer and squares Uranus at 0° Aries, bringing a release of tension and quite some relief. A move, change of residence or change in the home is likely.

Around June 24 Mercury at 28° Gemini squares Saturn at 28° Virgo resulting in tension, change of the place and separation. Expect delay in anything that is related to communications.

Mercury enters emotional Cancer and squares Uranus at 0° Aries around June 25. A move or change of the place is very likely during these days. Anyway, your home becomes the focal point for these days.

The Sun at 4° Cancer opposes Pluto at 4° Capricorn around the same day of June 25. Self-will is very strong during this transit and you may experience another mile-stone in your life.

Around June 26, Mercury at 2° Cancer squares Jupiter at 2° Aries. Emotions may run high and you tend to see things in a large way. There is some over-optimism.

Around the same day we will experience a Lunar Eclipse at 4° Capricorn and an opposition between Mercury at 4° Cancer and Pluto at 4° Capricorn. This is a good indication for business matters but not a good omen related to family matters. It brings separation or divorce in the family and is especially related to the parental home.

So, this Lunar Eclipse has an exact T-square with Jupiter being the apex planet in cardinal signs. You will experience much zeal with a personal sense of expansion. You cannot stand restrictions at all under this T-square. Travel or changes of the place may be on the agenda.

The Lunar Eclipse denotes the tendency to escape and flee away in secret relationships or in love triangles.

Around June 27, separations are likely, especially if you are born around February 4-5, March 21, May 6-7, June 21-22, August 8-9, September 23-24, November 8-9 or December 23.

The Sun joins Mercury at 6° Cancer around June 28 bringing love talks.

Around June 29, you may feel overwhelmed by love, especially if you are born around February 6-7, March 22-23, May 8-9, June 22-23, August 10-11, September 25-26, November 10-11 or December 23-24. It's an affectionate and very auspicious day. Do marry now or propose. Enjoy being together.

Around June 30, Mercury at 12° Cancer opposes the Mean Moon's Node at 12° Capricorn. Messages from the past pop up again.

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2010 free monthly horoscope for July

Around July 1, Mercury at 12° Cancer still opposes the mean North Node of the Moon. Encounters with or messages from friends of the past will keep you busy on these first days of July. Re-unite or catch up because there can be lots to tell.

The Sun too will oppose the mean North Node of the Moon around July 3 at 11° Cancer, denoting a meeting with (a) friend(s) from the past. A male person may re-enter your life again or may pop up again after a long time of no hear.

Around July 5, Uranus stations, ready to turn retrograde at 0° Aries. Regressing Uranus of breaking away in the military sign Aries dislikes a fight. Mind that Uranus is very unpredictable and you tend to break up easily too under this station. You tend to follow your instinctive and primary impulses which you may regret sooner or later. So, you better think twice before acting under this transit.

Around July 9, Venus at 28° Leo opposes Neptune at 28° Aquarius. Whenever a planet or body opposes dissolving Neptune, you will experience a void, something that is missing or absent, something that is "lost" or vanishes. With Venus, planet of love and relationships, you will experience love's sorrow, unrequited love and may miss someone dearly. Love is lived on a more spiritual and platonic, and less physical, level. There are longings and unfulfilled wishes. You may suffer. This will be the more so if you are born around January 18, February 17, March 19, April 18, May 19, June 20, July 21, August 21-22, September 21, October 22, November 21 or December 20.

Around the same day of July 9, Mercury enters Leo adding to the (love's) sorrow you already may experience. Indeed, Mercury is currently not in too good a position and you are in a sad mood. You may think about someone who passed away or left you. You just don't understand what's going on and why it's going on. Perhaps you take a short trip to find mental peace and think it all over.

Venus enters Virgo around July 10, denoting some love-affairs on the working floor or among co-workers. If you are still single, you may encounter Ms. or Mr. Right between one of your co-workers. However, Venus does not feel too well in this health-conscious and work-related zodiac sign because it's in the sign of its fall. You may find a lover caught in a difficult situation -- not because (s)he created it for her/himself but because the situation is just not too good. Beloved ones, health and work (co-workers) are now intertwined and will influence your daily routine till Venus enters its own sign Libra around August 7.

Around July 11, a Solar Eclipse at 19° Cancer will bring the focus on the home and family the more so because the Moon is in its own sign Cancer of home-bound interests. As usual, a Solar Eclipse works out within 6 months (mostly more profoundly around the days of the Eclipse and about three months later). Also, what this may mean for you personally totally depends on where the Eclipse falls in your own natal horoscope. It can be good or bad. However, in these forecasts, we can only give general delineations based on the planetary positions in the sky at the very moment of the Eclipse. The general signification is not bad at all!

Very significant is Mars at the same degree of and sextile the Eclipse's position. Mars is all about initiating things so that the basic and general meaning of this Solar Eclipse is related to starting something new, getting a new job, lover, project or whatever. It's about getting off and getting things done (and often leaving "the old" or something old) behind. Breaking with the past is a given because the Solar Eclipse is in the sign of the Moon's South Node (the Eclipse is of the Saros South Series).

It's said that old traumas and issues will be cleared under this Eclipse and that long-term issues will be "healed" and successfully overcome, even if this denotes leaving something behind. The final outcome is highly auspicious.

Around July 13, love will prosper. Expect windfalls and a very auspicious time if you are born around January 23, February 22, March 24, April 24, May 25, June 25, July 26, August 27, September 25, October 27, November 26 or December 25. You may be full of joy.

Saturn will enter Libra again around July 21 and will remain in this zodiac sign for a lot of months. Clearly, with the planet of limits, boundaries, structure, formalities and older people in the sign of relationships and encounters, your relationships (in a general sense) will demand some restructuring. It's all a question about responsabilities and you are able to take well-informed and balanced decisions. Relationships tend to mature well and in a positive way and direction. Slowly but steadily.

The Sun enters Leo, the zodiac sign it rules, around July 22. The Sun wants to enjoy and may bring a more playful and relaxed atmosphere.

Around July 23, Jupiter stations at 3° Aries and turns retrograde while it's building a square to Pluto at 3° Capricorn and which will be exact around July 25. Stationing Jupiter magnifies Pluto themes; issues about power, taxes, "the other's" possessions and money (insurances and investments for example) and sex. This may be popular topics that receive much public attention around the period of the station. Mind your money...

Around July 26, Mercury at 27° Leo opposes Neptune at 27° Aquarius which is related to miscommunication, deceptions and nebulous situations. Neptune dissolves clear Mercurial thinking under this transit. You may feel easily the victim of someone else too.

The day after, around July 26, Saturn at 0° Libra opposes Uranus at 0° Aries. This heavy and disruptive transit is one of breaking up, trying to cope with revolutions, breakthroughs and novelties the more so because it's accompanied by a Full Moon. Uranus is still the heavier planet (because it's still stationary) so that breakthroughs, novelties, revolts and innovations will manifest and overpower conservative and limiting forces. Freedom will have its price though. Something is going to erupt or break free and become public knowledge (because of the Full Moon which always brings things out in the open).

Mercury enters its own sign Virgo around July 27, bringing more stress, tension, worries, analytical thinking and discriminating behavior. Paying too much attention to the minutest details may severely annoy some people. Nothing and nobody seems good enough now.

Mars enters Libra, the sign of its detriment around July 30 and has to take into account the opinions and vision of other people. It's not the own urges (represented by Mars) that count any longer, but the drives of other people (represented by the zodiac sign Libra) so to find balance. Negotiations rule. In some cases, Mars in Libra may be related to more infidelity, blaming it "the other." Indeed, Mars in this zodiac sign of relationships and of "the other(s)", feels weak, cannot take a stand and is now at the mercy of "the other(s)."

Also, around the same day of July 30, Mars at 0° Libra opposes Uranus at 0° Aries and is also joining Saturn (exact on July 31) indicating a highly explosive and violent atmosphere late July.

When Mars, Saturn and Uranus all come together in an exact configuration at 0° in cardinal signs AND if there is no release of the tension through a sextile or trine, something massive will happen and will come into the open. 0 degrees in cardinal signs are always the most open and noticeable to the outer world. They represent the world at large and may indicate severe violence, all kinds of accidents and catastrophies that cause physical injuries or even death.

If you are born around January 21, February 19, March 20-21, April 20, May 21, June 21, July 23, August 23, September 23, October 23, November 22 or December 22, you will feel these energies too. In case there is no release of the tension by a sextile or trine with (for example) natal Jupiter at 0° Sagittarius, Gemini, Leo or Aquarius, beware of physical injuries or accidents late July. Expect violent and harsh arguments, separations and divorce.

So, watch out for the last week of July when the Moon is also furthest away of the Earth (in apogee around July 29 and also changing declination from South to North) because it all adds to the possible mayhem (in astrometeorology accompanied by heavy thunderstorms here and there). Indeed, on a mundane level, this portents natural disasters.

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2010 free monthly horoscope for August

In this month of August 2010, we notice that Pluto is the apex point of three consecutive T-squares; first involving Mars and Jupiter, then involving Venus and Jupiter and later on this month involving Jupiter and Saturn. The events will learn how the consecutive T-squares wil manifest in reality, one after the other. However, in a nutshell, apex Pluto in formal Capricorn is all about re-building, re-forming,...

If you are born around March 22, June 23, September 25 or December 23 the month of August 2010 starts very well by taking positive actions around the 1st. It may all point to sudden decisions, but it's a very favorable day for you.

If you are born around March 23, June 24, September 26 or December 24, expect arguments, disputes and even hostility (with some legal consequences in some cases!) and brutality around August 2. There is dissatisfaction around.

Jupiter at 3° Aries squares Pluto at 3° Capricorn around August 3 which brings financial issues. There are too much expenses and you tend to over-do.

Around August 4, Mars at 3° Libra opposes Jupiter at 3° Aries denoting that around these first days of August Mars, Jupiter and Pluto will build a T-square that will affect you if you are born around March 24, June 25, September 27 or December 25. Because Pluto is the apex point, there is much intensity and stamina to reach your goals. You are very self-driven and reject any assistance. You may encounter active confrontations that may end explosively and will start a new phase in your life.

Around August 7, Venus enters Libra, its own sign. Now that Venus and Mars are in the sign of relationships, both planets together may redefine love for all air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius). You may meet a new lover or just find love this month.

Around the same day of August 7, Venus opposes Uranus bringing a very short-lived attraction. Indeed, it won't last longer than a day when Venus at 1° Libra conjoins Saturn around August 8. August 8 is about breaking up, breaking away, especially so if you are born around February 5, March 22, May 7, June 23, August 9, September 25, November 9 or December 23. You may feel free or want to escape from some burdens. Venus conjunct Saturn loves older people and wants to take care of them. It may denote the encounter with older people, the father or higher-ups.

Venus at 2° Libra opposes Jupiter at 2° Aries around August 10. You may want to stay at home and make home a cozy place but you may also feel fenced in. Some of you may seek "love" somewhere else (indeed, August 9 and 10 are days of infidelity), especially if you are born around February 6, March 23, May 8, June 24, August 10, September 26, November 10 or December 24.

August 10 is full of passion when Venus at 3° Libra squares Pluto at 3° Capricorn. Pluto now builds a T-square with Venus and Jupiter resulting in total happiness and unbounded enthusiasm. You are extremely popular now especially if you are born around February 6, March 23, May 8, June 24, August 10, September 26, November 10 or December 24.

On a mundane level we expect cooler weather in the northern hemisphere to come and extreme conditions (eventually resulting in disasters) around August 10 because it's the day of a perigee New Moon.

August 11-12 are bringing confusion, longings and unfulfilled plans. There is lots of nervous irritability and you don't feel centered. This is the more so if you are born around January 20, March 6, April 20, June 6, July 23, September 8, October 23 or December 7.

Retrograde Uranus enters Pisces again around August 14 and may bring weakness as long as it's on the borderline between Aries and Pisces.

Between August 14 and 16, Venus and Mars slowly start to conjoin at 9° Libra and square the Moon's Nodes. If you are born around December 31, March 30, July 1 or October 3, this configuration will affect you directly and will bring highly passionate moments. In many instances, the Venus, Mars, Moon's Nodes configurations is related to sexual encounters and experiences. In a minor way, it will also affect you if you are born around January 29, February 28, April 30, May 31, August 2, September 2, November 2 or December 2.

Around August 16, Jupiter at 2° Aries opposes Saturn at 2° Libra. The Jupiter-Saturn opposition acts like a Full Moon and denotes stress in your work with not enough time to focus in on specifics. Something is going to break under this transit as this opposition is too much related to an all-or-nothing approach.

From August 18 till August 20, the Sun, Venus, Mars and Neptune build a configuration that may be very artistic and creative but is also very platonic in matters of love. Love is at a distance, is absent and only lived in the head.

Around August 20, Venus and Mars conjoin at 13° Libra while Mercury stations to turn retrograde at 19° Virgo. If you are born between January 21 and February 5, March 21 and April 4, May 22 and June 6, July 24 and August 8, September 23 and October 9, November 23 and December 8, you will enjoy passionate moments this month of August 2010. New people and lovers or friends may enter your life, eventually resulting in sexual encounters.

Retrograde Mercury in sorrowful and picky Virgo becomes just more focused on the minutest details and becomes just more annoyingly nervous and stressed. You need to work in a highly diligent way and will have to check and re-check everything twice.

Around August 21, Saturn at 2° Libra squares Pluto at 2° Capricorn. Because Jupiter is also in the neighbourhood, this configuration is all about rebuilding (and renovating), be it in matters of real estate, financial matters, career matters etc... Indeed, you will need to rebuild something from square one. This aspect is all about rebuilding and restructuring, often quite litterally in meaning too like rebuilding bones and teeth or a house etc.

The Sun enters Virgo around August 23 bringing the focus on work- and/or health-related matters.

Around August 29, there is sorrow and sadness, especially if you are born around January 20, March 6, April 20, June 6, July 23, September 8, October 23 or December 7.

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2010 free monthly horoscope for September

The Sun and Mercury conjoin at 10° Virgo around September 3 denoting a time to think and ponder about your love life. Express your thoughts and what's on your mind. Eventually, send a nice message of love or a small gift.

Around September 8, Venus enters Scorpio, the sign of its detriment. Intense passions may overwhelm Venus, planet of love and relationships, who is not always able to cope with the very transformational forces, steep ups and deep downs of the fixed water sign Scorpio.

There may be jealousy, a temper, but also hot and lustful feelings. Passion just indicates that you are not indifferent... You care.

If you are born around January 18, March 4, April 18, June 4, July 21, September 5-6, October 22 or December 5, the day around September 6 is related to very beautiful, creative and artistic moments. You indulge in beauty through fotography and /or music or other artistic creations. You live in a beautiful dream state now. Also, there may be erotic fantasies and feelings of supreme love. It may be platonic though, but romance is definitely in the air.

Jupiter enters Pisces around September 9 and knows no boundaries anymore in this very flowing and unlimited and infinite water sign. Jupiter feels very well and happy though and it may bring hope and some relief in difficult situations.

Jupiter is in a very spiritual sign and will bring the focus on our "beliefs" and religion as long as it resides in Pisces. For some, Jupiter may be the healer and bring fortune and happiness all over. Indeed, when Jupiter delivers, it will OVERdeliver. In Pisces Jupiter may bring over-optimism, happiness over the top... but also fata morganas. Some expectations will not materialize because they are too high...

Around September 13, Mercury stations and turns direct at 5° Virgo while Pluto too stations and turns direct again the day after, around September 14 at 2° Capricorn.

These two stations around the same time will already be felt some days earlier. The effect will be profound and will affect you if you are born around January 22-23, February 21, March 23, April 23, May 24, June 24, July 25, August 26, September 25-26, October 26, November 25 or December 24.

The stations will bring lots of annoyance and, above all (!), lots of nervous tension (for some resulting in nervous breakdowns!) and accidents causing many deaths. Indeed, on a mundane level, in the past, both stations together have been linked to massacres, violence (in some cases resulting in murder) and people feeling trapped or a hostage. So, the days before and after the stations are somehing to watch out for. Anyway, you now feel powerless and unable to (re)act.

Mars enters Scorpio around September 15, increasing sexual tension and lustful feelings. Mars in emotional Scorpio (it's still a water sign) has lots of indulging desires and when they are not met, they may become very violent.

Venus and Mars now reside in the water sign, favoring the love life of all water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) as well as the earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) for weeks to come. You may meet Mr. or Ms. Right.

Between September 19 and September 22, Jupiter and Uranus conjoin at 28° Virgo while opposing the Sun around September 21. This major configuration is related to extraordinary innovations and exciting breakthroughs that will positively influence mankind. The configuration is full of relief and eases the tension of the past days. The influence will be felt as long as both planets remain at 28° Pisces, a degree that raises consciousness in an auspicious way.

Keep an eye on September 22 too because it's the only day in the whole year 2010 on which there is NO exact planetary activity at all. There are no exact aspects (not even from the Moon), ingresses or whatever... In the past, such very rare days have proven to be highly auspicious. Indeed, it seems as if no aspects in the sky are better than a single aspect -- even when it's only a trine or sextile.... No aspects have proven to bring over the top happiness and fortunate moments. Make your dreams come true!

The Sun enters Libra around September 23 and brings the focus on relating and finding balance to the foreground. It's party-time...

If you are born around this day of September 23, February 4, March 20-21, May 6, June 21-22, August 8, November 8 or December 22, it will be a fortunate day for you.

Power conflicts are in the air around September 26 when the Sun at 2° Libra squares Pluto at 2° Capricorn. This heavy transit will affect you if you are born around February 6, March 23, May 8, June 24, August 10, September 25-26, November 10 or December 24. Late September may become another very difficult and sorrowful period in your life. For some, it may result in severe illness, for others it indicates bankruptcy or other highly challenging issues. It's a harsh time and you may feel dissatisfied all over.

Because of the square of Saturn at 7° Libra to the Moon's Node at 7° Capricorn around September 27 and the square of the Sun at 7° Libra to the Moon's Node around September 30, you may have to endure or experience very difficult times regarding some separation(s). You will have to do the utmost to conquer all the blocks and restrictions that affect your life now, especially in your relationships (at large).

If you are born between September 25-30, these configurations are found in your solar return chart which denotes that they will influence your whole (solar return) year (till your next birthday).

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2010 free monthly horoscope for October

October 1 starts serious when the Sun and Saturn conjoin at 7° Libra. There are lots of responsabilities and formalities to take into account and there's no time for creative self-expression. You must follow the rules. For some of you this conjunction may bring resignation.

If you are born around February 1, March 17, May 2-3, June 18, August 4-5, September 20, November 5 or December 19, expect some auspicious moments and fortunate news around October 2. Windfalls might occur as well as meeting Prince or Princess Charming. If you want to propose, do it now. It's a really lucky day!

Mercury, the Messenger, enters Libra, sign of relationships and meetings, around October 3. Invitations may lead you to parties and/or mass events. You're in a very talkative mood.

Also, Venus and Mars conjoin at 12° Scorpio around the same day of October 3 which denotes that the male and female principles blend. Boy meets girl and vice versa. No doubt that the early days of October 2010 may ignite your love life and bring that long-awaited encounter. This Venus-Mars conjunction in passionate Scorpio may be all about lustful desires/feelings.

Aside from love, you go for your desires whatever they are.

Around October 5, separation is in the air -- especially from or in the (parental) home or from the family. This will especially happen in your life if you are born around March 23, June 24, September 25 or December 24.

Venus stations and turns its back around October 8 at 13° Scorpio. On the same day, Mercury and Saturn conjoin at 8° Libra. What once so nice began, will now temporarily end. A lover may turn his or her back on you. It may become a sad day.

Some of you may encounter a lover or a beloved one from the past and talk about "the good ol' days."

The Sun and Mercury conjoin at 23° Libra around October 17. If you are familiar with astrology, you may know that 23° Libra is the position of one of the brightest and important Fixed Stars, Spica. This Fixed Star is told to be one of the most auspicious ones in the Sky and it brings honor, knowledge, greatness and the possibility of success. It represents a gift out of the ordinary and illuminates what it touches.

The Sun-Mercury conjunction at the Fixed Star Spica may denote public appeal, windfalls and gain, fortunate innovations and good news.

Around October 20, Mercury enters penetrating and transformative Scorpio. Something is on your mind and you seem not to be able to let it go. Mercury in fixed Scorpio may be very prone to obsessive thoughts. Mercury is less direct in its wordings or writings and more changeable.

Mars at 25° Scorpio squares Neptune/Chiron at 25° Aquarius around October 22. Mind your health as this transit may make you weak and even ill (infections, flu-like symptoms). This is especially so if you are born around January 1, February 14, March 31, May 16-17, July 2, August 18-19, October 4, November 18 or December 1.

The Sun enters passionate Scorpio around the Full Moon of October 23, time for rebuilding strength. With 4 bodies/planets in Scorpio now, the Life and health of all Sagittarians may need some attention. Indeed, there is lots of sorrow now if you are born under the Sun sign of Sagittarius but it will clear up before November 1st.

Also, on a mundane level, this Full Moon configuration may bring agony and often injuries involving burns. Something may be cancelled or dissolve during this Full Moon (starting three days before the Full Moon and two days after).

Mercury joins Venus at 7° Scorpio around October 25, bringing love talks and nice agreements. Give your lover a call, send an e-card or a message. It may do wonders, especially if you are born around March 15, April 28-30, June 15, July 30-August 1, September 17, October 30-November 1 or December 16.

Mars enters Sagittarius around October 28 and wants to take action. in this mutable fire sign, linear and pioneering Mars wants adventure and wants to conquer. It will push through, for Heaven's sake. Nothing will hold Mars and it may become quite bold and ruthless in its behavior. Don't be too extreme in your convictions as they may bring huge trouble.

Around October 29, the Sun and Venus meet at 5° Scorpio. It's a sociable and diplomatic time. Take a day off and enjoy some leisure-time!

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2010 free monthly horoscope for November

November 2010 brings another eventful month with three planetary stations in the sky. They will unleash blocked emotions and feelings and bring more excitement and optimism. Things and life events may move forward, finally again.

If you are born around February 6, May 8, August 10 or November 10, the first day of November will bring a move, a trip or some study work.

November 2 brings separation, sudden leave-taking, tension and upheaval if you are born around February 8-9, March 25-26, May 10-11, June 26-27, August 12-13, September 28-29, November 12-13 or December 26-27.

The first station happens on November 7 around the New Moon phase when Neptune turns direct at 25° Aquarius. In mundane astrology, this is an important degree of flight so that some news related to airplanes and crashes are to be feared as long as Neptune remains at this degree (till November 24).

Stationing Neptune in its current position is more "alternative", more spiritual (after all, Aquarius is an air sign of insight and ideas) and this will mark new groundbreaking insights in spiritual topics and matters of health. Also, Aquarius is the zodiac sign of friendships and "the children of 'the other'" (stepchildren, adopted children etc.) so that we expect new (spiritual) friendships to grow. It can be a hypnotic time, enchanting into thinking in new ways.

Neptune in this position will bring us more insight and raise our consciousness in some way or the other. It increases our understanding and feelings towards a higher and bigger world. We are definitely part of the Universe.

Around the station itself, there will be confusion and uncertainty though. You may feel quite down and experience a loss. This station will especially affect you if you are born between January 1-2, February 14-16, April 1-3, May 16-19, July 3-5, August 18-20, October 5-6 or November 17-20.

Venus re-enters its own sign Libra in its retrogressing motion around November 8 and is currently focused on devotion and paying a tribute to someone.

Around November 9, Mercury, the messenger, enters Sagittarius, the sign of its detriment. Mercury, the copycat, usually loves details and (theoretical) reasoning while Sagittarius does not. Sagittarius wants to keep an overview (the big picture) and wants insight instead of copying the ideas of others.

Mercury in this position wants to convince others by paying too much attention to the details, often the wrong details. Mercury is not that reliable when it's in the sign of its detriment, easily blowing information out of the context or exaggerating things. You better take a sobering look at everything you see or hear as long as Mercury resides in flamboyant Sagittarius.

What Mercury and Sagittarius share though is their need to wander, to move, to change the place and that's what should happen during this transit: make some enjoyable trips and discover new places.

If you are born around March 2, June 3, September 4 or December 3, you may feel paralyzed and sad around November 12-13. Someone has left and you feel in kind of some crisis.

Around November 18, the Sun at 25° Scorpio squares stationing Neptune at 25° Aquarius. Neptune weakens the life force, represented by the Sun so that some dis-ease may occur.

The second and third planetary station both happen around the same day of November 18 when both Venus (Fortuna Minor) and Jupiter (Fortuna Major) station at 27° Libra and 23° Pisces respectively and start to move forward again. During the station you may feel love intensifying and becoming more magical. It will bring a shift in your feelings and you may be more openly sharing some intense moments. Both planets are in signs they feel comfortable with, making the experience just more awesome.

But wait, don't propose or marry now, because Jupiter is at 23° Pisces, one of the most important degrees linked to sorrow, sadness, tearful events and unhappiness. You don't want your marriage chart to have any planet or body at 23° Pisces, do you? Just wait till Jupiter has left this very degree (after December 6) and enjoy your life while Jupiter takes speed.

When both "Fortunes" station and become direct in motion, expect a magical love moment and, indeed, you may meet Mr. or Ms. Right now. Also, there is more optimism, excitement, a new kind of hope emerging. Some over-joyous moments are quite likely to happen for some of you.

Mercury and Mars conjoin at 17° Sagittarius around November 20, battling and disputing over convictions and beliefs. Things seem to be at a standstill during this Full Moon period. Don't be too fanatical!

The Sun enters Sagittarius around November 22 and reinforces new optimism and hope. Another player enters the stage and has so many plans to accomplish yet.

However, if you are born around January 25, March 10, April 26, June 11, July 28, September 13, October 29 or December 12 there is lots of sorrow. You cannot think in a clear way, may feel ill or be down. You are out of balance.

Pluto and the Moon's North Node meet around November 27 at 4° Capricorn. Both bodies point to mass events, events that concern us all.

Mars at 23° Sagittarius squares its own dispositor, Jupiter, at 23° Pisces around November 29. There may be legal disputes and concerns related to real estate and the home or appartment.

Venus enters Scorpio, the sign of its detriment around November 30 and is full of lust and emotional cravings. Passion rules late November. Love is now looking for an emotional and spiritual connection with "the other."

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2010 free monthly horoscope for December

Around December 1 Mercury enters formal Capricorn. Your thinking is focused on a status-quo. You take a conservative approach now and you want to be as efficient as possible. Mercury here brings a sobering outlook on a material world denoting that you can not afford any flights of fancy, need to address your financial situation and force yourself to keep thinking "in the box" rather than outside of the box.

Mars at 26° Sagittarius squares stationing Uranus at 26° Pisces around December 3. Mars and Uranus together often bring accidents and physical injuries, because of highly unbalanced energies, too much haste and some anger. It's a hectic, temperamental and explosive combination.

Mercury conjoins the Moon's Node first and then followed by Pluto at 3° and 4° Capricorn resp. around the New Moon of December 5-6 while Uranus stations at 26° Pisces. A stationing planet or point always becomes most powerful -- eventually overpowers any other configuration.

When disruptive Uranus stations and turns direct again, its influence gets temporarily intensified. Uranus always breaks up, leaving the past behind, but does not always take everything into account. Stationing Uranus acts more on impulses. Also, on a mundane level, stationing Uranus at 26° Pisces is right at a very powerful degree of earthquakes. As long as Uranus remains on this degree (till early January 2011), (a) powerful earthquake(s) is (are) to be feared around the station.

Comes to the stationing Uranus a lingering Mercury-Pluto conjunction in the earth sign Capricorn, and transformations in the earth or of the surface of the earth are confirmed...

Mars enters Capricorn too around December 8, intensifying the importance of material goods, money, structures etc... and getting into action, pushing through boundaries with hard work.

Mars in the earth sign Capricorn becomes very organized and constructive and will soon conjunct Mercury and Pluto so that the primarily signification and central theme of the month will be one of "rebuilding" (often to be taken literally too).

Also, the entrance of Mars into this cold sign, denotes that the atmosphere will cool off, become more business-minded and full of formalities. No time for kisses! Expect (much) colder weather too.

If that's not enough yet, around the same period of December 10, Mercury stations at 5° Capricorn and turns backward, ready to conjoin Pluto once again on December 14. There is love's sorrow in the air.

Also, Mercury and Pluto remain together during the first half of December (around 4-5° Capricorn). In many ways, this combo brings negative thoughts, impatience, lots of rhetoric and exclamation marks, presumptions, tunnel vision but no progress...

Stationing retrograde Mercury in Capricorn will especially affect Geminis and Virgos who will feel more obstructions and limitations in their life. Things are on hold. There is more administration and you will need to re-organize something (especially in matters of finances).

With currently so many bodies in the earth sign Capricorn, life is not centered around love. Instead, the focus is on our society, politics, work and career and finances.

Around December 12, Mars conjuncts the Moon's North Node at 3° Capricorn enjoying the company of others and working nicely together.

Retrograde Mercury meets Mars and Pluto at 4° Capricorn around December 14. There's lots of work to be done.

However, if you are born around December 27, February 9, March 25-26, May 11, June 26-28, August 13, September 28-29 or November 12, the time-span of December 13-15 may be marked by disputes, separation, lawsuits and dissatisfaction -- depending on your own natal chart. On a more positive note, it also denotes changes in or around the home (rebuilding a house for example).

Around December 16, Mercury joins the Moon's North Node at 3° Capricorn while the Sun at 24° Sagittarius squares its own dispositor Jupiter at 24° Pisces. You tend to over-do and experience misjudgements. You see it big, too big and know no limits. Expenses are too high.

If you are born around January 29-30, March 15-16, April 30-May 1, June 16-17, August 2-3, September 17-18, November 2-3 or December 16-17 you're in for a good time around December 16-17. There is love at first sight and you may meet Mr. or Ms. Right. If you're a woman, you may become pregnant too. In case you are born around December 16-17, the auspicious love configurations will last your whole (solar return) year.

Mercury re-enters Sagittarius backwards around December 18. Don't stay indoors and get outside instead.

Around the same day of December 18, the Sun at 26° Sagittarius squares stationing Uranus at 26° Pisces increasing tension and nervous stress. You try to resist any pressure coming down on you.

The Sun meets Mercury at 28° Sagittarius around December 20 and is going to square Uranus too. This configuration is related to breaking news.

If you are born around January 31-February 1, March 18-19, May 2-3, June 19-20, August 4-5, September 20-21, November 4-5 or December 19-20, you will enjoy some company or nice love letters. Send a gift or a lovely message. There may be an encounter with a beloved person. Socialize!

On the day of the Lunar Eclipse around December 21 at 29° Gemini, regressing Mercury at 26° Sagittarius squares stationing Uranus at 26° Pisces too. Sudden (breaking) news clearly awaits you. You may move or change the place.

If you are born around January 31, March 17, May 1, June 17-18, August 4, September 19-20, November 4 or December 18 the Lunar Eclipse brings fortunate news. There can be love at first sight!

The Sun enters Capricorn around December 22 while Mercury at 25° Sagittarius squares its own dispositor Jupiter at 25° Pisces. You have the wrong faith, overlook facts and figures and are not too careful. Human errors are made while you wait under this transit.

However, if you are born around February 4, March 21, May 6, June 21-22, August 8, September 23-24, November 8 or December 22 this very day of December 22 is full of lover's bliss, love encounters, love adventures. It's a highly auspicious day for you and if you are born around December 22, the topic of happiness in love will mark your whole (solar return) year. Enjoy!

Around December 24, the Sun joins the Moon's North Node at 2° Capricorn denoting the help of or the encounter with a male person.
Around Christmas Day, the Sun and Pluto are conjunct at 5° Capricorn. In some instances this conjunction will bring enforced separations, while on other occasions, the outcome is more auspicious and one of loyalty and clan-like behavior. You stick together that is.

Mars at 16° Capricorn squares its own dispositor Saturn at 16° Libra around December 29. This ice-cold and harsh combination may be related to fractures here and there (depending on your own natal chart). The outgoing square is quite difficult to handle because it so often brings physical injuries and accidents due to reckless behavior. You better be careful especially on ice (in the Northern Hemisphere)! It may also mark very (ice-) cold weather here and there.

Mercury stations again and starts looking forward around December 30 at 19° Sagittarius. Geminis and Virgos will lighten up and look forward to 2011 again.

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