Describing the Sun Sign Libra and its Ascendant Combinations

Describing life events, specific personal traits and characteristics can never be based upon the Sun signs alone.

There are numerous other factors that color the Sun sign, like the Ascendant and the other personal planets and bodies.

This article delves deeper into the Sun sign Libra and all the 12 different Ascendant combinations.

In the table below you can find your Ascendant and a description of the unique combined Sun sign-Ascendant meaning.

Keywords in bold print are highly significant.

The descriptions will be updated when new information becomes available.

Ascendant Descriptions
Aries Legal issues, (multiple) divorce(s) possible, contradictory and devised nature, charming, intense, swayed easily, difficult to find balance in life, spendthrift, spontaneous.

Taurus May be wealthy, artistic, charming, wants to please, sensual, needs comfort and a good life, not always faithful.

Gemini Keen intelligence, a teacher or loves teaching, talkative, sociable, numerous interests, indecisive, superficial, numerous love encounters, bored easily, flexible.

Cancer Sensitive, domestic difficult between the ages 35-37 and around the age of 50, unstable love life, family-bound, tender, moody, compassionate.

Leo Attractive, subtle, attracted to egotistical persons, conflicts with higher-ups, a negotiator, an optimist, diplomatic, swayed easily, popular, needs to be proud of the partner, wants to live in a beautiful environment, may be wealthy, generous, outgoing, needs an audience, vain.

Virgo Disappointing or inconsistent love life, attracted to a divorced partner, anxious, peace-loving, passive resistance, service-oriented, subordinate, analytical, can't always defend him- or herself properly, needs a fixed routine, cerebral.

Libra Sociable, political interests, indecisive, peace-loving, cannot stand the hard realities, refined, rather negligent, attractive, cannot be alone, spendthrift, diplomatic.

Scorpio A tragic love life, sexual obsessions, intense and passionate, has lots of secrets to hide, emotional turmoil, the wild life, lives the own primal urges, a sharp mind.

Sagittarius A good teacher, popular later in life, adventurous, impulsive, pleasure-loving, cannot commit easily, inter-racial or inter-cultural lovers, loves travel, outdoorsy, creative.

Capricorn A keen sense of justice, interest in law, rather introvert, fear of rejection, overpowering career drives, wants to be appreciated, a cold mask, suspicious, needs a partner with a huge age difference, solitary.

Aquarius Original, humanitarian interests, open relationships, a romantic, indulgent, sociable.

Pisces Sexual problems, shy, sensitive, very artistic, very peace-loving, cannot stand disputes and arguments, soft, tired easily.

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