Synastry Between Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

The technique or method used to analyze and compare two natal charts of people together is called synastry.

By way of an example and for informational and educational purposes, the synastry between Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore is shown below.

We already delineated the (love) life of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore separately and want to now focus on their mutual compatibility.

A systematic approach is necessary because one can get overwhelmed by numerous astrological configurations that often contradict each other too.

When comparing two natal charts for compatibility, we at Cosmic Technologies always look at the following topics:

  1. the elemental division
  2. the inter-aspects
  3. the inter-midpoints
  4. astrological patterns
  5. personal planets in each other's houses

The elemental division

Ashton Kutcher

Demi Moore

We described this method extensively here.

In the natal chart of Demi Moore, most planets and bodies are found in fixed water signs, which represents the zodiac sign Scorpio.

She lacks planets in (cardinal) air signs (which equals Libra).

The natal chart of Ashton Kutcher shows most planets and bodies in fixed air signs, which represents Aquarius.

He lacks planets in (cardinal) earth signs (which equals Capricorn).

In synastry it's always best when one partner fills the voids of the other, so to bring balance.

What one partner lacks, the other should have in "abundance."

Ashton Kutcher fills the lack of the air element in Demi's chart, which is a good thing.

This can be a highly attractive force overall that brings people together.

However, she does not fill his lack of the earth element because she has a low earth score as well.

Moreover, her predominant Scorpio traits square (clash with) his predominant Aquarius traits, resulting in differences in attitude and disagreements.

Both people may get involved in power conflicts sooner or later.

The inter-aspects

While it is interesting to analyze all inter-aspects between both natal charts, we at Cosmic Technologies rather focus on the essence and first of all look at possible killer-aspects and aspects that enhance love.

There are no killer-aspects, nor are there any particular aspects that enhance the relationship.

Interestingly, they share a Sun-Moon double whammy: both their Suns and Moons square each other.

This double whammy can be another force of attraction (the more so because Demi's Venus is also involved) but the square happens to be in fixed signs, resulting in highly stubborn, fixed, traits that leave no room for compromises and adjustments.

Also, Demi's natal Moon receives no harmonious aspects from Ashton's planets or bodies, denoting that there are emotional upsetting situations between both that upset Demi's comfort zone.

Ashton's Ascendant receives no aspects (except for a semi-sextile with the vacillating Moon) from Demi's chart.

This denotes that the Ascendant partner (Ashton) is not really "turned on" by the other partner and that there is nothing that triggers him to stay with her in the long run.

Clearly, the inter-aspects between them don't promote a long-lasting love bond.

The inter-midpoints

When looking at the exact inter-midpoints (45° dial/list; orb 00°00'-00°01') in the synastry between Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, the following midpoint patterns jump out:

  • Ashton's VE = Demi's PL/KN midpoint: there is irresistible (physical) attraction, the karmic bond
  • Ashton's SA = Demi's AS/KN = VE/UR midpoints: to separate, not being able to unfold, to drift apart, tension and stress in the relationship, the cold shower
  • Ashton's UR = Demi's SO/NE midpoint: sadness, a sudden cold shower, a crisis situation, the upsets
  • Ashton's PL = Demi's AS/ME midpoint: the disagreements, the power conflicts
  • Demi's MO = Ashton's MC/UR midpoint: to be irritated, to be annoyed, the vacillating moods and tension
  • Demi's JU = Ashton's SO/NE midpoint: to be careless, to live in a world of illusions

There are no particular strong and exact love midpoints noticeable; which is a bummer.

It's likely, this relationship will have its share of difficulties that will result in a separation sooner or later.

Astrological patterns

The synastry between Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore shows a powerful T-square built by her Sun-Venus conjunction, her Moon and his MC, Sun, Moon and Venus stellium that are the apex bodies.

There are no "malefic" planets involved so that this T-square is not a bad one.

The only issue or downside with this pattern is that it is posited in fixed signs which are not always easy to handle in relationships.

This pattern is a very exciting, attractive and affectionate one.

No doubt both people were very attracted to each other.

Planets in each other's houses

We also look whether or not the personal planets and bodies (the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus) are posited in "friendly" or compatible houses.

Having the Suns or Moons in incompatible houses indicates differing interests, activities, mindsets etc. that may bring separation in the end.

Ashton's 10th house Moon is compatible with Demi's 2nd house Moon because both houses harmonize well.

Both partners are career-minded and are interested in wealth and comfort.

However, because their Moons are in zodiac signs that square each other, they react differently when under stress.

Ashton's 10th house Sun and Venus are compatible with Demi's 8th house Sun and Venus.

They both have high standards but their tastes might differ (both Venuses in clashing zodiac signs!) and they are prone to ego-conflicts (both Suns in squaring zodiac signs).

The fact that their Suns exactly square each other in fixed signs can be a no-no; irrespective of their initial attraction!

Ashton's 9th house Mercury is in a disjunct position compared to Demi's 8th house Mercury because both houses "don't see each other."

Moreover, both Mercurys are in clashing signs (they square each other).

In the fields of communication and mindset, both partners are incompatible.

This often leads to misunderstandings, and irreconcilable differences.

The intimate astrocard report

When assessing a couple for compatibility, it's also always interesting to look at the intimate astrocard report for compatibility.

Click here to read the intimate astrocard report for Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore.


There is no doubt both people were very attracted to each other initially.

However, the synastry between Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore clearly shows too much incompatibility and conflicts resulting in a separation sooner or later.

Hence, it does not wonder both people divorced.

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