Describing the Sun Sign Capricorn and its Ascendant Combinations

Describing life events, specific personal traits and characteristics can never be based upon the Sun signs alone.

There are numerous other factors that color the Sun sign, like the Ascendant and the other personal planets and bodies.

This article delves deeper into the Sun sign Capricorn and all the 12 different Ascendant combinations.

In the table below you can find your Ascendant and a description of the unique combined Sun sign-Ascendant meaning.

Keywords in bold print are highly significant.

The descriptions will be updated when new information becomes available.

Ascendant Descriptions
Aries Lacks some diplomatic skills, wants to succeed at all cost, head injuries are possible, tenacious, ambitious, high expectations and standards, less emphatic, lacks some sensitivity, very career-driven, lots of nervous tension.

Taurus Determined, workaholic (a real workhorse), loves history and/or archaeology, affectionate, may have a strong sex drive, loyal, private, can be wealthy, nature-loving.

Gemini Diplomatic, interest in the fields of literature or philosophy, fond of travel, curious, lacks some self-confidence, cerebral, less emotional, nervous tension.

Cancer Needs to take care of the diet, loves history and/or archaeology, involved with foreign affairs, may be an expatriate, travel for work, loves architecture and/or real estate, a collector, (too) introspective, may have contradictory feelings, withdraws easily, dutiful, co-dependent, avaricious, tired easily, business-minded.

Leo Very ambitious and high standards, may be wealthy, a workaholic, wants esteem and a strong reputation, very high expectations and standards, solitary, authoritative, goal-oriented, can be detached, needs standing, wants to be indispensable.

Virgo Critical, a workaholic, conscientious, analytical, a collector of small objects, very principled, serious, modest, dutiful, responsible, prefers executive work, prefers back-office work, slow but steady progress in life, economical.

Libra Political and/or legal interests, different marriages possible, anxious, charming, career-oriented rather than interested in intimate love unions, defensive, lived a strict childhood, artistic.

Scorpio Highly stubborn, willful, obstinate, may be unpopular, a scientist, may have academic interests, high expectations of others, will never admit a fault or error, efficient, may have a high sex drive, jealous, secretive, can be very cold and detached, smart, tactical.

Sagittarius May be wealthy, interest in archaeology, education, always on the move, loves a uniform, very nervous and tense, interest in foreign affairs, ambitious.

Capricorn Robust, a realist, solitary, conscientious, very self-contained and suspicious, has lots of self-control, high expectations but cannot 'give', sets boundaries for others, wants to reach the top, political interests, persevering, highly ambitious, knows no mercy, uncompromising.

Aquarius Suspicious and secretive, issues with children, solitary, less affectionate, lives his or her convictions, detached, metaphysical interests, humanitarian interests, wants a low profile.

Pisces Social and/or political commitment, a humanitarian soul, wants a gentle touch, swayed easily by emotions, should not play the victim, needs a supportive partner, submissive, does not take initiatives easily, vulnerable, anxious, needs to learn to control the own emotions, music-loving.

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