Double and Triple Whammies in Synastry

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Double whammies in synastry refer to inter-aspects between the same two or three or more factors (planets and points) of the people involved.

When the Sun of partner 1 aspects Mars of person 2 and at the same time the Sun of partner 2 aspects Mars of person 1, we have a double whammy.

Likewise, we have a double whammy when both partners share midpoints with (identically) the same planets/points/bodies.

If Venus of partner 1 is at the Sun/Saturn midpoint of partner 2 and Venus of partner 2 is at the Sun/Saturn midpoint of partner 1, we have a double whammy.

When using midpoints, it's even possible to experience triple or quadruple whammies when the same factors/planets repeat in whatever midpoint combo.

If Venus of partner 1 is at the Sun/Saturn midpoint of partner 2 and Venus of partner 2 is at the Sun/Saturn midpoint of partner 1 while Saturn of partner 2 is also at the Sun/Venus midpoint of partner 1, we have a triple whammy containing the same factors (planets): the Sun, Venus and Saturn.

The more "whammies", the more powerful and meaningful this configuration will be.

Actually, such double or triple whammies build a cornerstone and describe a certain theme that will be experienced profoundly in the relationship.

This rule is infallible, especially when the whammies happen between midpoints.

How to delineate the double or triple whammies?

It's not the aspects that count but the planetary energies that combine and become a focal point.

Aspects merely connect the factors (planets, points or bodies) in whatever way.

That's why you do best to delineate the planetary combinations together, based upon the archetypal principles of the planets or points involved.

Blend all the meanings together and keep an open mind without bias or judgments.

Delineating the midpoint combos is easiest when looking up the different midpoint combinations that contain the three factors/planets/points.

For example: if there is a Sun (SO), Venus (VE), Saturn (SA) double or triple whammy, you would look up the SO = VE/SA, VE = SO/SA and SA = SO/VE midpoints in your preferred midpoints reference guide(s) and blend them all together to get the basic meaning of the whammies.

Midpoint reference guides

The following books offer valuable and reliable information to delineate and to interpret aspects, midpoints and, of course, the double or triple whammies.

  • Combination of Stellar Influences by Reinhold Ebertin.

    This one is still our favorite and you can use this book to interpret the aspects as well as the midpoints and the double and triple whammies.

    For some people who don't like the realistic and down-to-earth approach, Noel Tyl's additions found in his Solar Arcs book (see the 3rd bullet) may be more valuable.

  • Midpoints: Unleashing the power of your planets by Michael Munkasey

    This book is a very nice addition to Reinhold Ebertin's masterpiece also as it gives a wider range of delineations based upon his research.

  • Solar Arcs: Astrology's Most Successful Predictive System by Noel Tyl

    In this reference guide, the late Noel Tyl presents some additional delineations to Reinhold Ebertin's masterpiece that may be more appealing to the US audience.

  • Rules for planetary pictures by Witte-Lefeldt

    It all started with this book, that is therefore incomplete but that still points to the basics of midpoints and that should be part of your 'library' in case you want to incorporate the Trans-Neptune Planets (TNP's) used by the Hamburg School.

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