Using Solstice Points in Synastry

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Especially in the English speaking astrological world, solstice points (antiscia) are quite unknown while in most European countries, these imaginary points are still part of the toolkit of astrological analysis.

European astrologers much more use traditional astrology that incorporates the method of the solstice points in chart analysis.

In most European astrological software programs, the solstice points (antiscia) are calculated in many ways while in English astrological software programs, the solstice points are not featured in the same way, not implemented very well or just lacking.

That's why doing astrological research pertaining to the solstice points is not easy and very time-consuming.

What are solstice points?

Solstice points are actually mirror points.

Every single degree in a horoscope wheel has a mirror degree or counter degree, mirroring its distance from the solstice axis on the opposite side of the chart wheel.

Because planets, bodies (like Asteroids), midpoints, Fixed Stars and sensitive points (the angles, the Part of Fortune, hypothetical planets,...) are posited at a certain degree in the horoscope wheel they too have their mirror point or counter or solstice point.

For a more in-depth understanding of solstice points or antiscia, we refer to this article by Deborah Houlding.

How to find the solstice points?

The zodiac signs for antiscial connections are as follows: 

Sagittarius - Capricorn
Scorpio - Aquarius
Libra - Pisces
Virgo - Aries
Leo - Taurus
Cancer - Gemini

This denotes that every degree in Sagittarius has its counter degree (solstice point) in Capricorn, every degree in Virgo has its mirror degree in Virgo etc.

The contra-antiscia (mirror) signs are: 

Aries - Pisces
Taurus - Aquarius
Gemini - Capricorn
Cancer - Sagittarius
Leo - Scorpio
Virgo - Libra

This denotes that every degree in Taurus has its counter degree in Aquarius, every degree in Cancer has its mirror degree in Sagittarius etc.

You can easily calculate and find the solstice points yourself, as follows:

The sum of the degree and its mirror degree (or solstice point) always equals 30°.

To calculate the solstice point subtract the degree placement of the planet from 30 (take 29°60').

This makes 29°60' - degree A = solstice point A and the zodiac sign can be read from the list above.

If Venus is at 14°58' Aquarius, its solstice point is at 15°02' Scorpio (14°58' + 15°02' = 30°00').

It's the same workflow to calculate the contra-antiscia.

Note that the contra-antiscia of a certain degree is always 180 degrees opposite the antiscia point.

The meaning of solstice points in synastry

These mirror points reflect hidden connections that are not visible to the eye.

When planets or bodies in the chart of person A hit (conjunct) a solstice point in the chart of person B, it can represent a hidden connection between both persons.

The orbs to be used may not exceed 1°.

Only exact-to-the-degree (at the same degree) conjunctions count, and for a reason.

Because every single degree in a horoscope wheel has a mirror degree and every degree can be occupied by many different objects (planets, midpoints, Asteroids,...) you can prove anything when using wider orbs.

This is unscientific the more so because when using wider orbs, you will have overlapping influences of other mirror degrees (of midpoints, Fixed Stars,...).

This way 'everything can work' and that's not what builds the essence of a chart comparison.

We always use very narrow orbs and exact aspects.

It's not one single aspect (or solstice point) that marks a relationship, but the combination of them.

After all and similarly, it's not one single piece of the puzzle taken in isolation that gives you the cover of the puzzle!

The interpretation of the solstice points is similar to interpreting conjunctions but may act more like a hook -- for good or bad.

Solstice points bind together, but not always in a positive way.

Actually, it's still the planetary combination that is important and that will tell if the connection is challenging or not.

Venus at the solstice point of one of the angles of the partner work out in a very auspicious and affectionate way for example, while Saturn-Mars connections may work out quite challenging.

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