Childlessness in Synastry
Astrological patterns and configurations in the chart comparison that may point to a childless couple

Is He Your Vedic Soulmate?

There are indications that we, at Cosmic Technologies, have found in the natal chart comparison between partners that tend to indicate childlessness.

For the moment, we gathered accurate data of just 4 childless couples and decided to give it a try, out of curiosity, to see if some remarkable configurations would already pop up.

We did not compare the charts with other couples, nor is this a statistical analysis.

It's irresponsible to build a theory out of these findings and very small dataset, but the patterns are telling nevertheless, especially because they validate the traditional meaning of the 5th house of children and the 1st house of SELF.

If you want to find out which astrological patterns stand out in the individual natal horoscope of a child-free or childless woman, click here.

Powerful General Conditions

We, at Cosmic Technologies found the following interesting links between the 1st house of one partner (the person, the SELF) and the 5th house of the other partner (representing children):

  • the ruler of the 5th house of one partner squares the Ascendant of the other partner (in 2 cases of the 4)

  • the 5th house in the chart of one partner is intercepted in the 1st house in the natal chart of the other partner

  • the Ascendant in the natal chart of one partner is in the sign of the 5th house of the other partner

This means that in all 4 cases, there is a clear inter-chart connection between the 1st and 5th houses.

This seems to be the most powerful configuration that we found in all the charts so far.

Additionally, in all the 8 charts of the 4 couples, we found planets or angles in the 2nd decanate of the Virgo-Pisces axis (between 10°-20°), making for a likely inter-chart conjunction and/or opposition between planets in this decanate.

Also, in all cases, the Sun of one partner is in a major aspect (conjunction, sextile, square, trine or opposition) with the Ascendant of the other partner (orb 3°).


King Baudouin of Belgium and his wife Queen Fabiola were childless.

When looking at the chart comparison between both horoscopes, her 5th house (Topocentric house system) between 4° Gemini and 21° Gemini, is fully intercepted in his 1st house.

Additionally, her 5th house cusp in Capricorn is the same as his rising sign Capricorn.

In both horoscopes, the 2nd decanate of Virgo-Pisces is occupied by planets and bodies: the King has the Sun at 14° Virgo while the Queen has her Ascendant at 15° Virgo.

His Sun is thus closely conjunct her Ascendant (fulfilling the rule of a major aspect between the Sun of one partner and the Ascendant of the other partner).

Aside from these powerful patterns between both charts, it's interesting to take a look at their individual horoscopes too.

In her natal horoscope, the ruler of the 5th house (Saturn) of children is exactly squares her Ascendant-descendant axis of relationships, suggesting issues with children in the relationship.

In his natal horoscope, the ruler of the 5th house (Mercury) of children too is square the Ascendant-Descendant axis of relationships and it also squares blocking Saturn.

These configurations clearly tend to indicate issues with children in whatever way.

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