Astrological Indications of Power Conflicts in Relationships Found in The Natal Chart

Is He Astrologically Afflicted?

When dealing with people and human beings relating to each other, power conflicts almost always turn out to be a disturbing factor.

When EGO's clash, relationships (in the widest sense) will suffer and deteriorate, often resulting in a final and painful separation or divorce.

In the natal chart there are astrological indications of power conflicts that 'predestine' someone to encounter such a major relationship rupture.

From a metaphysical (spiritual) point of view, relationships are not the ultimate goal in or purpose of life.

Relationships (in a wide sense) are just tools, means to develop yourself.

SELF-development and your own evolution (to perfection) is the ultimate goal in or purpose of life.

Hence, all the people you encounter, meet or have to do with, are part of your own development and evolution.

In other words, these people help you, for good or ill, overcome shortages, issues, try to help you learn a lesson and/or bring an experience that you 'need(ed).'

Some relationships may bring assistance and relief while others can be quite challenging.

From an astrological point of view, your natal chart reflects your pre-birth agreement (contract) with all the lessons you will or must learn -- whether you like it or not.

It's obvious that when you have to encounter or endure some challenging relationships, some astrological indications or patterns have to show up in your natal chart.

One of these astrological indications that we now want to talk about is found to bring huge power conflicts with others, especially between people of the same gender.

The power conflicts are related to any one of the same gender (especially) and can manifest in your family relationship or with a co-worker, a competitor, a lover or a friend...

This aspect is a Sun-Neptune conjunction, square or opposition (and by extension Sun-Neptune connections, analogies or affinities count too).

The Sun-Neptune sextile and trine aspects work out to a lesser extent but may bring similar experiences if both planets are at the same numerical degree (which is always a very powerful indication by itself) or are in a tight orb.

So, if your natal chart shows a Sun-Neptune conjunction, square or opposition, it's highly likely you will experience a huge power conflict with someone in your environment during this life-time and most likely this 'competitor' is of the same gender.

In numerous cases, you both share the same interest(s) or mindset (making for a powerful attraction to occur), have the same concepts and 'merge' for some time.

This is the Neptune part of the aspect, blending and merging with one another, almost unobtrusively.

But Neptune has a twist: it's a planet of secret and/or hidden activities that does not disclose its real intentions.

Sneaking Neptune hides the intentions of the EGO (represented by the Sun).

That's why it's quite difficult to not enter this relationship as you cannot see who really is inside this Trojan Horse.

You're sucked into a relationship or partnership (the Neptune factor) and will only notice after the power conflict what was going on in reality.

Sooner or later, this aspect will manifest a HUGE (power) conflict/clash.

Actually, it's more than predisposition, it's almost predestination at work here.

If you want a very good example on how this Sun-Neptune aspect (analogy, connection or affinity) works out, take a look at the natal chart of Carl Gustav Jung and notice the exact Sun-Neptune square at the same numerical degree.

We got a big aha-moment when we read a short biography of him discussing his profound friendship and collaboration with Sigmund Freud that disintegrated and finally ended in a nasty and highly stressful break-up.

In our practice, we have found this aspect to especially manifest between people of the same gender (for unknown reasons) in whatever relationship or partnership they were.

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