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With our free love match horoscopes we, at Cosmic Technologies, hope to be of help in your search for Ms. or Mr. Right.

Finding your soulmate can be a difficult and time-consuming task. But it's not a mission impossible!

On our dating page we discussed why we are in favour of well-known online Dating Services to help you finding your flame.

The more members they have, the more chances you have to meet HIM or HER.

If their membership is accompanied by a decent and complete questionnaire, the better you can know who you are going to date.

However, even this information can be wrong, fake or incomplete.

You can cherish a hope that seems to be wrong: any date still can fall short of your expectations. After all, in reality, it has to 'click' - and in many ways!

The sooner you know who your date (really) is, the better you can judge your date and decide whether to continue or not.

We, at Cosmic Technologies (CosmiTec), will try to contribute our mite with all our knowledge and experience.

We do know that astrology can point to main and strong points in a relationship and indicate whether a relationship is viable or not.

We are offering you free love match horoscopes (analyses) -- short, but most to the point and useful -- of

  • some of your key personality traits
  • some of your date's key personality traits
  • the viability of your possible relationship with your date (called 'synastry' or chart comparison in astrology).

These free love match horoscopes will help you in making the necessary decisions re your date.

However, we do need the exact birth information of both of you!

Without exact birth information we are not going to guess who you are! We are no clairvoyants. Sorry!

Our free love match horoscopes are only valid if your are a member of one (or more of) the well-known online Dating Services we discussed on our dating page.

Why so?

Firstly, we are offering this free love match horoscopes service for free because you already have paid your membership with the online Dating Service(s).

It's not our intention to get rich on your search for a buddy.

Our aim is to give you sound advice so that you can decide with full knowledge whether you should continue with your date or not.

Secondly, we, at Cosmic Technologies, cannot manage a flow of requests for free analyses.

If we would allow everybody in the whole World to send in an order, we would not be able to deliver a service in accordance with our (very) high standards.

Do know that all our analyses are made by a human astrologer, NOT by a computer!

This makes our free love match horoscopes the most personalized free analyses you can imagine.

However, a human astrologer cannot manage hundreds of request for free analyses a day. There is a limit. There really IS!

So, we have to limit ourself to a certain niche: we choose the online Dating Services.

After all, becoming a member of an online Dating Service is still not the evidence.

There may be some initial hesitation and you have to pay for the membership too...

Perhaps you don't know how to date. Can some dating tips help you?

We hope, you understand by now, why we are delivering our free love match horoscopes to members of these well-known online Dating Services only.

If you are a member of one of the well-known online Dating Services, as mentioned on our dating page, just fill out and submit the form below.

If you are (still) no member, we recommend you return to our dating page, check the different Dating Services and our information.

Visit their Web sites and compare the different membership conditions and sign up.

You have nothing to lose!

If you're really looking for a buddy, consider the benefit such an online Dating Service membership can give. Is it worth the paid membership?

Think about it, think about your life.

Yes, after all, it's still your life!

This said, let's go back to our free love match horoscopes.

What do you get when you order the free love match horoscopes?

  • You get a brief description of the essence of your personality, based on the astrological standouts in your horoscope.

    These standouts are written in one-liners or short comprehensible sentences.

  • You get a brief description of the essence of the personality of your date, based on the astrological standouts in her/his horoscope.

    These standouts are written in one-liners or short comprehensible sentences.

  • You get a brief description of the essence of the symbiosis of both of you as a couple, based on the astrological standouts when comparing both your horoscopes (synastry).

    These standouts are written in one-liners or short comprehensible sentences.

  • You will get a free Personalized Dating Calendar for 1 month to choose the most favorable and personalized day for a date.

    The dates are written in the body of the e-mail you will receive.

  • The analyses or descriptions will be sent by e-mail.

    We will send the analyses to the email address you have entered on the order form below.

    Please, double-check your e-mail address. Also make sure that your mailbox is not full

    You will only be able to receive your analysis if the email address is correct and your mailbox is not full!

Because of the work that might be necessary to delineate the free love match horoscopes, we cannot send the analyses instantly after you submit the order form.

So, please, allow about 5 working days for delivery. If you should have received nothing by then, please check your junk mailbox first.

If you still have received no e-mail contact us again via our contact page.

By submitting the form below you confirm that

  • you are a member of one of the mentioned online Dating Services
  • the birthdata of both of you are, as far as can be known, correct.

But now, please, fill out the form, submit it and.... wait and be surprised by the result of the free love match horoscopes!

To your benefit!

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