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Read below YOUR personal 2009 FREE monthly horoscope, discussing the monthly trends, ups and downs in your relationship(s).

We describe relationships in a general way and that's why we will often refer to your family life, co-workers or neighbors,... as well.

So, actually, it's more than a monthly love horoscope you'll read here.

When we find a very specific or rare astrological configuration in a month, we will comment on this too.

This way you will be able to learn some astrological principles too when you read your personal 2009 free monthly horoscope.

You may expect your 2009 free monthly horoscope to be published on this page around the 1st day of every month.

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2009 free monthly horoscope for January

Around January 1 Mercury of communication enters the air sign Aquarius in which it will feel quite comfortable, though unpredictable. Aquarius can be shocking and disruptive so that sudden breaking news is likely to occur during its passage in this zodiac sign.

Venus enters compassionate Pisces around January 3 and becomes artistic and creative with an eye for all things beautiful. Love becomes idealistic, eventually platonic, and very gentle too. Enjoy cozy moments with some romantic music and a well-balanced atmosphere.

Around January 4-5, Venus and the Sun build a very nice and auspicious configuration that will bring favors, luck, money and/or love if you're born around October 9-10, November 22, January 6-7, February 19-20, April 4-5, May 21-22, July 7-8 or August 23-24.

By the way, it's an auspicious moment to marry or propose.

Around January 5, Jupiter enters Aquarius, adding to the joy and favorable moments most Aquarians will experience. Actually, most Aquarians will find protection and help the whole year long as Jupiter will remain in this zodiac sign the year long. With Jupiter representing Fortuna Major in Aquarius, this zodiac sign now can have all the benefits.

Around January 9, Venus is in a "photogenic configuration" denoting that you will be able to live harmonious and (visual and visible) beautiful moments. It may be a flirtatious time for some of you too, especially if you are born around February 25-26, May 26-27, August 30-31 or November 27-28.

Around January 11, love's sorrow is part of your life if you're born around January 12-13, February 26-27, April 11-12, May 28-29, July 14-15, August 30-31, October 15-16 or November 29. Also, you may not feel too good, feel not in the mood at all and illness is possible/likely.

Around the same day of January 11, Mercury stations at 7° Aquarius and turns retrograde. This is clearly not too good a day as it may bring all kinds of separation, clashes, harsh disputes, dissatisfaction and, eventually, juridicial issues.

Don't forget that 7° Aquarius is a degree of love's separation too so that it confirms or even adds to the possible relationship issues...

Mercury joins Jupiter at 3° Aquarius around January 18. Don't exaggerate and don't indulge too much now. However, it's still a very good time to propose in a grand and unforgettable manner. You can gain much public appeal, especially if you are born around January 24, April 23, July 26, October 26.

If you are a pregnant woman and have to give birth around this day, expect twins.

Around January 20, the Sun enters Aquarius and conjuncts Mercury which now retrogressed at 0° Aquarius too. There's a lot of tension and, eventually, breaking news in the air.

Venus conjuncts Uranus at 20° Pisces around January 23, breaking up relationships (in a broad sense) and putting quite some stress and strain upon your (love) life too. This is especially so if you are born around March 10-11, June 10-11, September 12-13 or December 11-12.

Around January 24 the Sun conjuncts Jupiter at 4° Aquarius while Venus at 21° Pisces opposes Saturn at 21° Virgo. If you're having your birth day around this day (give or take a day), please don't propose or marry during your (solar return) year that starts now. The Venus-Saturn opposition will indicate love's separation and the need to feel and be free.

There may be issues re an older female in your environment too.

The same holds true if you're born around March 12, April 24, June 12, July 27, September 14, October 27 or December 13.

The Venus-Saturn opposition is not only devastating to your love life, it will also severely restrict your financial situation. Indeed, shortage of money is possible.

January 26 brings us to a Solar Eclipse at 6° Aquarius, the influence of which will last 6 months. The meaning of this Solar Eclipse is one of a "dam crack." Why so?


  • the Solar Eclipse is at 6° Aquarius, a degree that is very often found in situations in which things crack, break, burst, suddenly collapse. It's also found in horoscopes of attacks and assassinations (on VIPs or otherwise).

  • the Solar Eclipse is in the midpoint of Saturn/Uranus (in the 45° dial, orb 1°) and Saturn-Uranus is a combo that indicates a very sudden change, a sudden disruption, collapse or rupture. It breaks up stable (and traditional) situations. Saturn is all about authorities, stability, formal things and structures. Uranus is all about breaking up, disrupting, shocking and CHANGE etc.
This Solar Eclipse will work out on a mundane level (bringing an assassination of a VIP among others but this is beyond the scope of this monthly love forecast) and on an individual level in which relationships (in a broad sense) may break up very suddenly from now on within 6 months.

Around January 27, Mercury joins Mars at 23° Capricorn, making for some oral and verbal discussions or tests. Disputes are likely too. Mind your words as you may speak faster than you think.

Because this conjunction happens around the Solar Eclipse, lots of talks, speeches and verbal attacks will mark the coming 6 months too.

The Sun joins the Moon's Node around January 29 while Venus builds some very difficult midpoints denoting that some bonds will be questioned. There's trouble because of a beloved one.

If you're born around January 31-February 1, May 1-2, August 3-4 or November 3-4, expect stress, a lot of tension and a possible physical separation from others around January 31. Some of you may encounter enforced changes, some others will encounter very hard work and difficult tasks to accomplish.

If your zodiac sign is Cancer or Leo, this month of January can be rather difficult for you.

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2009 free monthly horoscope for February

If you are born between January 20-30 or March 21-31 the first half of February might become one of the most passionate periods you ever experienced. The undertone is very erotic, even sexual and full of irresistible attraction and desires. This clearly is your time. You are warned ;-)

To a certain (or minor?) degree this also applies if you are born between February 19-28.

Around February 1, Mercury starts changing its course and stations to turn direct again at 21° Capricorn. Finally, you can start making up your mind. However, in limiting and formal Capricorn, Mercury is still in the process of assimilation. It's concerned about material goods and status/esteem/career.

Mercury in Capricorn is still in a business-minded and governmental period. Wait for more humanistic and people-oriented influences when Mercury enters Aquarius.

It's almost around the same time that Venus enters impulsive and highly inflammable Aries. Venus here is in a very seductive mood and follows its primal desires. Venus may lack some boundaries now. You may love "the strong and the bold", the Warrior and everything that needs courage and some drive.

Venus at 0° Aries is above all erotic and full of desires. It represents the sparkle of love. The message can be "Love me."

However, Venus is also very creative in its current position and longs for romance and a harmonious (i.e. very beautiful) environment. Poetry and music can help ease any tension.

Mars enters unpredictable Aquarius around February 4 and sextiles Venus (for the coming weeks!). If you're born around January 20, February 19, March 21, April 21, May 21, June 22, July 23, August 23, September 22, October 23, November 22 or December 22, you may meet some interesting and charming people. These are days of attraction and love at first sight.

However, with Saturn at 20° Virgo opposing Uranus at 20° Pisces around February 5-6, chances are the attraction is short-lived (Uranus is the dispositor of Mars). Also, stress, tension and separation is in the air.

Something is CHANGING. Something new enters the spotlight (Uranus is always the stronger when EXACTLY opposite Saturn, breaking with "the old and the past", breaking barriers and walls).

The exact Saturn-Uranus oppositions almost always bring technical and/or electrical issues/failures. Don't buy any electronics or electrical appliances during the exact aspect.

Venus at 2° Aries squares Pluto at 2° Capricorn around February 6. Powerful and compulsive drives steer you if you're born around this day (February 6), May 8, August 10 or November 10.

It will also affect you if you are born around March 23, June 24, September 25 or December 24.

It may be passionate times in which you want to accomplish or produce something. Perhaps you want to (re-)conquer love. The atmosphere is loaden anyway. If you're born around this day (February 6), your (solar return) year will be full of passion and forceful (or, for some, even fateful) events.

Especially if you are born around February 21, May 23, August 26 or November 24 this configuration may have a very sexual and passionate undertone and may bring irresistible attractions, the more so because Venus and Mars are still building an exact charming sextile.

For some of you though, the square between Venus and Pluto will dominate and may bring a painful separation from a (beloved) female person, for whatever reason (this is the more so because of the current and still exact Saturn-Uranus opposition of separation, break-ups etc.).

Around February 9, the Lunar Eclipse at 20° Leo introduces a change for sure because the Eclipse is also opposite Chiron of breakthroughs at 21° Aquarius.

The Lunar Eclipse may bring some people together into relationships and partnerships. Merging and fusing with others comes to the foreground. There may be fulfillment of desires (to marry or to start over again with someone else).

Jupiter and the Moon's North Node cross each other at 8° Aquarius around February 11, enlarging your community. There may be a gathering.

Around February 12, the Sun conjoins Neptune at 23° Aquarius making for a very subtle and sensitive atmosphere.

Mercury enters Aquarius around Valentine's Day. Let this day surprise you!

Between February 15 and 17, Mars is between 8°-10° Aquarius and conjoins the Jupiter-Moon's Node conjunction, building a highly fortunate trio.

If you are born between January 28-31, April 28-May 1, July 31-August 3 or October 31-November 3, much can be accomplished successfully.

If it's your birthday now (between February 15-17), chances are you will marry in the (solar return) year to come, give birth or bring forth other successful accomplishments. Your popularity is at an all time high anyway and you will enjoy the company of others very much.

This fortunate configuration/trio also affects you if you are born between May 29-June 1 or October 1-4. You too may enjoy the company of others and enjoy a good time.

The Sun enters compassionate Pisces around February 18. You're more prone to emotional behaviour and may be(come) more sensitive, absorbing outer influences easily. It's becoming a more vulnerable period.

Around February 21, Mercury conjuncts the Moon's North Node at 8° Aquarius. Connect with others by any means (letters, instant messaging, forums/fora, etc.).

Mercury conjuncts Jupiter at 11° Aquarius around February 24, bringing exciting and (often highly) favorable news. Wisdom and insight now prevail.

If you're born around January 2, January 31, March 2, April 1, May 2, June 2, July 11, August 4, September 4, October 5, November 4 or December 3, you can make your point and may be in a cheerful mood. Send messages of love.

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2009 free monthly horoscope for March

Mercury conjuncts Mars around March 2 at 19° Aquarius, increasing "feverish" situations. Things have to be handled with some urgency. However, don't rush anything. There may be lots of conversations, arguments and even disputes. Mind your words.

Around March 5, Mercury conjuncts Neptune at 24° Aquarius increasing confusion and nebulous situations. You can't think and see clear in some situations. Uncertainty rules.

The first days of March can bring harsh disputes as well as flu-like symptoms, especially if you're born around February 9-13, May 11-16, August 13-18 and November 13-17.

Venus stations at 15° Aries around March 6 and turns retrograde. It's time to reconsider your passions. Is this love? It would be unwise to propose during the station. You better wait till Venus turns direct again around April 17.

Retrograde Venus is not that much into love, encounters and socializing. It rather works on an inner creative level and lives more in the material world. It's time to awake the artist in you!

Around March 8, Mars conjuncts Neptune at 24° Aquarius while the Sun at 18° Pisces is opposite Saturn at 18° Virgo. This is not too good a condition health-wise. There are obstacles to overcome.

Your accomplishments are below par, the more so if you are born around January 9 and 14, February 7 and 13, March 9 and 15, April 8 and 14, May 9 and 15, June 9 and 15, July 11 and 17, August 11 and 17, September 11 and 17, October 12 and 18, November 10 and 16, December 10 and 16.

Around March 13, the Sun conjoins Uranus at 22° Pisces making you feel liberated and free (again). You tend to go your own way.

Mars enters compassionate Pisces around March 15. Fiery Mars does not feel too well in watery Pisces. Take care not to waste your energy. You tend to work best behind the scenes and help others in need.

Mercury at 17° Pisces opposes Saturn at 17° Virgo around March 19, just before the Sun enters Aries around March 20.

Expect stress, sad news and/or (forced) separations when the Sun enters Aries.

Around March 22, Mercury conjuncts Uranus at 23° Pisces bringing insight and help. There may be breaking news in the air.

The Sun at 3° Aries squares Pluto at 3° Capricorn around March 23, bringing power struggles. You seem to fight your way through these days...

Mercury enters Aries around March 25, so now's the time to tell what's on your mind.

Mercury squares Pluto at 3° Aries around March 27 at the same time the Sun conjoins Venus at 7° Aries. Something's on your mind and you can't get rid of it. Venus at the heart of the Sun cannot say "no." Perhaps that's what bothers you...

Around March 29, Mercury and Venus conjoin at 6° Aries making for some very enjoyable talks. Send gifts and love letters.

The Sun and Mercury meet each other at 10° Aries around March 31, opening the way to gossip and a talkative mood.

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2009 free monthly horoscope for April

Venus at 3° Aries squares (stationing) Pluto at 3° Capricorn around April 3. Love becomes an obsession and supreme and more powerful forces and sources influence your relationships (in a broad sense) profoundly.

Indeed, forceful Pluto is stationing and will turn retrograde around April 4. In dynamic Aries, Pluto will revolt more and bring more conflicts and aggression. Obsessive behavior and situations can ensue. Power clashes might occur, questioning who's the boss.

The influence of such a heavy transit will be especially felt because around April 5, Mars at 16° Pisces opposes Saturn at 16° Virgo, another violent combination. Strikes, cuts in jobs and marital problems may skyrocket during such transits.

If you are born around January 7, February 5, March 7, April 6, May 7, June 7, July 8, August 9, September 9, October 10, November 8 or December 8, limiting and obstructing forces will be felt. There is restraint and you may not feel too well now. Plans and goals will not be reached, deadlines will not be held.

Around April 9, Mercury, the messenger, enters material, financial and possessive Taurus, bringing news related to material goods and/or money/finances. You are more focused on stability and keeping what you have.

Retrogressing Venus enters compassionate Pisces (again) around April 11 where it becomes very creative and artistic. Venus and Mars now remain together in Pisces till April 24, favoring the love life of all water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces).

Your love life will get a boost, especially if you are born around March 18-20, July 20-22 or November 20-22 and, to a lesser extent, January 19-20, May 19-21 or September 21-22.

Impulsive Mars conjuncts erratic Uranus at 24° Pisces around April 15-16. This accident-prone and explosive combo is part of a(nother) violent configuration in which Saturn and Pluto too are involved. Add to this the fact that this conjunction is posited at the Fixed Star Markab (litterally meaning "the saddle", which can be ridden) and you hopefully understand that it's wiser to postpone your flight or boat trip or don't travel by car or public transportation etc.

This violent and accident-prone period will also bring haste, impulsive decisions, marital stress and anger -- don't propose now.

Compassionate Venus stations around April 17 at 29° Pisces, the most watery degree of the zodiac (litterally and figuratively: bringing tears, inundations, rain, drownings, ship wrecks etc...). 29° Pisces is a special degree as it also ends the zodiac and brings an irresistible longing for something new, for a new beginning. It's also the position of another highly unfortunate and powerful Fixed Star in mundane astrology: Scheat.

Around April 20, the Sun enters Taurus, bringing the focus on financial matters.

Venus and Mars join forces at 29° Pisces around April 22. The same day, Mars will enter its own sign Aries, the sign in which it feels and is totally home. Impulsive behavior will reign and it's time for action -- NOW.

Around April 24, Venus too will enter Aries and will become highly flirtatious. The combo of Venus and Mars in the fire sign Aries will bring attractions, friendship and, eventually, love to all the fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) as well. As long as both planets reside in Aries, it's your time to meet and go out -- even if it will not bring a peaceful time. But, perhaps and hopefully if you desire so, you may find Mr. or Ms. Right...

Around April 26, Mercury at 26° Taurus squares Neptune at 26° Aquarius while violent Mars at 3° Aries squares powerful Pluto at 3° Capricorn. This is a powerful configuration bringing uncertainty, confusion, unclear situations and violence. There is a feeling of hopelessness. Though April can be a very violent month, there are lots of possibilities to start a new love life too.

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2009 free monthly horoscope for May

Mercury enters mutable and airy Gemini around May 1. Mercury in its own sign becomes unstable and highly fickle (adaptable). Things are changing fast and you will need some flexibility to move on. Opinions will change and you will have to adapt yourself to it. Expect short trips and lots of communication to be part of this transit.

Gemini is one of the double signs of the zodiac denoting that nothing will come alone. Expect events to happen twice around the same time.

Around May 2, Venus at 3° Aries squares Pluto at 3° Capricorn questioning your love life from the bottom up -- especially if you are born around March 24, June 25, September 26 or December 25.

Around May 7, Mercury stations at 1° Gemini and starts its retrograde motion. The days around the station of Mercury, you'd better not take any important decisions as you may reconsider, re-think or re-write later on. Wait till Mercury goes direct again around May 31.

During the retrogression of Mercury you should try to build your opinion, try to gather all relevant information to make an informed decision.

Retrograde Mercury will enter stable Taurus again around May 14. Some financial issues or problems related to your possessions still have to be sorted out. You still long for stability and may (temporarily) opt for certainty and old habits. You're not yet ready for some major changes that are about to happen and that will start manifesting after Mercury's entry into Gemini again, after June 14-15.

The Sun at 25° Taurus squares Jupiter at 25° Aquarius around May 16. This is not the best aspect to see life as it is, in reality. You tend to be shaken by reality, the more so because around the same time, the Sun squares nebulous Neptune at 26° Aquarius too. The own world view differs from reality in a substantial way.

The whole month of May will be under the influence of the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron combination around 25-26° in fixed signs, now and then triggered by the Sun and/or Mercury. But more about it in a second.

Aside from the disappointing Sun-Neptune square, Saturn stations at 14° Virgo around May 17 too. So, we have the Sun square Jupiter/Neptune and Saturn stationing around these days. In short: you are not yet able to adapt yourself to a new situation that you have never dreamed or thought of. New realities have taken you (by surprise?) and you need time to adapt to it. You have to take action and bring structure to your life again.

Around May 18, the Sun conjuncts Mercury at 27° Taurus making for many thoughts and many things that are on your mind. Because Mercury is also square Neptune (exact around May 20) you may lack direction and see unclear in some situations.

The Sun enters Gemini around May 20, adding to the confusion because the Sun triggers the Mercury-Neptune aspect (Mercury is the dispositor of the Sun because it rules the sign in which the Sun is posited). The Mercury-Jupiter-Neptune aspect is especially active now around May 20-21 and will affect you if you are born around January 16-17, February 14-15, March 16-17, April 16-17, May 16-17, June 17-18, July 18-19, August 19-20, September 19-20, October 19-20, November 18-19 or December 18-19.

For some, this trio will act like a fairy-tale, for others it will represent a fata morgana (mirage).

Around May 27, the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is exact at 26° Aquarius. Jupiter-Neptune has a financial meaning, as well as a religious/spiritual one.

Because the transiting Moon at the moment of the exact conjunction is also posited in a water sign (Cancer), this aspect has, above all, a religious meaning and will affect the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church.

Also note that in mundane astrology the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction (and aspects) are related to capitalism too. This conjunction marks the start of a new way of capitalism that will unfold in the months and years to come. The same goes for the Vatican.

On a more personal level, this conjunction can bring good and bad. It may denote bankruptcy but also receiving money effortlessly, depending on your own natal chart.

Mercury stations again around May 31 at 22° Taurus and will start its direct motion again.

Around the same time, Mars enters possessive Taurus too, bringing the focus on expenses and ways to protect your income and possessions.

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2009 free monthly horoscope for June

Around June 5, the Sun at 15° Gemini squares Saturn at 15° Virgo. As usual, the contact between the Sun and Saturn hinders and limits (creative) self-expression and playful love. Now's the time for duties, obligations and taking responsability. This is not funny for sure.

Venus enters its own sign Taurus around June 6 and brings the focus of attention to material gain, well-being, possessions, physical pleasures and food. During this sensual transit of the planet of relationships through this very physical sign, you may enjoy comfortable moments. Occasionaly give your lover a stroke and a gentle touch. It may do wonders!

Venus and Mars are now favoring all earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) in their search for love because both planets now reside in Taurus and remain in close contact. If you're born between April 21-30, August 23-September 3 or December 21-31, you will be the most favoured of all.

Venus at 2° Taurus trines Pluto at 2° Capricorn and squares the Moon's North Node at 2° Aquarius around June 8. If you are born around January 22, February 20-21, March 22-23, April 22-23, May 23-24, June 23-24, July 24-25, August 25-26, September 25-26, October 25-26, November 24-25 or December 23-24, you will experience very powerful, impressive and strong love ties and harmonious developing relationships. There is romance in the air!

Around June 9-10, Mercury at 26° Taurus squares three bodies (Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune) which are all posited at 26° Aquarius. If you are born around February 15, May 17, August 19 or November 19, this configuration will affect you directly. If you're born around January 17, March 17, April 16, June 18, July 18, September 19, October 20 or December 18 it will affect you indirectly and, eventually, in a minor or more subtle way.

This Mercury-Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron configuration is not easy to interpret at all. For some, it may manifest in a very auspicious way, for others it will result in massive disappointments. Often, it just has a financial meaning but it may as well relate to fairy-tale-like and glamorous (and ballooned) situations. Keep your feet on the ground and remain critical as this configuration is not always one of the most realistic and reliable ones. Double-check all the information. Expectations may run (too) high, causing huge disappointments afterwards. Also, you may be more absent-minded and indulge in fantasies and imagination. You tend to more live in a dream world.

The configuration has a spiritual and/or religious meaning as well. It may bring hope and longings for a change for the better. Often, there is a huge interest in travel to far distant places. On the other hand, bankruptcy and business failures are to be expected too. Jupiter and Neptune are both related to water (rain, rivers...) and the sea, making for events related to this element.

Mercury enters its own sign Gemini around June 13 and brings short trips and more talks, news and messages. Many changes are likely to happen now, especially related to changes of the place. You become more mobile and talkative.

Jupiter stations at 27° Aquarius and turns back around June 15, expanding and intensifying life events. In its phase of retrogression, Jupiter is delaying good fortune and optimism (it does not deny it though!) till it turns direct again around October 13. Jupiter becomes more serious, less optimistic and more realistic which is not too bad at all. Retrograde Jupiter is more practical and modest. On a financial level, people tend to become less generous in spending and chances are financial issues may grow.

The Sun at 26° Gemini squares Uranus at 26° Pisces around June 16-17, bringing sudden love actions, love at first sight and irresistible attractions if you are born around January 31, March 16-17, May 2, June 17-18, August 4, September 19, November 4 or December 18.

Around June 19, expect sorrow if you are born around February 24-25, May 27-28, August 29-30 or November 28-29. However, there may be travel too, changes of the place, moves etc.

June 21-22 become days of irresistible and passionate sexual activity because Venus and Mars conjoin each other at 15° Taurus and the Sun enters emotional Cancer. If you are born around February 4, March 21, May 6, June 21-22, August 7-8, September 22-23, November 7-8 or December 21-22, you will likely feel this very powerful energy.

The Sun at 1° Cancer opposes Pluto at 1° Capricorn around June 23, marking power clashes and compulsive desires that cannot always be fulfilled. This opposition can be very violent, so, be careful with whom you meet!

Mercury at 16° Gemini squares Saturn at 16° Virgo around June 25-26. The mood becomes somber and you cannot unfold. Things are at a standstill on a communicative level and separative influences are in the air.

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2009 free monthly horoscope for July

Uranus stations and turns back around July 1 at 26° Pisces, promoting inspiration, insight and discoveries. Expect some unusual things to happen around the station but don't impulsively jump to conclusions without considering ALL the facts. Often, people tend to break up under this station, which may be regretted later on.

Don't trust your imagination as situations may be unclear (the station happens in nebulous Pisces!).

Also, around the same date of July 1, Venus at 26° Taurus squares Neptune and Jupiter, both at 26° Aquarius. This denotes that the station of Uranus at 26° in a sign also triggers Venus, Jupiter and Neptune at the same degree in a sign.

Clearly, this is a combination of transcending love, love dreams, fairy-tales and love's bliss. It's a highly romantic configuration that will affect you if you are born around January 16, February 14-15, March 16-17, April 15-16, May 16-17, June 17-18, July 18-19, August 18-19, September 18-19, October 19-20, November 18-19 and December 17-18.

Also, this configuration is a highly artistic one so that any matters related to art, photography, music, painting etc. may thrive and blossom now.

At the same time, Mercury at 26° Gemini squares Uranus too, adding Mercury to the configuartion which brings romantic love letters and messages as well.

Around July 3, Mercury enters emotional Cancer and almost instantly opposes forceful Pluto, increasing emotional moments and vexation. Your plans seem not to proceed very well and you may feel deceived by the turn of some events. You may uncover things that are not to your liking at all. Also, you may be very impatient and exaggerate in the way you communicate (too emotionally that is...).

Around July 5, Venus enters airy and mutable Gemini. Venus now becomes the social butterfly and brings charm into the lives of all the air signs (Libra, Gemini and Aquarius). You are well-liked during this transit.

Mars at 26° Taurus squares Jupiter and Neptune, both at 26° Aquarius around July 6. This combination has a double influence. On the one hand, it denotes inspiration and creative urges but on the other hand it might bring financial issues and plans that cannot be carried out. Issues may pop up that immensely alter your life one way or the other in a real profound way.

This will especially happen to you if you are born around January 16, February 14-15, March 16-17, April 15-16, May 16-17, June 17-18, July 18-19, August 18-19, September 18-19, October 19-20, November 18-19 and December 17-18. Yes, it's you again, July has set it's mind on your Sun sign (as you will notice again in a second).

The July 7 Moon Eclipse at 15° Capricorn is very family-oriented. There can be a lonely feeling and a depressed mood though. You miss someone or something from which you are separated (and often you're separated from a female person).

Around July 10, Jupiter conjoins Neptune at 26° Aquarius, a highly imaginative conjunction with guru-like traits. You may adore someone or something. There's love's sorrow around July 11 due to the position of Venus at 6° Gemini. It will particularly affect you if you are born around February 24-25, May 27-28, August 29-30 or November 28-29.

Mars enters Gemini around July 12, joining Venus in the same sign and bringing real passion and love in the lives of all air signs (Libra, Aquarius and Gemini). The fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) too might feel the positive influence of both planets.

Around July 14 the Sun conjoins Mercury at 21° Cancer, giving emotional talks, poetry etc.

July 15 is marked by a very creative atmosphere and now is a very good time for artistic projects (music, photography etc.).

Mercury enters fiery Leo around July 18 and conjoins the Moon's North Node at the same time. There may be temporarily meetings and separations. Eventually, you may travel in a group.

Around July 21, Venus at 18° Gemini squares Saturn at 18° Virgo, increasing relationship issues, separations and love's sorrow. This is the more so because the square happens around the July 22 Solar Eclipse at 29° Cancer, a degree of endings. In the coming six months, expect love's sorrow and separations from beloved ones. The Solar Eclipse brings a paralyzing influence with it, so that health and illness may be the real culprit of the separation(s).

The Sun enters its own sign Leo on July 22 and feels home again. However, due to the ingress, the Sun is opposite the Moon's North Node and you may meet past friends and/or lovers, people you have not seen for a long time.

The Moon's North Node transits into serious Capricorn around July 27, making for serious friendships and friendships with more mature or older people.

Around July 28, Venus at 26° Gemini squares Uranus at 26° Pisces bringing short-lived attractions, meetings and encounters. Surprising encounters are a possibility too. You might have guessed it, this square is likely to affect you, again, if you are born around January 16, February 14-15, March 16-17, April 15-16, May 16-17, June 17-18, July 18-19, August 18-19, September 18-19, October 19-20, November 18-19 and December 17-18.

Story-telling, building air-castles and showy behavior is part of your reality around July (30-)31 when Mercury around 25°-26° Leo starts to oppose the Jupiter/Neptune combo at 28° Aquarius. Don't believe anything you hear now, as it may be just bogus. For some though, this combination will mark a long journey or travel to a far distant place.

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2009 free monthly horoscope for August

Venus enters caring Cancer around August 1 and becomes more home-bound and family-oriented. Now is the time to beautify your home! Love experiences may prove to be emotional experiences and you are easily hurt when things do not go as you wish for. When your feelings are hurt, you tend to withdraw easily and shut down.

Venus also opposes extreme and passionate Pluto around August 2 so that intense emotional feelings can overwhelm you now. There is so much longing and desire for love.

Around August 3, Mercury enters its own sign Virgo and becomes very picky and critical. Be aware of arguments as not everybody is pleased to hear the slightest and minutest shortcomings that cause more worries than necessary. Indeed, Mercury in Virgo tends to worry too much.

Around August 6, there is another Lunar Eclipse (we experienced one before around July 7), this time at 13° Aquarius -- right at the Uranus/Pluto midpoint. This Lunar Eclipse marks the beginning of a dramatic and sudden change (for good or for bad), often accompanied by stress and nervous tension.

August 7 is marked by travel, change of the place and moves, especially if you are born around February 25, May 27, August 29 or November 28.

Around August 9, you may be longing for something, for some news. You want to carry out some plans.

Mars at 20° Gemini squares Saturn at 20° Virgo around August 11. Your plans seem to be postponed or blocked. No way to push through as there is too much resistance. Things are not going as you wish.

Around August 14, the Sun at 22° Leo opposes Jupiter at 22° Aquarius denoting some expenses to be made around these days. Be careful not to waste too much money.

Mercury conjuncts Saturn at 21° Virgo around August 17 at the same moment the Sun at 25° Leo opposes Neptune at 25° Aquarius. Separation is bringing you sorrow and is a major concern for the coming days.

Mars at 25° Gemini squares Uranus at 25° Pisces around August 19 denoting physical injuries, sudden upheaval, arguments etc. Your life may take a sudden turn. Even surgery is likely to happen to some of you too.

August 21 brings sudden news when Mercury at 25° Virgo opposes Uranus at 25° Pisces. However, don't expect too much details as things still have to be researched or analyzed further. Not everything will be told or made public. You can be quite direct in your approach and may need to suddenly act upon something.

The Sun enters Virgo around August 22-23 and marks a day of profound love.

August 25-27 are important days as there is quite some planetary activity going on then. Venus at 28° Cancer opposes the Moon's Node at 28° Capricorn, denoting some separation and saying goodbye just before it enters Leo. Mars enters Cancer while Mercury enters Libra, making for some discussions, talks and even arguments if not handled properly.

If you take a closer look at the planetary positions around August 25-27, you'll notice that 4 planets/bodies are at 0° in a sign: Mars at 0° Cancer, Mercury at 0° Libra, Pluto at 0° Capricorn and Venus at 0° Leo. If you happen to be born around January 19-20, February 18-19, March 20-21, April 20-21, May 21, June 21-22, July 22-23, August 23-24, September 23, October 23-24, November 22-23 or December 21-22, you will feel the influence directly which often involves the start of something new.

Mercury, Venus, Mars and Pluto together are all about passionate talks and conversations, talks about love and sex and about all things you want to accomplish so passionately. The actual configuration is not only passionate, but also quite provocative. You are able to push through, are competitive and want to carry out all your plans which often involve a change of the place and the (social) environment.

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2009 free monthly horoscope for September

If you are born around March 27-28, May 30-31, August 1-2 or December 1-2, you may feel ill around September 1-2.

Around September 3, Mercury at 5° Libra squares Mars at 5° Cancer resulting in some emotional arguments and disputes that have to be settled. There's a lot of talks going on and it's best to mind your words carefully.

Around September 5, there is reclusion, someone is absent or you may experience something otherworldly with others. This is especially so if you're born around March 3, June 3, September 5 or December 4.

Mercury at 6° Libra stations around September 7 and turns back, re-thinking, re-considering, re-evaluating relationships and agreements. You need time to think it over and it's not wise to propose just now. Wait till the end of the month when Mercury turns direct again.

Around September 11, Pluto at 0° Capricorn stations to turn direct while Venus at 18° Leo opposes Jupiter at 18° Aquarius. Around these days, you can live fabulous and otherworldly intense moments that may mark a mile-stone in your life. Enjoy the pleasure.

Pluto at the beginning of Capricorn, a governmental degree, brings the power of the state (and celebrities) to the foreground. Keep an eye on life-changing events related to men of importance.

Also, Pluto's position will, once more, bring severe financial issues. Expect public services, administrations and governments to change substantially.

Around September 12-13 there is a lot of (artistic) creativity in the air and the atmosphere is right for romance. Enjoy these days, especially if you are born around February 9-12, May 11-13, August 13-16 or November 12-15.

Be in for a surprise around September 15 when Saturn at 24° Virgo opposes Uranus at 24° Pisces. There is separation and love's sorrow in the air, the more so because Venus at 24° Leo opposes Neptune at 24° Aquarius at the same moment. If you are born around January 14-15, February 12-13, March 14-15, April 14, May 14-15, June 15-16, July 16-17, August 17, September 16-17, October 17-18, November 16-17 or December 16 you will feel this horrible influence deeply till September 18.

Around September 17, the Sun conjoins Saturn at 24° Virgo and opposes Uranus at 24° Pisces adding to the sudden turn of events and upsetting harmony and peace.

Mercury enters its own sign Virgo again around September 18 and will trigger a whole planetary configuration that is related to research, solving severe problems and a very restless mood. Anyway, there is a solution that will be found around September 20. This configuration will affect you if you are born around March 18, June 19, September 20 or December 19.

Venus too enters Virgo around September 20, the sign of its fall. You tend to become quite fault-finding with your lover and may feel that you are not perfect enough for love. You'll need more approval anyway.

Mercury conjuncts Saturn at 25° Virgo, demanding some serious and meticulous work around September 22. At the same day, the Sun enters Libra making for some new relationship experiences.

Power struggles arise around September 23 when the Sun at 0° Libra squares Pluto at 0° Capricorn. It's a day of stress and tension that will ease around September 25 when sudden actions and initiatives bring relief and happiness in love (even if you stay at home!).

Around September 28, there will be artistic and creative moments that you will value, especially if you are born around March 27-28, May 30-31, August 1-2 or December 1-2. Make it cozy.

Around September 29, Mercury at 21° Virgo stations for another time this month and turns direct. Now you can make up your mind and communicate your findings openly. .

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2009 free monthly horoscope for October

Mercury at 23° Virgo opposes Uranus at 23° Pisces around October 4, bringing some relevations and surprising news. You can think out of the box and may be more able to be original and very to-the-point.

Around October 8, Mercury conjuncts Saturn at 27° Virgo resulting in a dark mood. You are too selfish, cling too much to your own thoughts and convictions, the more so if you are born around January 31/February 1, March 17-18, May 2-3, June 18-19, August 5, September 20, November 4-5 or December 19. Try to get rid of your dark thoughts!

Around October 9, Mars at 26° Cancer opposes the Moon's North Node, resulting in some (temporarily) loss of work, lack of energy and drive. You may be more impatient and full of anger and, eventually, differ opinions with someone.

Around October 9 though, Venus at 23° Virgo opposes Uranus at 23° Pisces while Mercury enters Libra, sign of encounters and relationships. Venus also squares Pluto at 0° Capricorn. Sudden joyful meetings and encounters that are short-lived and that may be marked by opposite views and too much tunnel vision are now possible.

Jupiter stations around October 13 at 17° Aquarius and brings more optimism for the time to come. However, there may be more exaggeration and you may tend to over-do, overindulge around this day. Anyway, you may be more able to express yourself successfully.

Around the same day, Venus conjoins Saturn at 28° Virgo. Both planets together may denote different things depending on your own natal chart, among others: love's sorrow, the love for an older person, a formal beauty (the Venus-Saturn combo often represents gorgeous people), painful love (love hurts!), etc.

Most often, you want to be alone or feel solitary now. In timid Virgo, this Venus-Saturn conjunction may also be related to hesitation in matters of love. You may be reluctant to share your feelings openly.

Venus enters its own sign Libra, sign of relationships and encounters around October 15. Venus now becomes very strong and powerful. This transit will mark a shift in your relationships and the way you experience them, especially if you are Libra. Relationships will gain importance from now on. You will socialize more and will enjoy gatherings.

Be aware though that Venus also squares Pluto at 0° Capricorn around October 15, denoting some struggle with overwhelming passionate feelings. Not everyone is able to cope with such feelings.

Mars enters playful Leo and increases passion around October 16.

The Sun at 25° Libra squares the Moon's North Node at 25° Capricorn around October 18 signifying some difficulties in expressing yourself. You may feel hurt by a man (or men).

The Sun enters Scorpio around October 23, increasing desires and longings. You cannot stand to be alone and need to bond (emotionally or physically).

Around October 25, Mercury at 25° Libra squares the Moon's North Node at 25° Capricorn resulting in some miscommunications or upsetting news. Often, there is some administration to do - and you don't like it.

Mercury enters Scorpio around October 28. Your mind is sharp and even provocative. You want to investigate things and feel the need to delve into the deeper meanings of everything.

Around October 29, Saturn enters Libra, bringing the focus on relationships (generally with older people) at large. relationships become serious and formal. Without interference of challenging aspects, friendships become stable and may even result in more enduring commitments.

Saturn feels quite well in Libra and becomes very responsible.

Celebrate your love life or propose around October 31 a day on which Venus makes auspicious contacts. You are especially favored if you are born around April 9-10, July 12-13, October 13-14 or January 10-11.

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2009 free monthly horoscope for November

Around November 2, Mercury at 7° Scorpio squares Mars at 7° Leo. If you are born around January 27-28, April 28-29, July 31-August 1 or October 31-November 1, there may be lots of tension and nervousness in the air. Lots of emergency calls and speedy interventions. Eventually, this may be a very accident-prone period causing physical injuries.

Around November 3, some home decoration and beautification can be on the agenda. You love to be at home anyway, especially if you are born around January 14, April 14, July 17 or October 18. In some instances and for some of you, there may now be issues over infidelity.

Neptune stations to turn direct again around November 4 at 23° Aquarius. It may be difficult to stay focused and everything is more spiritual than material. You may feel used by outer energies rather than be able to use your own energies. There may be times of weakness and delusion.

Around November 5-6, there is some sad news related to a beloved one. Love's sorrow is on its way and a loved one is absent for whatever reason. This will affect you especially if you're born around January 17-18, April 17, July 20 or October 21.

Venus enters passionate Scorpio around November 8 and is left to the intense desires of Scorpio, the sign of its detriment. Relationships tend to transform deeply under this transit. Venus is less outgoing, less sociable and needs time alone to heal itself. Scorpio is an emotional sign because it's a water sign and emotions may run high as long as Venus travels through this zodiac sign. Love can result in extreme behavior and will have it's share of (extreme) ups and downs. But hey, that's what we call passion, don't we?

November 8 may bring some hardship and burdensome work. Lots of work needs to be accomplished.

The Sun at 18° Scorpio squares Jupiter at 18° Aquarius around November 10. It's time to tell about your dreams. Also, between November 8 and November 13, chances are you are more absent-minded than usual. Your focus is on your dreams, your aspirations and what you envision.

Expect accidents and physical injuries around November 13, especially if you are born around February 1, May 3, August 5 or November 5. Be very careful in traffic.

Around November 15, Saturn at 1° Libra squares Pluto at 1° Capricorn while the Sun at 23° Scorpio squares Neptune at 23° Aquarius. Well now, when two heavy bodies like Saturn and Pluto meet each other in challenging circumstances, you will know it, you will feel it deeply and you will never ever forget what happened too. Indeed, expect real mile-stones to happen in your life under this transit that will last till mid 2010, especially if your Sun is posited in the first four degrees of any zodiac sign.

However, you will be "served" first, so to speak (Good Heavens!), if you're born between March 21-23, June 22-24, September 23-26 or December 22-24.

The current Saturn-Pluto square is a very difficult one because Pluto is squared by its own dispositor (Saturn rules Capricorn, the sign in which Pluto now resides) and according to an infallible rule found by the medieval astrologer Morin de Villefranche, any planet aspected in a challenging way by its own dispositor is VERY bad, even devastating, (self-)destructive. We have found this rule to be infallible indeed.

What the outcome of the Saturn-Pluto square will be, depends on your own horoscope though. However, Saturn and Pluto both have some similarities and when you blend these, you get a good idea of what it might bring.

Saturn and Pluto are both controlling. They can be both extremely cold and harsh (remember that Pluto rules Scorpio, a fixed water sign which materializes into ice).

Because Saturn controls Pluto for now (Saturn is Pluto's dispositor) expect blocking issues and severe obstructions. You will not be able to move forward. The time will stand still for a moment for some of you. You will recover by working hard though. This combo can be paralyzing and often brings defeat.

As the ruler of a water sign, Pluto is linked to emotions too. Whatever will happen under this transit will bring an emotional shock resulting in a depressive and very dark mood (Saturn) that will last some time. Most often, this combo is related to deaths (and on a mundane level deaths of rulers of state!). So, be prepared. It's also related to bankruptcy, severe illness, financial issues, long lasting love's sorrow, very difficult separations, severe damage,... and always accompanied by emotional issues (shocks) that will need quite some time to heal.

Indeed, till mid 2010 this combo will bring very hard and restricting times for some of you.

Mercury enters mutable Sagittarius around November 16. Something starts moving and you may need to change the place more often. Short trips and moves are certain.

Around November 17, expect tension, separation and stress in your love life if you are born around February 1, May 3, August 5 or November 5.

Venus at 14° Scorpio squares Mars at 14° Leo adding to the tension and marital issues.

Around November 21, there is a distance between you and a beloved one. You may have it difficult due to a separation. You seem to be alone and live love in a tragic way.

The Sun enters Sagittarius around November 22 and brings new aspirations, goals and hope.

Venus at 19° Scorpio squares Jupiter at 19° Aquarius around November 23 denoting an enjoyable time if you don't over-do, over-react. You may be flirtatious.

If you are born around February 26, May 29, August 31 or November 30, expect some sudden windfalls and relief around November 28-29.

Around November 30, breaking news and deep sorrow may manifest. Someone may disappear out of your life.

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2009 free monthly horoscope for December

Uranus stations and turns direct around December 1, marking a breakthrough. There is excitement involving a change or some innovation. Uranus causes a shift and will break with the past, never looking back again. The future reigns.

The station is accompanied by Venus entering Sagittarius around the same day. You will enjoy your freedom above all else and will wander where you want to. Enjoy a move, a trip or travel. Anyway, change the place.

Around December 5, Mercury enters Capricorn and is moving towards Pluto which it will reach around December 7. Mercury never feels too good in an earth sign and is now more interested in the material world of practicle things and goodies. Think about shopping ;-) Your thinking can become sorrowful and fearful too though.

Fun and excitement is on the way around December 7 if you are born around February 26, May 28, August 31 or November 29. Let this day surprise you in a joyful way.

Mercury at 3° Capricorn squares Saturn at 3° Libra around December 8 confirming loneliness and some practical work to be done.

If you are born around March 4, June 4, September 6 or December 5 you will enjoy staying home around December 12. Home beautification or being creative at home is on your agenda but expect December 13 to bring love's sorrow and loneliness -- again.

The Sun at 22° Sagittarius squares Uranus at 22° Pisces around December 14. Another event brings excitement and may mark a dramatic and sudden change or innovation.

Love at first sight is on the horizon around December 20 when Venus at 22° Sagittarius squares Uranus at 22° Pisces. However, because Mars turns retrograde around the same day at 19° Leo, it has difficulty in expressing itself. You may feel the energy going down and you may become more self-centered and focused on the own development. Expect lots of physical problems around the station (especially heart- and spine-related issues). Also, Mars is all about work and with this planet turning backwards, loss of work and/or unemployment may become a hot topic. You better take some days off.

Around December 21, Jupiter and Neptune conjunct at 24° Aquarius while the Sun enters Capricorn. This day is a transition day between two worlds, the world of reality and the world of dreams and imagination. You may feel lost though but know that it's also a spiritual day marking a new beginning one way or the other.

There's not too much pleasure and fun noticeable between Christmas Eve and the New Year, especially not if you are born between March 24-26, June 25-27, September 26-28 or December 25-27. Venus enters the earth sign Capricorn around December 25 and is more interested in material goods than in people (except older or more mature people who are favored and well-liked). Show your love in a tangible way. Wealth and success are important under this transit.

The Sun at 4° Capricorn squares Saturn at 4° Libra around December 26, limiting one's creative self-expression. You may feel bored or in a sad mood.

Around the same day, Mercury at 21° Capricorn stations and turns retrograde amplifying a dark and lonely mood. You may feel limited.

Venus conjoins Pluto at 3° Capricorn around December 28. Sometimes, love is fated and irresistible, but also extremely painful. This is how it turns out to be now because Venus is also about to square Saturn at 4° Capricorn the following day. Whenever we find Venus, Saturn and Pluto in the same configuration, expect extremely painful and tearful love's sorrow. There is separation from a beloved one that needs time, and lots of time, to heal. Love hurts.

Around December 31 there is a Lunar Eclipse at 10° Cancer, an important relationship and partnership degree. No doubt, the focus of the end of the year will be about relationships. Because the Eclipse is posited in Cancer, family matters and real estate gain more interest.

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