Your Love Life And The Progressed Moon In Declination (Part 2)
Some Random and Compelling Examples 

Is He The Right Man For You?

In Part 1, we discussed the principle and basics of the direct and converse progressed Moon in declination.

We mentioned that the crossing (at 0° declination) and the highest declinations (North or South) represent turning points and milestones in one's life.

Most astrology software programs are able to calculate the positions of the planets and points in declination.

It's best to have the progressed Moon's position in declination shown in a graph.

Some software programs (like Solar Fire) have a graph with the Equator (horizontal 0° line) in the middle and the North declinations above the 0° line, the declinations South below the 0° line.

Look at the image below in which the 0° Equator line is in the middle, the North Declination above the line and the South Declination below the 0° line.

Progressed Moon in Declination with Equator in the middle

Other software shows the 0° line (Equator) at the bottom of the Graphs and print the declination lines North or South above the horizontal Equator in different colors or lines of thickness.

Look at the image below, it's from Astrodienst (see instructions below), showing the 0° Equator at the bottom of the Graph.

Progressed Moon in Declination by Astrodienst

If you have no software program with this feature, you can still get your progressed Moon in declination graphs from Astrodienst.

Just follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to 

  2. Select 'Free Horoscopes' in the top navigation bar

  3. Choose 'Extended Chart Selection'

  4. Login or enter the birth information by following the instructions on the screen

  5. In the 'Extended Chart Selection' window, click on the 'Special Charts' link next to the "Methods:" option

  6. In the 'Select the type of chart you want' drop-down menu, just scroll down and find the 'Ebertin's Life Diagram, Progressed Declinations' option

  7. In the 'options' heading, make sure you enter a start date

  8. Then, click on the blue 'Click here to show the chart' button

  9. The (very) light blue line is the (direct) progressed Moon in declination line

The graph shows the crossings of the Equator (0° declination) at the bottom and the highest declinations (North and South) are at the top of the Graph.

Now let's take a look at some random examples to illustrate the principles.

Recently (early January 2014), Francois Hollande, the French president, admitted having an affair, resulting in the separation from his wife.

When looking at his direct progressed Moon in declination graph (click here to watch the Graph in another tab), you will be stunned to find out that late December 2013, the progressed Moon in declination crossed the Equator (at 0° declination) denoting a turning point in his life.

Most often, the progressed Moon crossing the Equator coincides with separations (in a wide sense).

Another example is Frank Sinatra, who married in February 1939 when the progressed Moon in declination was at its highest declination South.

He remarried in November 1951 when the progressed Moon in declination was at its maximum North.

Sarah Ferguson, the British Duchess of York who married Prince Andrew in July 1986, did so when the progressed Moon in declination crossed the Equator at 0° declination.

The British soccer player David Beckham, married spice girl Victoria Adams in July 1999 when the progressed Moon in declination was in maximum declination South!

Bill Gates, one of the founders of Microsoft Corp. and still one of the richest men in the world, married on January 1, 1994 when the progressed Moon in declination crossed the Equator (0° declination).

Julia Roberts got twins in November 2004 when the progressed Moon in declination was at maximum South declination.

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