Who Influences You?
Identifying Your Influencers Astrologically

The Best Sign For You To Love

In the natal horoscope wheel, you can 'read' the interactions with all your relationships (in a wide sense) very easily.

Your natal chart not only shows the relationship with a partner, your children, parents and/or siblings but also shows exactly who influences you (and your life) most and how you get on with clients, co-workers, grandparents, adopted children, etc.

This is especially noticeable if you have planets/bodies in or conjunct your 1st house.

The 1st house (and its cusp, also called the Ascendant) relate to your own Self and your instinctive urges and drives.

Every planet or body in this house influences your own Self depending on which house the planet or body rules.

The rulerships are related to the cause-and-effect of everything that happens.

Looking to which house the planet in your 1st house (or conjunct your Ascendant) rules, points to what or who affects your own Self, your personality.

It points to something or someone that influences you and the way you manifest your own primal urges.

Planets and bodies in your 1st house or conjunct your Ascendant show what or who marks your life.

The house these planets rule identify your "influencers."

If the ruler of the 7th house of relationships, the partner and everyone you meet (i.e. all that is part of your external world, opposite to what is your internal world which is represented by the 1st house), you can be sure that other people, and the partner especially, can affect you deeply -- for good or bad.

We may say that 'the other' or the partner has so much influence over you that you will not be able to withstand the influences.

The influences can be harmful and paralyzing, but they can be energizing as well depending on the planet involved and the aspects.

If the ruler of the 3rd house of siblings (and especially the older one or, if you are the first born, the one born after you) is in your 1st house or conjunct the Ascendant, expect your brother or sister to influence your life deeply.

If the ruler of the 5th house of children and/or the sibling born 2nd after you, is in your 1st house or conjunct the Ascendant, expect a child (most often the 1st born) or the sibling born 2nd after you, to have influence over you and over your life.

Indeed, when using the derivative house meanings (by turning the horoscope wheel so that the 3rd house becomes the 1st house), you will notice that the 5th house is actually the 3rd house counting from the 3rd house (which translates to 'the sibling of the sibling').

If you are a woman and the ruler of the 4th house of 'the mother' is in your 1st house or conjunct the Ascendant, your mother will affect your life profoundly -- for good or bad.

She has influence over you.

Using the derivative house meanings can be extremely spot-on, so, don't neglect this method in horoscope analysis.

For example, if the ruler of the 11th house is in your 1st house or conjunct the Ascendant, it's not only a friend that may affect and influence your life deeply but also a child of 'the other' (the child of a friend, an adopted child or step-child,...)

Why? Because the 11th house is the 5th house (of children) counting from the 7th house (of 'the other').

The 11th house tells us something about 'the other's child' (adopted children, children in the Kindergarten,...).

If you want to know who you are influenced by, just simply delineate the rulership of the planets and bodies that are posited in your 1st house or that are conjunct your Ascendant.

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