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To calculate these birthdates, we need your natal chart AND your full name, the way you are known in public.


I've recently replied to someone on an astro-match site(my first and last visit there and the only contact I made)and got a reply from someone born on 7.feb.1959 and we're having truly great correspondence. we have many similarieties and share many interests. it's been very easy to communicate with this person and although we live on different continents and may never meet i am sure we'll be friends for a very long. time. One of the compatible dates you've determined for me was 8.Feb.1959 which is just a day off from this person's birthday. i'm writing this just to let you know that your program seems to be working very well. thankyou, regards
J. P. - Australia
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Because your birthdate AND your name are the most personal factors that point to YOU, to your inner self and to the one you are.

Nothing else is more personal than your name and your birthdate.

There may be numerous other people "sharing" your name or date of birth, but there there is only one creature with YOUR name AND YOUR date of birth, and that's YOU!

If you're looking for a perfect Zodiac Love Match for YOURSELF, we need this information to bring the best results -- for YOU (not for your neighbours, not for your sister and not for the milkman either...).

Indeed, your perfect Astrology Love Match vibrates with your birth date AND your name...

... with your personal INNER SELF.

So, that's why our FREE Zodiac Love Match Birthdays are calculated from your individual horoscope and from a numerological analysis of your name....

... the way you are publicly known.

One of the birthdates that you chose for me as a Zodiac love match was May 1 1958. Well that is not exact, but the person that I met 9 months ago who cares very much about me as I do him, has a birthday of May 1 1948 and I think that this is close enough in your predictions for me
Jacqueline Miller - Gwynn Oak, Maryland, United States
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Your perfect Zodiac Love Match birthdates will be sent to you by e-mail after you submitted the form below.

If you are a member of a Dating Service your Zodiac Love Match Birthdates will be of great help to find Mr. or Ms. Right because you can search for your Zodiac Love Match in the huge database of the Dating Service by entering the dates we provide.

Combine this with the tips we discussed on our where to find love page.

Contact the ones that reside on your love line(s) and interest you most...

Then you will have the most reliable information ever to search for your Target:

  • you have the dates of birth and...
  • you have the areas and places where to find love

Where do you find so much top-notch information to really increase the odds of encountering Ms. or Mr. Right -- FOR FREE?

Moreover, the Astrology Love Match birthdates are very reliable. You will see when you are fortunate enough to find and meet someone born on one of the listed days.

Just fill out the form below to receive your FREE Zodiac Love Match birthdates and see for yourself.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To calculate your Zodiac Love Match birthdates in a reliable way we do need your NAME, the way you are known to the outer world, because the dates are based on your horoscope AND your name. No name, No birthdates!

If you don't give your full name, the way you are known to the outer world, we will NOT be able to send your perfect matches!

All the information you provide will be kept strictly confident. Read here our privacy statement.

Happy Hunting ;-)

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