How the Missing Element(s) Affect(s) Your Relationship(s)
And Who You are Likely to Attract or Reject

Was He Born To Love You?

The elements and the elemental division of the horoscope are the building blocks of astrology.

They mark our behavior, our experiences, our perception and our relationships (in the widest sense).

As always in astrology, it's important to look at what jumps out, what is lacking or what is overly present, for example.

This way, you can avoid confusion and getting lost when 'reading' horoscopes.

It's the standouts that are truly important and when assessing a horoscope, you should focus on the standouts in the broadest sense.

When one of the elements (fire, earth, air or water) is missing or less prominent, it indicates that you will be 'less in your element' when confronted with themes that are connected to that element.

But often too, it's likely you can be attracted to this unknown element so to help you in your own development.

After all, development cannot go without experiencing contrast (i.e. opposites).

There is no real agreement among astrologers whether you should go for a relationship that mirrors your elements or one that compensates your elements and balances them all out as much as possible.

It's not that black-and-white we think as this method about using the elemental division alone has to be used together with other methods to see the whole picture and 'judge' accordingly.

Some people just need the comfort to stick with someone having familiar (and similar) traits, while others prefer more thrilling relationships that expand one's life (for good or ill).

Both kinds of relationships have their own pitfalls: opting for the same elements tends to become boring in the long run, and may result in getting into a comfortable rut easily and not being able to get out.

Opting for complementary elements may be thrilling and very attractive (at first), but because you don't understand that element properly, you should be aware that after the initial attraction often comes the rejection and possibly too, aversion, if no other configurations prevent it going that way.

Let's now take a look at the missing elements in your natal horoscope and find out how it affects your relationships (in the widest sense):

Missing fire element

The partner has to be cerebral, intellectual for a compatible relationship to occur.

The relationship has to be kept light and airy.

Missing earth element

The partner has to be philosophical and see the bigger picture.

You both have to be able to share dreams and visions and 'higher' insight to be compatible.

The partner has to be open for everything.

Missing air element

An emotional partner may work out best and intuition plays an important role as well.

Artistic and creative projects may keep the partners together.

The partner has to agree with a less sociable relationship.

Missing water element

A partner who is doing a lot, who is active may work out best.

The partner should accept a rigid attitude at times.

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