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Below you can find YOUR personal 2007 FREE monthly horoscope discussing the monthly trends, ups and downs in your relationship(s).

We describe relationships in a general way and that's why we will often refer to your family life, co-workers, neighbors ... So, actually, it's more than a monthly love horoscope you'll read here.

When we find a very specific or rare astrological configuration in a month, we will comment on this too. This way you will be able to learn some astrological principles too when you read your 2007 free monthly horoscope.

You may expect your 2007 free monthly horoscope published on this page around the 1st day of every month.

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2007 free monthly horoscope for January

A lot of planetary activity continues all the way through January 2007.

It starts around January 2 when working together and meetings come into the spotlight when Mars at 19° Sagittarius squares the Moon's Node at 19° Pisces.

Venus enters detached and independent Aquarius around January 4, bringing a need for more freedom in your relationship. From now on, you love to just go your own way. Nobody has to tell you what or who you should like.

January 7 is a busy day, especially if this day is your birthday or if you are born around October 10, April 7 or July 9. This is a day of travel or study. Also, it's a good day for a move or to have some home improvements done.

If you happen to have a meeting around this day, disputes may arise though. So, mind your words.

January 8 brings news, letters, messages or documents bringing a very important and profound change. There is a breakthrough and it may denote a major turning point, especially when you are born around this day or around October 11, April 8 or July 10.

If you are born around January 29, April 29, August 1 or November 1 expect a highly important day related to your relationships around January 10-11. Depending on your own horoscope there may be a positive or a very negative outcome.

In the most positive way, you will meet and be irresistibly attracted to highly interesting people. In the most negative meaning there is danger of assault and/or rape. Whatever the possible outcome, take care with whom you meet!

There is a huge work to accomplish around January 13 and the workload is quite heavy. But you can manage it.

Around January 15 you're going to have some enjoyable conversations and/or successful meetings.

Hard work's on the way from January 16 on as Mars enters ambitious and career-driven Capricorn. This position may bring perseverance and a focus on the ultimate goal. Unfortunately, this position is not a very sociable one denoting that you should not count too much on others. It's each to his own!

Also, Mars in cold Capricorn may bring a very cold atmosphere at times (you may take this litterally too) and the competition is fierce.

Venus conjuncts Neptune at 18° Aquarius around January 19. Love is just an illusion and love's sorrow is in the air, especially when you are born around August 12-14, November 12-14, February 8-11 or May 9-12.

Misunderstandings and unrealistic ideas are an issue around January 25-26 when Mercury conjoins nebulous Neptune at 19° Aquarius. What is the truth and who speaks the truth?

When Venus enters compassionate Pisces around January 28, you may feel more lonely and willing to help others. Pisces is the sign of self-undoing and reclusion. It's very likely you feel lost because of a separation of some kind. Late January we expect many relationships to break up or end one way or the other.

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2007 free monthly horoscope for February

On February 2 Mercury enters Pisces, bringing confusing times. There is a Full Moon as well (also called the Full Snow Moon). Some expectations are unfulfilled and there is uncertainty. Your mind is going out to the unreal and metaphysical.

Venus conjuncts Uranus at 13° Pisces around February 7. You may welcome sudden but short-lived encounters if you are born around June 3, July 5, September 6, November 6, December 5, February 2 or March 4.

Also, sudden inspiration and insight may pop up around these days. It's a creative time.

On February 8 the Sun will conjunct Neptune at 19° Aquarius, a degree that is noted for its imagination, ideology and unreal events. This degree is said to bring a "first" into one's life (everything you do or encounter the first time "ever" in your life).

This conjunction will especially affect you if you are born around this day (February 8), April 19, May 10, June 10, July 12, August 12, September 12, October 12, November 11, December 11, January 10 or March 10.

The Sun-Neptune conjunction may bring a certain weakness though and a feeling of chaos. Take care of your health.

Venus at 15° Pisces squares Jupiter at 15° Sagittarius around February 9. Expect some (big) expenses and bills to be paid.

However, you will enjoy the company of someone else or of other people and have a very good time then. Also, this is a very good day for a meeting, the more so if you are born around June 6, September 8, December 8 or March 7.

The Sun at 21° Aquarius opposes Saturn at 21° Leo around February 10. When both points are opposite they often denote kind of a separation or divorce or something that cannot be accomplished (yet). There is delay in some projects or a setback.

Mind your health too.

Around February 14, Mercury stations at 9° Pisces and will turn retrograde till March 8. No need to tell you that the planetary stations almost always mark (highly) important events. This rule is almost infallible! If you want to learn something about forecasting and predicting, do focus on the days of planetary stations!

The station of Mercury in the water sign Pisces on Valentine's Day brings old memories alive again. Pisces is the sign of reclusion and indeed you rather prefer being alone now or keep Valentine's Day a very private matter.

Also your mood, feelings and emotions demand attention and there is a need for introspection, re-evaluation, re-considering, re-thinking. Don't expect too much mental balance now as Mercury, the mind, in nebulous Pisces does not see clear and rational anymore.

Notice that Mercury is in a particularly bad position now: it's stationary-retrograde and in the sign of its detriment, feeling lost and overwhelmed!

Moreover, on Valentine's Day Saturn at 21° Leo is the apex of a YOD configuration and is inconjunct to Venus at 21° Pisces and to Mars at 21° Capricorn. Clearly, this configuration points to adultery, love's sorrow and separation, that will especially affect you if you are born around August 15 or February 11 and, to a lesser extent, November 14 or May 12.

Seems like Valentine's day may be celebrated with the wrong one for some!?

The Sun enters Pisces around February 19 and Venus enters Aries on February 21. Venus in the sign of the warrior and the sign of its detriment does not feel quite comfortable. Love becomes an impulsive event and love really makes blind.

The Sun and Mercury meet one another at 4° Pisces around February 23. Actually, between February 22 and February 25, their influence will be felt profoundly. It's a time of separation, quarrels and disputes, stress and resistance, misunderstandings and sorrow.

You definitely want to be left alone now. If you are born around these days (February 23), May 25, August 27 or November 26 you will not be able to escape this difficult and hectic period.

Around February 26, Mars enters freedom-loving Aquarius and brings a quick intervention, relief and a happy ending.

Mercury, still retrograde, leaves Pisces of reclusion and re-enters Aquarius on February 27 and becomes more rational (again). Group involvments become crucial.

On February 28, Saturn at 20° Leo opposes Neptune at 20° Aquarius, an aspect that will be active most of the year 2007. The first opposition took place on August 31, 2006 and we'll have another one on June 25, 2007.

Fortunately, this opposition is (rel)eased by a trine with Jupiter because Saturn and Neptune don't blend very well and are a very challenging combo to say the least. Saturn and Neptune together often bring illness, angst, dreadful fear and tears.

Jupiter (representing the law, a medical doctor, your belief, a teacher, foreigners/strangers or foreign countries) releases the tension between Saturn and Neptune bringing help and a solution so that the opposition should not turn out too bad after all.

For some, this released opposition will even work out wonderfully as Jupiter is still very strong in its own sign Sagittarius. It will perfectly blend the restricting and sobering influence of Saturn and the confusing and idealistic traits of Neptune with wise advice and a positive mind-set in many ways resulting in progress.

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2007 free monthly horoscope for March

March brings a Solar and Lunar Eclipse, some difficult aspects and two planetary stations. So, you'd better fasten your seat-belts!

The Lunar Eclipse on March 4 at 12° Virgo points to some surprising and even upsetting events. The circumstances are changing and you need to take the best out of it. It might be a time of creative and stunning breakthroughs too.

Around March 8 Mercury, the messenger and ruler of transport, traffic and communications, stations at 25° Aquarius, ready to turn direct again. The 25th degree of Aquarius is associated with plane crashes and problems with air traffic.

Absolutely avoid any travel by air between March 4 and March 12, the time span Mercury is stationing at 25° Aquarius.

On March 9 the Sun at 18° Pisces squares Jupiter ar 18° Sagittarius. There is over-optimism and too much exaggeration. Try to be moderate.

If you are born around April 9, July 12, October 12 or January 9 you may have some very loving moments/hours at home now and enjoy some music and/or a movie. Have a nice day!

If you are born around July 17, October 18, January 15 or April 14 expect some lonely moments around March 13.

On March 15, Mars conjuncts Chiron at 13° Aquarius. If you are born around February 2 or August 6 some job changes are possible. Also, this conjunction sometimes indicates physical injuries too.

Mercury enters Pisces again around March 18, the day before the Solar Eclpise at 28° Pisces. Mercury may bring confusion and uncertainty. Making choices can be difficult under this transit.

The Solar Eclipse on March 19 happens to be in the late degrees of Pisces. These degrees are well-known for their "watery nature" and that's why we expect a lot of rainfall, inundations AND tears during the coming six months.

Also, the late degrees of Pisces are "ending degrees", not only because they are ending the zodiac sign Pisces but also because Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac.

Moreover, this Solar Eclipse exactly squares Pluto of extremes and transformations at 28° Sagittarius, reinforcing the nature of endings. Pluto represents death and rebirth and chances are some major transformations (endings) will occur and have a very deep and life-changing impact.

Some of you may find the love of their life though (especially when you are born around April 23, July 26, October 28 or January 23).

Most of all this transit will have a life-challenging impact, bringing (di)stress in your love or family life. If you are born around this day (March 20), April 19, May 20, June 20, July 22, August 22, September 22, October 22, November 21, December 21, January 19 or February 18 you may experience this Solar Eclipse to the full within 6 months.

Also, if you are born around August 26, November 25, February 21 or May 24 don't expect too much fun these days.

On March 21 the Sun enters Aries and Mars, the Sun's ruler, at 18° Aquarius opposes Saturn at 18° leo. The entrance of the Sun in Aries will trigger this Mars-Saturn opposition, bringing some delay and restrictions. There is resistance and a standstill or setback is possible.

Take care of your health too, especially when you are born around November 11, December 11, January 10, February, March 10, April 9, May 10, June 10, July 12, August 12, September 12 or October 12. The Mars-Saturn opposition very often brings physical restraint (from toothache to broken bones, or even worse...).

Around March 25 Mars will conjoin nebulous Neptune at 21° Aquarius. You may lack some perseverance, motivation and focus these days. There is too much uncertainty all over.

If that's not enough yet, Pluto stations to turn retrograde at 28° Sagittarius around March 31 making sure late March will find you suffering at times.

Stationing Pluto never goes unnoticed. While it still squares the degree of the March 19 Solar Eclipse its influence will be felt deeply.

Stationing Pluto will reinforce the death and rebirth theme from the Solar Eclipse. Expect some intense emotional moments. Power issues may arise.

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2007 free monthly horoscope for April

While the influence of stationing Pluto at 28° Sagittarius may (and will) still be felt, Mercury conjuncts Uranus at 16° Pisces on April 1.

Sudden encounters and/or news (letters, documents, messages,...) may leave a deep impression. Also sudden insightful ideas may bring a solution and breakthrough. Mercury and Uranus almost always bring some sort of emergency issues. Both planets are related to electronics and "electricity", the latter in either a physical or a metaphysical way.

If you are born around November 11, February 8, May 10 or August 12 expect love's sorrow around April 2-3 when Venus at 18° Taurus squares Saturn at 18° Leo. You may feel quite down now.

Also, it's not a good time to negotiate something now. The Venus-Saturn square is not quite a diplomatical one.

Around April 4 Venus at 21° Taurus squares Neptune at 21° Aquarius which is to say that Venus is still the apex planet of the T-square in which Saturn opposes Neptune. Unfulfilled hopes are part of your reality the more so because Mercury at 19° Pisces squares stationing Jupiter at 19° Sagittarius at the same time.

The expectations are way too high. You tend to fly too high and reality will bring you back down, especially in matters of love.

Jupiter stations around April 6 at 19° Sagittarius and turns backward. Retrograde Jupiter strong in its own sign wants to accomplish so much things that it is unrealistic to do so profoundly. There is too much hunger for new experiences.

Retrograde Jupiter in the double and mutable sign Sagittarius becomes too superficial and more restless than ever. There is more confusion and error in judgement possible too.

On the other hand, insight may grow during a retrograde Jupiter.

Mars enters Pisces on April 6 too, adding to the confusing times. The fire planet Mars becomes unfocused and diffuse in the mutable water sign Pisces. The energy of Mars goes out to helping the ones who suffer or are in need.

If you are born around August 27, November 26, February 22 or May 24 be careful around April 9-10. It may become disruptive and accident-prone days. A visit to the hospital may be indicated.

Also, expect quite stressful days full of disputes and tension. Living together with someone may be a real issue for you now.

Mercury at 28° Pisces squares Pluto at 28° Sagittarius around April 10 which may bring some obsessions. Focus on accomplishing a plan. Mental Mercury enters fiery Aries on April 10 increasing the need to think and communicate what's on your mind.

Venus enters mutable Gemini on April 12 bringing more flirtous times. Venus in Gemini is often called the social butterfly and this position certainly favors social activities.

If you are born around August 27, November 26, February 22 or May 24 your love life is going down hill it seems. There may be a secret affair that brings you into trouble.

On April 19 Saturn turns direct at 18° Leo. We'll have to see if this station especially affects royalties. Anyway, Saturn is still in its detriment in Leo and more self-centered than ever. Sharing and expressing oneself may be rather difficult. Wait for Saturn to leave Leo to let your heart rule again.

On April 20 the Sun enters fixed and material Taurus bringing the focus on tangible goods and fixing projects.

There is quite some planetary activity around April 23-24: Venus at 12° Gemini squares Mars at 12° Pisces; Venus squares the Moon's Node and Mars conjoins the Moon's Node at 13° Pisces. If you are born around June 5, September 7, December 6 or March 4 this configuration denotes some really passionate moments, eventually related to shared group activities. For some, this configuration can get a highly sexual overtone.


Very often a conjunction of the Moon's Node with a planet may bring a new relationship into your life. When Mars is that planet also be prepared for some quarrels.

Short-lived enjoyable or exciting moments await you around April 27 when Venus at 17° Gemini squares Uranus at 17° Pisces. Mercury enters material Taurus the same day so that you may receive some nice stuff now (presents, gifts, parcels or whatever material goods).

Around April 28 Venus at 18° Gemini opposes Jupiter at 18° Sagittarius bringing expenses and/or an expansion of your material world. Unexpected windfalls may occur.

Mars conjuncts Uranus at 17° Pisces around April 29 bringing anger, haste or passion. The tension is once more high, the more so because Mars at 18° Pisces also squares Jupiter of expansion at 18° Sagittarius. Try to break free from any stress, but do it wisely.

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2007 free monthly horoscope for May

Around May 5-6 Mercury at 18° Taurus squares Saturn at 18° Leo which may bring quite a dark and somber mood related to career or family matters.

There may be disputes and hard work needing quite some concentration.

Venus at 28° Gemini opposes Pluto at 28° Sagittarius around May 7. Love is out of reach and this may hurt badly and deeply. The overwhelming need to love and/or be loved is immense and it's diasppointing you cannot live your love's dreams.

This is the more so because Mercury at 21° Taurus squares Neptune at 21° Aquarius around the same day. There is confusion and some disappointment noticeable. You tend to daydream and are not able to focus on your work.

Love becomes a moody experience when Venus, planet of love, balance and social relationships, enters sensitive Cancer around May 8. During this transit, love is apt to atmospheric changes and your feelings may get easily hurt.

Withdrawal belongs to the possibilities. Your home is where you currently will find balance and harmony. Beautify your home and enjoy your family. Home sweet home!

Around May 9 the Sun at 18° Taurus squares Saturn at 18° Leo blocking creative self-expression and well-being. Something bothers you and you may not feel all too well now, especially not when you are born around this day (May 8-9), August 12, November 12 or February 8. If you are born around April 8, June 10, July 11, September 12, October 12, December 11, January 9 or March 9 this restricting configuration may affect you as well, indirectly.

Do take care and mind your health!

Also, this configuration may bring defeat and disillusionment.

Around May 11 some sudden relief is noticeable when Jupiter at 17° Sagittarius squares Uranus at 17° Pisces. The Jupiter-Uranus combo often brings a fortunate end or development. There is excitement.

Mercury enters its own sign Gemini around the same day of May 11 bringing the focus on communication, transportation, documents, messages, news and the like. However, because the Sun is still not in quite good a position in the midst of the square with Saturn and Neptune (the axis of illness and tiredness), the news is not always quite good.

Indeed, Mercury entering Gemini around May 11 may bring sorrowful news or a serious mood.

Let's be clear: May 10-14 will not bring fortunate developments. Issues about secrecy, theft, disappointments, illegal affairs etc. emerge. Separations are indicated.

If you are born around February 20-23, May 22-26, August 24-28 or November 23-27 you are affected directly.

The Sun at 21° Taurus squares Neptune at 21° Aquarius around May 13th bringing some serious deceptions. Physically, you are down, feeling exhausted and not able to cope. Even if you need to take some action, you don't know what to do. You are not able to defend yourself right now.

Wait till May 15 when Mars enters its own sign Aries to act and proceed. Aries is the self-igniting force that brings everything into full "action-mode." Mars will have no time to wait, the need for speed is the only thing that counts under this action-oriented transit. Everything has to go fast forward.

Around May 20 expect some misunderstandings or misjudgements when Mercury at 16° Gemini opposes Jupiter at 16° Sagittarius. However, for some of you May 20-21 may bring relief and exciting news too, especially so because, around May 21, Mercury at 18° Gemini will square Uranus at 18° Gemini building a T-square in which Uranus is the apex planet.

This T-square may bring breakthroughs of all sorts and insightful and innovative ideas, especially if you are born around June 7-10, September 9-11, December 8-11 or March 7-10.

Notice that Mercury and Jupiter are both very strong in their own sign increasing insight.

Neptune starts its retrograde motion when it stations around May 25 at 22° Aquarius. Neptune, the dissolver and elusive dreamer retrograde brings more realism and a more practical attitude. However, Neptune remains Neptune and still has the potential of a feeling of paralysis and a distorted perception of reality.

Neptune is open to receive any information that it may encounter through its permeable and foggy glasses. Retrograde Neptune is not able to analyze events and remains in a fog. Trying to help the ones in need, may turn out to be a deception after Neptune turns direct again. Be careful with whom you want to share your life now!

The positive is that retrograde Neptune may dissolve what has no meaning in your life anymore.

Mercury at 28° Gemini opposes Pluto at 28° Sagittarius around May 27. Watch out for anger and obsessive behavior. Trying to force your plans through may prove to be a mistake.

Communicative Mercury enters sensitive and emotional Cancer around May 29 bringing issues about how to communicate your feelings properly. Mercury cannot say it all because Cancer is only interested in emotions instead of words. Don't tell it by words but communicate your feelings silently.

Late May, communication may prove to be a difficult experience in matters of love, especially if you are born around April 13-16, July 16-18, October 17-19 or January 14-16. It's better to be alone then and remain silent.

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2007 free monthly horoscope for June

Venus, planet of relationships and harmony enters playful Leo around June 5, marking a time of pleasure and enjoyable moments. June becomes a month in which love is in the spotlight (for good or for bad!). There is fun, love, charm and a flirt in the air!

Around June 6 the Sun at 14° Gemini opposes Jupiter at 14° Sagittarius. Don't overdo and keep your expectations and enthusiasm within the limits.

Expect a sudden change of course around June 9 when the Sun at 18° Gemini squares Uranus at 18° Pisces. Things will unexpectedly take a turn and you'll have to cope with these changes.

Mercury stations around June 16 at 11° Cancer and will start it's backward motion in this sensitive and emotional sign. After all, this transit is not too bad because the mind is turning "inward", pondering on past events, experiences or issues.

Retrograde Mercury in the water sign Cancer is less communicative and much more introspective. Silence is golden now. You best don't sign any contracts now and do not marry under this transit!

Your mindset is all about events dating (far) back (from childhood or youth) and you quite cling to the past under this retrogression. Issues around pregnancy, babies and/or children may pop up.

It's possible you encounter someone you have not seen or heard for long.

Be careful around June 17 if you're born around April 15, July 18, October 18 or January 15. You might have to fight for your honor and/or existence. You are under fire. Physically, this may be an exhausting period. A huge amount of work awaits some of you too.

Do take care of your health as some surgery may be needed to regain health. Anyway, your health may suffer these days. Just take care.

The Sun at 27° Gemini opposes Pluto at 27° Sagittarius around June 19 while Venus at 14° Leo trines Jupiter at 14° Sagittarius. You may meet powerful people or people who leave a deep impression on you.

If you are born around April 4, August 7 or December 7 this may be a highly enjoyable time. The days around June 19 may mark sort of a favorable turning point in your life. Some of you may expect a raise in income, windfalls or some very welcome gifts or presents.

Around June 21 the Sun enters emotional Cancer, just some days before Uranus is stationary retrograde at 18° Pisces which happens around June 23. Also, Mars enters material Taurus around June 24. You seem to actively want to gather some material goods now. Mars in Taurus may bring (impulsive or sudden acute) expenses -- and purchases.

The whole month of June is influenced by the applying opposition between Saturn at 21° Leo and Neptune at 21° Aquarius. The opposition will be exact around June 25. Remember that both planets together represent the axis of illness and depletion. It does not favor well-being at all!

When you are born around August 14, November 14, February 10 or May 12, this opposition will affect you directly and may at least be felt the whole month long. Indirectly, you will have your share of sorrow when you are born around April 12, June 13, July 14, September 15, October 15, December 14, January 12 or March 13.

Around June 30, when Venus at 21° Leo opposes Neptune and is applying to conjunct Saturn, love's sorrow is entering the scene. Also, take care of your health. While the first part of June may have been rather favorable to your love life, the second part (and the first week of July) seems to disrupt your dreams and bring you back to reality. Have faith!

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2007 free monthly horoscope for July

There are not too many astrological events in the month of July.

Love's sorrow and/or love's separation is for sure around July 1, especially when you are born around February 12, May 14, August 18 or November 15. Venus is conjunct Saturn at 22° Leo then. There may be a feeling of illness noticeable.

Around July 10, Mercury stations at 2° Cancer and turns direct again. Leave the past behind and think about what makes you comfortable. Your mind operates on an instinctive level in the water sign Cancer but it can fly ahead without too much introspection.

Your mind is active again on a subconscious level. Invite people at home and share your feelings.

Venus enters Virgo, the sign of its fall, around July 15. You love the details and focus on perfection. In a love relationship your attention goes out to a neat, refined and delicate partner who knows how to behave. But if he or she is perfect enough according to your standards still remains to be seen.

If you are born around May 21-22, August 23-24, November 22-23, February 19-22 it will become clear that around July 15 your current love union seems to be untenable and you seek a way out in promiscuity, secret affairs or the dissolution of the union.

July 16-18 bring some days with mixed results. If you are born around January 15-16, April 14-15, July 17-18 or October 18 there may be health issues. If you are a pregnant woman, miscarriages may occur.

On the other hand, you are in good company and may enjoy some fortunate group or mass activities.

Around July 23, the Sun enters its own playful sign Leo. Let the sun shine!

Mars at 21° Taurus, the sign of its detriment, squares Neptune at 21° Aquarius around July 25. You may lack some drive and motivating energy around this day and you may lack focus. Perhaps you're just too tired and need some rest.

It's not a productive period even if you are stubborn and determined to reach your goal.

The station of Venus at 2° Virgo around July 27 may be one of the most important astrological events of the month.

Venus turns retrograde in this earth sign and marks a period of creative physical expressions of some ideas. This transit might bring diplomatic interventions to maintain balance.

Political situations are unstable for about a week and failures or resignations may occur. Retrograde Venus, the planet of social interactions, tends to withdraw or retreat during her retrogression. Retreat is at times the best way to promote peace and harmony!

Anyway, if something goes wrong now, the issue is often blown out of proportion. Flaws and faults in others are enhanced during this retrograde position. It's best to contemplate on one's deepest creative needs for love and nourishment.

Retrograde Venus is not considered a favorable time to marry. The marriage may be re-considered. In case your partner leaves you during a retrograde Venus period, chances are he or she will return though.

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2007 free monthly horoscope for August

August 1 brings resistance and opposition, the more so if you are born around August 19, November 18, February 15 or May 17. It seems you'll have to struggle yourself through this day...

If you are born around April 14-15, July 17-18, October 18 or January 15 this day may bring you group entertainment and, eventually, some mystical experiences.

Jupiter stations around August 7 and turns direct again at 9° Sagittarius, bringing more outward optimism. Blocked emotions may be unleashed now. Jupiter brings relief but don't exaggerate!

While Jupiter turns direct, Mars enters Gemini and squares retrograde Venus at 0° Virgo. You may quarrel with friends and lovers. Also, for some of you, there may be more thrill and joy in the air (isn't Gemini an air sign?).

0° in mutable Gemini is the most uncertain and mutable degree of the zodiac. It's often called the "gipsy degree". Mars on this degree still brings multiple options and activities at once. It's difficult to decide which is best and who is the better lover.

Retrograde Venus enters Leo around August 8 again; time for some fun and socializing. Perhaps this time you'll find the love of your life?!

However, with the upcoming opposition of Saturn at 28° Leo, August 13 may bring a sobering experience of and outlook on love. Deceptions may occur. Expect some confusing moments and misunderstandings the more so because Mercury at 20° Leo also opposes Neptune at 20° Aquarius around August 14.

The Sun joins Mercury at 22° Leo around August 15. You are less neutral or objective under this transit and take everything too personally. Try to be more detached in your opinions.

If you are born around May 16, August 18, November 17 or February 14 there is (love's) sorrow around August 17-19.

Mercury enters its own sign Virgo around August 19. You are more critical and more openly manifest your dislikes during this transit. Your beloved ones will not always like that.

The Sun conjuncts Saturn at 28° Leo around August 22. Till August 25 separation and divorce may occur. Because Venus is still retrograde, chances are the separation is only temporarily, even if it's a hospitalization. Yes, hospitalizations too are kind of a separation!

Around August 23 the Sun enters Virgo and Mars at 10° Gemini opposes Jupiter at 11° Sagittarius. there is quite a lot of work but you can be highly successful if you just go for it.

Around August 25 Mercury squares both Jupiter and Mars, building a T-square with both Mars and Jupiter. If you are born around March 2, June 2, September 4 or December 4 there's success and the fruits of your labors and creativity.

Venus at 20° Leo opposes Neptune at 20° Aquarius around August 26 bringing some excitement and beautiful and romantic moments.

If you are born around February 22, May 24, August 26 or November 25 this very day of August 26-27 may bring illness and separation though. So, beware.

Note that there is a Lunar Eclipse at 4° Pisces around August 28 bringing innovations and lots of inspiration.

This Lunar Eclipse conjuncts the Fixed Star Deneb Adige in the tail of the Swan denoting a keen intellect and bringing original, ingenious and creative ideas. Also, this degree is said to have an astrological meaning in that it favors astrological research and favorable publicity.

FYI, just be careful with dogs because Deneb Adige is also related to dog bites, especially if you have some planet on this degree. Just in case...!

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2007 free monthly horoscope for September

September is marked by "change" because of different planets and points (Mercury, the Sun, Saturn and Mars) changing the zodiac signs this month.

Saturn enters the earth sign Virgo around September 2 and feels slightly better in this zodiac sign than in Leo where it restricted creative self-expression.

However, Saturn in the sign of work, analysis and details can become extremely attached to and focused on the little details so that it tends to bring more "bureaucracy" into your life.

Work becomes more important than love and even if Saturn in Leo might have brought quite some love's sorrow, Saturn in Virgo will bring the focus on work, rather than love -- or the love for work that is ;-)

Expect more work-related sorrow as long as Saturn is in Virgo.

Mercury at 26° Virgo squares Pluto at 26° Sagittarius around September 3 when Mars at 16° Gemini squares disruptive and explosive Uranus at 16° Pisces. No doubt these are high energy configurations that might bring (traffic) accidents and harsh disputes and conflicts. Clearly, opinions differ a lot now.

Compulsive behavior/ideas and too much haste bring problems that need to be fixed under this configuration. Also, with the upcoming square around September 4 of the Sun at 11° Virgo with Jupiter at 11° Sagittarius, there is too much exaggeration.

Around September 5, Mercury enters the air sign Libra showing the need for balance, harmony and more compromises. Mercury, the messenger, in the sign of social interactions and relationships feels quite well and can reconcile opposite opinions. Talk your way through your relationships as long as Mercury remains in this zodiac sign.

September 7 and 8 mark important days because Venus at 16° Leo and Pluto at 26° Sagittarius both station to turn direct again. In all relationships, both points may bring a breakthrough the more so because Venus is the dispositor of Mercury in Libra. Negotiations may prove to bring the solution.

Notice that planetary stations are high impact transits that work out immediately during the period of station (3 days before and 3 days after the exact station).

Around September 11 there is a Solar Eclipse at 18° Virgo, a degree denoting negotiations and change.

When we discussed the previous Solar Eclipse of March 19 at 28° Pisces we mentioned that this Eclipse fell at the most "watery degree" of the zodiac. No doubt this has been confirmed by the world events in the past 6 months. Though this Love Letter is not about mundane astrology, the importance of some degree areas in the zodiac signs cannot be underestimated.

So, here again, the September Solar Eclipse is on an important degree denoting change and negotiation that will manifest in the coming 6 months. As the Eclipse happens around the time two points station too, the change or negotations will be drastic and profound and/or have a big impact.

Moreover, retrograde Uranus at 16° Pisces opposes the Solar Eclipse denoting that the change will be innovative, unexpected and radical. Reform is in the air. Expect Uranus to work out almost immediately and another time within 3 months (in December 2007).

Retrograde Uranus is said to bring an unexpected turn of events with partial escape. It could be worse!

The Solar Eclipse also squares Mars at 21° Gemini so that there actually is a T-square in which Mars is the apex planet. Mars, the self-driving, self-assertive and self-centered force in mutable airy Gemini brings conflicts in (close) relationships.

Mars in Gemini may bring heated controversy and disorganization. It's a very stressful position bringing mental irritability, nervousness and, eventually, incompetence -- depending on the situation.

This Solar Eclipse is favorable to initiate fast actions and quick fixes (even if quick fixes seldom last long!).

On a more personal level, the change may indicate a move (or change of the neighbourhood or environment) or a job rotation as well (Mars is very often the significator of work!) and will often bring an improvement or change for the better.

In some instances the move or change of the environment will be imposed though for whatever reason.

The Sun at 24° Virgo squares Mars at 24° Gemini around September 17 denoting a start of a project that needs some revision.

Around September 21 Mars at 26° Gemini opposes Pluto at 26° Sagittarius while Venus at 19° Leo opposes Neptune at 19° Aquarius. Love is a dream and will remain so. In other words, love will not manifest, even if you may encounter someone you find very attractive. It's love at a distance or a love's dream.

You are in a romantic mood though, so make it cozy or enjoy a beautiful movie or listen to some music.

If you are a woman be careful with whom you meet now and think twice as these configurations may indicate rape or assault. Watch out, especially when you are born around September 20, December 19, March 17 or June 18!

Around September 23, the Sun enters socializing Libra. There seems to be another player enjoying "the party."

If you are born around April 20, July 23, October 24 or January 21, September 27 brings the need to solve quite some problems. It's time for research and finding solutions. But don't worry, you WILL find the solution!

Mercury enters investigative Scorpio around September 27 and Mars enters Cancer around September 29 favoring household activities and steadily igniting more passion.

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2007 free monthly horoscope for October

If you are born around November 20, February 17, May 19 or August 21, expect love's sorrow around October 3-4. For some, there may be tears over a beloved one (because of illness or whatever) and for others a secret lover may cause problems.

Also, miscarriages are more likely to occur in this period.

Around October 9, Jupiter at 15° Sagittarius squares Uranus at 15° Pisces bringing relief in a situation. There may be excitement and a breakthrough in juridical matters. A sudden trip belongs to the possibilities too.

Mercury stations at 8° Scorpio and turns retrograde around October 12. This position often indicates vexation and an obsessive mind-set. Something bothers you and you can't let it go.

You can't decide at the moment and it's best to wait till Mercury turns direct again after November 1.

Venus at 4° Virgo conjuncts Saturn and opposes the Moon's North Node around October 13, indicating a loss or a separation, the more so if you are born around May 26, August 28, November 27 or February 23.

If you are born around July 25, October 26, January 23 or April 22 there will be a major and fortunate development after some hard work around October 22-23.

The Sun enters Scorpio around October 23 and conjuncts retrograde Mercury at the same time. Both points at 0° Scorpio denote "obsessions" and a fixed mind-set. There is no way to find compromises now. 0° Scorpio can be a very accident-prone degree with retrograde Mercury here, so beware!

Around October 25, there is relief after some hard work for the ones born around October 24, January 21, April 21 or July 24.

There is excitement and sudden encounters around October 25 when Venus at 15° Virgo opposes Uranus at 15° Pisces. There may be love at first sight but don't expect love to last though and enjoy the moments. Be in for some pleasant surprises too.

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2007 free monthly horoscope for November

Mercury stations to turn direct again at 23° Libra around November 1, marking a change for the better. Communicative Mercury in airy Libra is able to bring more balance in relationships. A compromise is possible and agreements bring more peace.

Around November 6, Venus at 27° Virgo squares Pluto at 27° Sagittarius denoting too much indulgence. Relationship issues can become and be lived in a very intense way, especially if you are born around December 20, March 19, June 19 or September 21.

Emotions may run high.

Venus enters its own sign Libra around November 8 making for some enjoyable and charming encounters. Venus in its own sign cannot stand the slightest disputes and will do anything to avoid clashes. Often, there is too much self-denial but, at least, there is peace.

Around November 11, Mercury enters Scorpio the sign of sex, taxes, death, other shared resources and transformations. So, now we all know what's on your mind for the coming days ;-)

Also, November 10-11 are good days to make a trip, do some study work or refurbish or beautify your home. This is the more so if you are born around October 23, January 20, April 20 or July 23.

Take care of your health around November 12 when the Sun at 19° Scorpio (the "accursed degree"!) squares weakening Neptune at 19° Aquarius. Chances are you will not be able to think clear and mistakes are possible.

When things may go wrong, they will go terribly wrong.

If you are born around July 23, October 27, January 24 or April 23 some serious work awaits you around November 13. You will have to solve some problems and will do so very nicely.

Around November 15, Mars stations and goes retrograde at 12° Cancer. Retrograde Mars in the sign of its fall becomes more impulsive but less focused and rather unable to act when it should. There may be more discomfort and frustration.

Attractions to people with an age difference (much older or much younger) seem to be significant under this Mars position. Start some home improvements.

November 18 may become a disappointing period for the ones born around this day, February 15, May 17 or August 19. You may be left alone, on your own. You may feel misunderstood and/or are not able to communicate your wishes and desires.

Make love not war around November 20 when Venus at 12° Libra squares stationing Mars at 12° Cancer. However, if you are born around August 21, November 21, February 17 or May 20 you may feel dissatisfied and love seems to be far away. You don't feel well at all.

The Sun enters Sagittarius around November 22, raising issues about foreign affairs, religion, education, publicity and study.

Expect highly important events to happen around November 24 because

  • disruptive Uranus stations at 14° Pisces and turns direct again
  • there's a Full Moon
  • the Moon is in its perigee (close to the earth)
  • Mercury at 19° Scorpio (the accursed degree, you still remember?!) squares nebulous Neptune at 19° Aquarius

Casualties are to be expected under these transits.

If you are born around May 24, August 26, November 25 or February 22 you might have your share of sorrow during this Full Moon.

November has some other events for you if you are born around November 17, February 15, May 17 or August 19 because November 28-29 may bring some disappointments again. For some, this may a period marked by theft, secrecies and/or encounters with unreliable people.

If you are born around April 14, July 17, October 17 or January 14 you tend to live in a dream around November 29-30. Love is unreal and there is love's fantasy. It's a very creative time for any artistic project (painting, photography,...).

Obstructions and sorrow marks the end of November when the Sun at 8° Sagittarius squares Saturn at 8° Virgo around November 30. You may feel rather depressed.

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2007 free monthly horoscope for December

Mercury enters Sagittarius around December 1 and also squares the Moon's Node then. Unfulfilled projects keep you busy. Also, your opinion may cause some problems and disbelief.

Around December 5, Venus enters Scorpio bringing love to a passionate experience. Relationships tend to go to extremes.

If you are born around July 22, October 23, January 20 or April 20 love is all around you and perhaps you'll find whom (or what) you're looking for.

Around December 6, Mercury at 8° Sagittarius squares limiting Saturn at 8° Virgo, bringing some serious study work, delay and/or misunderstandings. You are lost in too much details.

Especially if you are born around December 1, February 28, May 30 or September 1, there is trouble around the corner. There is criticism and a lot of pondering.

The Sun at 14° Sagittarius squares erratic Uranus at 14° Pisces around December 7 making for some hectic moments and negative thinking.

If you are born around January 24, April 23-24, July 26 or October 27, you love to be at home. You rather want to be left alone too and love is far away.

Around December 11, Mercury at 14° Sagittarius squares Uranus at 14° Pisces bringing emergency calls and breaking news. There is a huge need to talk and/or write or express oneself.

December 11 will be the most important day of the month because the big Jupiter-Pluto conjunction at 28° Sagittarius, will bring massive events. In the chart of the ones born around this conjunction, this conjunction can be a blessing and bring wealth and fortune (not without problems though, but there is so much protection that things will turn out for the better).

If you are born around April 27, July 30, October 30 or January 27 you may find the love of your life. Also, some major windfalls may occur around this period.

Infidelity is possible if you're born around August 31, November 30, February 27 or May 30. Your love life may suffer.

The Sun conjuncts Mercury at 25° Sagittarius around December 17 denoting that you may take too much personally. Try to keep your distance. Also expect sudden joyful encounters around December 17-18, especially if you are born around July 7, November 7 or March 6.

Around December 19, Saturn at 8° Virgo stations to turn retrograde bringing more worries and work that has to be re-done, re-processed, re-analyzed.

Saturn represents 'time' and when it's retrograde, more delays are almost certain.

The same day of December 19, Mercury conjuncts Pluto at 28° Sagittarius and will conjunct Jupiter the day after at 0° Capricorn. Expect quite some vexation and fanatism with Mercury conjunct Pluto.

The Mercury-Jupiter conjunction at 0° Capricorn is an important one because 0° Capricorn is a very public degree representing the governement and officials (leaders of state etc.). This conjunction is a very a-sexual one denoting that the emphasis is on politics, economy and business-related matters. Business and politics over love that is!

Around December 21, the Sun Conjuncts Pluto at 28° Sagittarius and will enter Capricorn the day after -- adding to a business-minded approach for the days to come. Mind the strings attached...

Venus at 19° Scorpio squares nebulous Neptune at 19° Aquarius around December 22 while Mercury at 3° Capricorn opposes Mars at 3° Cancer and the Sun conjuncts Jupiter at 1° Capricorn. These configurations bring legal disputes or debates. The result of love may become expensive.

Between December 24-26 the Sun at 2° Capricorn opposes Mars at 2° Cancer and still conjuncts Jupiter at 1° Capricorn. The legal battle and disputes still go on.

On these days, love's sorrow may come to the ones born around November 18, February 15, May 17 or August 19. Infidelity too is possible when you are born around these days.

However, the same day will likely bring auspicious events to the ones born around December 30 or September 1 because Saturn at 8° Virgo trines Mercury at 8° Capricorn. Both planets are in mutual reception and are each's dispositor. According to an old rule in astrology, this configuration will "perfect the matter" and bring fulfillment regarding the matters ruled by the natal houses this configuration falls in.

Venus enters Sagittarius around December 30, squares the Moon's Node at 0° Pisces and Mars enters Gemini at the same time. The combination of the Moon's Node, Venus and Mars in mutable signs denote some disputes in love, unfaithfullness, separation and even divorce. Your love life may be unstable to say the least because 0° in mutable signs is the most unstable and "wandering" degree of the zodiac.

This is the more so if you are born around May 21, August 23, November 23 or February 19. You seem not to feel happy.

However, for others, the Venus-Mars square may denote love at first sight too, mostly ending in separation later on. Think twice and don't hurry love!

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