The Most Aspected Planet in Synastry

Was He Born To Love You?

When comparing two natal charts for compatibility we always look for the standouts.

What is missing, are there voids or are there predominant factors noticeable?

In doing so, you may find out that, in some cases, a certain planet of one of the partners receives lots of aspects, while some other planets are unaspected and seemingly void.

These are very important indications.

Let's take a look at the following aspect grid between two partners.

Mars of partner 1 is very well aspected, compared to the other planets.

It denotes that Mars of partner 1 gets lots of attention, is triggered a lot by the planets of the other partner and will thus manifest powerfully, for good or ill.

Mars takes the initiative and chances are the Mars partner (here, partner 1) is the one who ignites events or experiences.

In case the Mars partner is a woman, she may take the lead, be the more assertive partner.

In case the Mars partner is a man, he too may take the lead, but may be more pushy though and, in some instances, aggressive.

So, a planet that receives the most aspects in a very noticeable way will manifest its basic principles profoundly in the relationship between the partners.

The planetary meanings will differ slightly between a man and a woman but because not all charts in synastry show a most aspected planet, we have not been able to determine the most significant differences yet.

More research is still needed here.

When the most aspected planet is:

  • the Sun, there can be ego issues and/or too much focus on the physical body (perhaps due to health issues).
  • the Moon, there can be inconsistency, too much mood swings.
  • Mercury, there is a talkative nature and lots of restlessness, mental buzz.
  • Venus, there is too much pleasing the other and/or avoiding conflicts. The Venus partner loves to beautify everything.
  • Mars, there are lots of initiatives, activities and attending events. Mars tends to go his own way too.
  • Jupiter, there is a lecturing spirit. Jupiter not always walks the talk.
  • Saturn, there is control, restriction and/or a limiting influence. Saturn represents the no-sayer and is constrictive.
  • Uranus, there is too much freedom or a highly independent nature. The behavior is contrary and also disruptive.
  • Neptune, there is escapism. Neptune does not tell it all.
  • Pluto, there is intensity and black-and-white opinions. The Pluto person can be too forceful one way or the other.

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