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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #003 -- Discover Your Love Cycle (Part I)
February 21, 2005

Welcome back to another issue of our Love Letter.

We continue with the study by Kops and Heuts and Mauritz on the month of birth and the one you are attracted to. This time it's about March Births.

We will also discuss quite an interesting topic: your love cycle.

We welcome any feedback or suggestions.
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Happy Birthday to you Pisces!

Happy reading...

Luc De JaegerB

In this Issue

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the Month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Whom are you attracted to? - March Births
  2. Your love cycle (Part I)

Love Forecasts for March 2005

In the March monthly love horoscopes you should take note of three important dates which may become turning points in your (love) life:
  • around March 20th Mercury stations at 13° Aries (it will do so till April 12th) ready to turn retrograde
  • around March 22 Saturn stations at 20° Cancer and turns direct
  • around March 27 Pluto stations at 24° Sagittarius and turns retrograde

So, the end of March may become important, but let's take a look at the beginning of March first.

Around March 4 Venus conjoins Uranus at 7° Pisces, bringing sudden bliss, joy or love (encounters) to the ones born around February 26, May 28, August 31 and November 29.

It's an exciting day and a good one for a one-night-stand too. Be in for some nice suprises or gifts. Love at first sight is in the air. If you want to meet that special someone, go out then and socialize.

Around March 6-7 it becomes critical, especially if you are born around April 10, July 13, January 10 or October 14. Mars opposes Saturn and the Sun builds an inconjunct to Jupiter.

To a lesser degree this configuration will affect you too if you are born around February 9, March 11, May 11, June 11, August 13, September 13, November 13 or December 12.

Do take extra care of your health now as the Mars-Saturn opposition can be a very turbulent and critical aspect. There is anger in the air... not love. Expect hindrances and disputes, making you feel lonely and misunderstood. You may be rejected.

After March 10-11 the Sun builds a trine to Saturn bringing more stability then. There is help, support and/or guidance from older people.

Mid-March Jupiter and Neptune trine one another in air signs. In fact the whole month of March is influenced by this devine and spiritual combination. This very peaceful configuration is most helpful if you are an air sign (Gemini, Libra or Aquarius). Fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) are favored as well.

It's an insightful period for you. Try to visualize your future, meditate and let the energies bring you into another state of consciousness. You are on an all-time spritual high now.

Use some creative music to boost your imagination and motivation. You will be able to empower yourself. Dream your wishes as if they are fulfilled already.

Spring-time starts hectic and is full of sudden events and accidents. You better be prepared for the worst. The Sun enters Aries and Mars, ruler of Aries, is about to enter disruptive Aquarius too.

Moreover, Mercury stations to turn retrograde the same day. Take care where you go and what you communicate.

Needless to say there will be misunderstandings, (love) letters and documents that get lost, quite some problems in traffic etc.

Don't make major decisions around this period because you will regret it!

Everytime Mercury stations turning retrograde you will have to RE-think, RE-discuss, RE-vise all your words, plans, letters etc.

However, during Mercury retrograde periods, it's a very good time to study and do some research. Read a lot and think about life and your love life. But don't take major decisions or don't make them public.

Between the 20th and 22th there may be some frustrating delays and some important (saddening) news. It can be quite a disruptive time and expect the unforeseeable.

After March 22, when Venus enters impulsive and initiating Aries, sudden and affectionate love actions are around the corner. You definitely want to be loved/adored.

One-night-stands may result in a nice romance...

There is even more, passionate love can turn your life upside down now... The more so if you are an Arien! You can't get enough love...

Moreover, till the end of the month it's a very appropriate time to declare your love. Show it by presenting gifts and sending love cards.

Walk and talk with each other. Do enjoy one another and be gentle, peaceful and charming.

Pluto stationing at 24° Sagittarius around March 27 may mark the beginning of a very passionate time.

Wishing you lots of love and romantic moments!

Love Quotes of the month

People sometimes have hard times with one another, but even harder times without another....
-- Source Unknown --

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It goes on.
-- Source Unknown --

Remember, the best relationship is one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other.
-- Source Unknown --

Life is like a difficult puzzle, you can try to solve it all, but there's always gonna be those missing pieces.
-- Source Unknown --

If ever you may have a big problem, don't say, 'God I have a big problem!', but instead; 'Hey Problem, I have a big God and everything will be okay!'
-- Source Unknown --

Gravity can not be held responsible for people falling in love.
-- Albert Einstein --

What's new on our Web site?

  • we created another poll, this time you can find it on our celebrity horoscopes page , so that you can choose who should be one of our next celebrities. Just take a look ... and vote!
  • we revised our lunar cycle fertility page to increase the readability. We have built another page which we called the Moon Phase and Gender Prediction page and which discusses the lunar cycle fertility technique to predict the gender of your baby
  • we have a price increase and a price fall:
    • we told you that the price of the Astrodamus (tm) astrology software would soon go up. In fact the price of this software has always been way too low.

      This program is too valuable and has some extremely helpful features you will not find anywhere else. You cannot compare this software with other astrological software because it might be the only one that gives a full annual analysis in a structural way, built in "blocks" (this way you can delineate the horoscope, and the future in a more "scientific" and consistent way).

      Even if it's not infallible, the delineations are most often stunningly accurate!

      We think it's one of these astrological programs you cannot be without and that you will use a life long. Once you're used to it, it's addictive...

      From now on the price of Astrodamus (TM) is $210.00 USD (includes shipping within the USA / for International Orders shipping still applies) instead of $174.00 USD.

    • we are dropping some prices of our services. We strive to bring our services available to a wider audience, so that our services are not only for the 'rich'.

      In our opinion one should be able to consult an astrologer, the way one consults a general practitioner, a medical doctor, a psychologist etc...

      However, we have to try to find a balance between the efforts to delineate the charts and the return on investment - ROI. Take a look at Our Services .

  • we added a Google search option on our most important pages. As we are building and expanding our web site we thought it would be a nice feature to search our web site for topics or keywords. Who else can do this job better than Google Search?!

    So, that's why we added a real Google search bar.

Whom are you attracted to -- March Births

Last month, we discussed some findings by the behavioral scientists Kop and Heuts about the choice of marriage partners and the month of birth. We printed their results for people born in February.

Let's take a look now at what their findings reveal about March births:

Females born in March seem to have no particular preference for males born in a specific month. There are two exceptions though, they least preferred males born in February or August.

Males born in March most preferred females born in January. They least preferred females born in July.

Males born in March who married females born in July have an eight times greater divorce rate than would be expected by chance.

Next month, more about April births.

Your Love Cycle - Love Doesn't Come by Chance (Part I)

No, love doesn't come by chance!

Everything has a time and so has love...

In some periods you may be more "open to love" than in other's.

Life is quite cyclic, and so is love. With it's ups and downs.

You can't hurry love, you know?

But when exactly is it your time for love?

Well, as Venus is the planet of love it's all in that planet.

Astrologers know how important the "synodic planetary cycles" are.

Didn't it occur to you that life events seem to repeat over a certain time span? Just take a look at your own love life.

When did you (really and deeply) fall in love for the first time in your life? When was it next? And after that?

Do you see a cycle repeating itself?

Chances are you can find a pattern.

However, most people are subjected to a universal "love cycle" that we can find in the "synodic cycle of the Sun and Venus".

Did you know that Venus conjoins the Sun at about the same degree every 8 years?

These 8 years are your universal love cycle and build the synodic Sun-Venus cycle.

That's why chances are you met your very first love at age 16 and met another 'interesting' person at age 24.

This Sun-Venus cycle is not only telling something about your love life but about relationships and important encounters as well.

It's an extremely important cycle in human life.

If you have not found a soul mate yet, just socialize when you're 16, 24, 32, 40 etc...

Chances are you WILL at least meet new friends (and perhaps a lover too).

Next month some more details...

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