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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #029 -- Is Love Really In The Stars?
April 21, 2007

The Daily Mail published an article about another "scientific" study on astrology and love. Guess what the findings are ;-) Find it out as you read on.

We got many requests to write something about astrology and fertility in our Love Letter. In this issue you can find some important astrological factors that mark fertile days.

May life be good to you!
Luc De Jaeger

Work in progress (coming in one of our next issues):

  • love marriages
  • arranged marriages
  • love degrees
  • fertility and Moon phase returns - latest research
  • happily married women: astrological indications

If you have any further suggestions or ideas to incorporate in one of the future issues of our Love Letter, please, click here to let us know!

Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Astrology And Fertility
  2. Is Love Really In The Stars?

Love Forecasts for May 2007

Around May 5-6 Mercury at 18° Taurus squares Saturn at 18° Leo which may bring quite a dark and somber mood related to career or family matters.

There may be disputes and hard work needing quite some concentration.

Venus at 28° Gemini opposes Pluto at 28° Sagittarius around May 7. Love is out of reach and this may hurt badly and deeply. The overwhelming need to love and/or be loved is immense and it's diasppointing you cannot live your love's dreams.

This is the more so because Mercury at 21° Taurus squares Neptune at 21° Aquarius around the same day. There is confusion and some disappointment noticeable. You tend to daydream and are not able to focus on your work.

Love becomes a moody experience when Venus, planet of love, balance and social relationships, enters sensitive Cancer around May 8. During this transit, love is apt to atmospheric changes and your feelings may get easily hurt.

Withdrawal belongs to the possibilities. Your home is where you currently will find balance and harmony. Beautify your home and enjoy your family. Home sweet home!

Around May 9 the Sun at 18° Taurus squares Saturn at 18° Leo blocking creative self-expression and well-being. Something bothers you and you may not feel all too well now, especially not when you are born around this day (May 8-9), August 12, November 12 or February 8. If you are born around April 8, June 10, July 11, September 12, October 12, December 11, January 9 or March 9 this restricting configuration may affect you as well, indirectly.

Do take care and mind your health!

Also, this configuration may bring defeat and disillusionment.

Around May 11 some sudden relief is noticeable when Jupiter at 17° Sagittarius squares Uranus at 17° Pisces. The Jupiter-Uranus combo often brings a fortunate end or development. There is excitement.

Mercury enters its own sign Gemini around the same day of May 11 bringing the focus on communication, transportation, documents, messages, news and the like. However, because the Sun is still not in quite good a position in the midst of the square with Saturn and Neptune (the axis of illness and tiredness), the news is not always quite good.

Indeed, Mercury entering Gemini around May 11 may bring sorrowful news or a serious mood.

Let's be clear: May 10-14 will not bring fortunate developments. Issues about secrecy, theft, disappointments, illegal affairs etc. emerge. Separations are indicated.

If you are born around February 20-23, May 22-26, August 24-28 or November 23-27 you are affected directly.

The Sun at 21° Taurus squares Neptune at 21° Aquarius around May 13th bringing some serious deceptions. Physically, you are down, feeling exhausted and not able to cope. Even if you need to take some action, you don't know what to do. You are not able to defend yourself right now.

Wait till May 15 when Mars enters its own sign Aries to act and proceed. Aries is the self-igniting force that brings everything into full "action-mode." Mars will have no time to wait, the need for speed is the only thing that counts under this action-oriented transit. Everything has to go fast forward.

Around May 20 expect some misunderstandings or misjudgements when Mercury at 16° Gemini opposes Jupiter at 16° Sagittarius. However, for some of you May 20-21 may bring relief and exciting news too, especially so because, around May 21, Mercury at 18° Gemini will square Uranus at 18° Gemini building a T-square in which Uranus is the apex planet.

This T-square may bring breakthroughs of all sorts and insightful and innovative ideas, especially if you are born around June 7-10, September 9-11, December 8-11 or March 7-10.

Notice that Mercury and Jupiter are both very strong in their own sign increasing insight.

Neptune starts its retrograde motion when it stations around May 25 at 22° Aquarius. Neptune, the dissolver and elusive dreamer retrograde brings more realism and a more practical attitude. However, Neptune remains Neptune and still has the potential of a feeling of paralysis and a distorted perception of reality.

Neptune is open to receive any information that it may encounter through its permeable and foggy glasses. Retrograde Neptune is not able to analyze events and remains in a fog. Trying to help the ones in need, may turn out to be a deception after Neptune turns direct again. Be careful with whom you want to share your life now!

The positive is that retrograde Neptune may dissolve what has no meaning in your life anymore.

Mercury at 28° Gemini opposes Pluto at 28° Sagittarius around May 27. Watch out for anger and obsessive behavior. Trying to force your plans through may prove to be a mistake.

Communicative Mercury enters sensitive and emotional Cancer around May 29 bringing issues about how to communicate your feelings properly. Mercury cannot say it all because Cancer is only interested in emotions instead of words. Don't tell it by words but communicate your feelings silently.

Late May, communication may prove to be a difficult experience in matters of love, especially if you are born around April 13-16, July 16-18, October 17-19 or January 14-16. It's better to be alone then and remain silent.

Love Quotes of the Month

Diamonds are a girl's best friend and dogs are a man's best friend. Now you know which sex has more sense
-- Zsa Zsa Gabor --

It's much easier to turn friendship into love, than love into friendship
-- Proverb --

Men know life too early; women know life too late
-- Oscar Wilde --

If it's wrong to love you, then my heart just won't let me be right
-- Source Unknown --

Love is like the wind; you can't see it, but you can feel it
-- A Walk to Remember --

Never say that marriage has more of joy than pain
-- Euripides --

Behind every great man there is a woman rolling her eyes
-- Bruce Almighty --

What's New on Our Web Site?

Last month we added two related pages: one about saving your marriage by relocating and another by changing your name . These pages were previously posted in our Love Letter and are now published to a wider public.

Also, some links were deactivated on different pages so that we had to delete or change them -- again.

Astrology And Fertility

Many women requested an article about the relationship between fertility and astrology.

Only quite recently, scientists have found out that the ovulation cycle is not the only cycle that marks a woman's fertile time. Also, the ovulation cycle and the fertility cycle are not the same!

Obviously, if the ovulation cycle really was the only fertile cycle, women would be able to get pregnant every month again...

Nature seems not to work this way...

Moreover, some (many) women get pregnant, even when they had intercourse during a so-called infertile and safe period.

The opposite is true also: some women who persistently and only follow their ovulation cycle don't get pregnant, even if they think they are in a fertile period. Perhaps they are in a fertile period, but clearly not in THEIR personal fertile time!

They forget, neglect or, mostly, are unaware that there are other fertile times too in which they can become pregnant. By only following their ovulation cycle, they are losing other opportunities and neglecting the way nature works. But they are not to blame! It's the mainstream "belief" that the ovulation cycle is the only fertile cycle that counts that's wrong. And the medical textbooks!

It will take some generations to rewrite the medical textbooks, even if some scientists are already working on it . Nature never works in a linear way that is. Nature is non-linear and cyclic and there are different cycles at work making it all the more complicated.

From different well-timed moments of sexual intercourse resulting in pregnancies, astrologers are able to identify such other fertile periods and cycles.

  • The most known fertility cycle was (re)discovered by Dr. Jonas, a psychiatrist from Czechoslovakia who found that there are two independent monthly rhythms of fertility: the ovulation cycle and the period of time in the monthly cycle when sexual intercourse can give rise to "reflex ovulation" (a spontaneous ovulation).

    The reflex ovulation is related to the Moon phase return, i.e. the repetition of the angle between your natal Sun and the natal Moon.

    Whenever such a monthly Moon phase return occurs, the woman is in a fertile period (irrespective of her own biological or ovulation cycle) and can become pregnant.

    When in the progressed horoscope of a female horoscope there is a Moon phase return (actually, on average around the age of 27 - but you need to verify this for your own life in some astrological software program), we can expect this to be the year of highest fertility. In that year the monthly Moon phase returns become extremely important.

    Whether or not the lunar phase cycle represents a biological process is not yet proven, nor unproven. Also, the relationship between the Moon (phases), Moon phase returns and indirect effects of celestial factors and the pineal gland and the results thereof are not uncovered and fully understood yet. Chances are there is a connection of some sort because there is evidence pointing at it.

    There is evidence that points to it as is advocated by the "lunaception" method which may even bring an irregular ovulation cycle back to "normal."

    From our astrological practice we've found that the Moon phase return is a highly important fertility cycle that should not be neglected but it's not the only one and does not work for every woman either.

    This makes sense as human beings are still individuals with individual characteristics, cycles, traits, behavior, expectations etc. There will never be one single method that works for everyone all the time. What helps the one may not help the other and vice versa. The mainstream thought or belief that just one drug or method may cure a disease or heal cannot be right for that reason. There is no cure-all.

    In that sense, human beings are not really born equal too.

  • A 2nd fertility cycle can be found any time the transiting Moon conjuncts the natal Ascendant. The Moon's position here marks another fertile high. Interestingly, the Ascendant marks the moment of birth of the native. When the Moon travels over the Ascendant, it brings on or triggers another "birth" moment that may be related to the conception of a child.

  • A 3rd important fertility cycle is found when the transiting Moon is parallel the natal Sun. A parallel is formed when two points or planets are in the same declination within an orb of 1°. The declination is the number of degrees a point or planet is North or South of the Equator. The declinations can be found in any ephemeris. This Sun-Moon combo is another one blending the lunar and solar principle, the same as with the Moon phase return and denoting another fertile moment.

  • There is a medieval theory stating that the transiting Moon conjunct, sextile or trine natal Jupiter marks a fertile time. We have not been able to research the validity of this theory yet. We hereby present it as is.
It's very likely that there are other fertility cycles too, for example the transiting Moon exactly on the solstice point of the Sun (in the same degree) but in our astrological practice we've not found this to be convincing or conclusive (yet). More research is needed.

The more the different fertility cycles coincide, including the ovulation cycle, the higher the chances of becoming pregnant.

For example: if your progressed Moon phase return coincides with the monthly lunar phase return and you can have intercourse when the transiting Moon is conjunct your natal Ascendant (or parallel your natal Sun), you may have a peak fertile day.

Clearly, if women would try and learn to think out of the box and try these additional fertility cycles, they could increase their chances of becoming pregnant (on condition there is no medical problem that prevents them from becoming pregnant).

It's yet unclear though how we can know beforehand which method will work for which woman. Some women respond very well to the Moon phase return theory, while others respond very well to the Moon-Ascendant theory, and others go by their ovulation cycle etc.

For the moment one can only know what method works by trying them all and diligently keeping track of them.

Fortunately and after all, these methods have more advantages than disadvantages, they are quite simple to follow and free. So, why not trying them all together?

Is Love Really In The Stars?

According to an article printed in the Daily Mail (published March 27, 2007) a study conducted by University of Manchester researchers failed to see any evidence of attraction between star signs.

It also concluded that the zodiac had no impact on our chances of marrying - or staying married.

The study used 2001 Census data to analyse the birthdays of 20 million husbands and wives in England and Wales. No special compatibility was found between star signs, Dr David Voas, from the university's School of Social Sciences told Daily Mail.

The researcher believes the popularity of astrologers will continue whatever the evidence. He's told to be under no illusion that these findings will undermine astrology's popularity.

Our Comments:
You can't take it amiss that the masses (ordinary people) don't know anything about real astrology because it's way to complicated to understand; hence the importance of the (daily) simple and mainstream sun sign astrology.

When "scientists", who are supposed to be more intelligent than the masses, oncemore degrade themselves by just researching simple sun sign astrology and label it as if they researched "astrology" you cannot but be stunned by such a nonsense and waste of time (and money).

This is another study of which the results were obvious, even before the research was conducted. You don't need such a study to know in advance that mainstream sun sign astrology does not really work. It's only one extremely small piece of the puzzle. Astrology is far more than star signs alone.

When will "scientists" research real astrology taking into account numerous strings and chains of configurations and combinations (planetary alignments and pictures, midpoints, harmonics, planetary degrees,...)?

Also, almost every research study we come accross only investigates personality traits, neglecting the fact that astrology is way more than that. Real astrology is quite event-oriented and psychological astrology is only something that started in the 20th century. The field of psychology and related topics are apt to self-delusion which flaws any psychological study (and psychological astrology itself).

Psychological traits should only be studied with methods that can fully rule out self-delusion, and these methods are VERY rare.

To avoid self-delusion, scientists should start to research event-oriented mundane astrology, medical astrology etc. FIRST and learn how REAL astrology works.

Also, if they want to research compatibility, they should take into account one's complete horoscope and keep it factual. Unfortunately, this would mean incredible big software programs (that may not exist) to analyze all the astrological configurations at once with statistical information. THAT would be a huge task and perhaps a mission impossible.

Anyway, history is the best proof of astrology: take a look at Raymond Merriman's geocosmic signatures, if you travel a lot take a look at your astromaps (A*C*G charts) and what about André Barbault's past mundane predictions etc.

The University of Manchester researchers believe the popularity of astrologers will continue whatever the evidence as if they found "evidence."

We also believe that some scientists will always continue to research sun sign astrology and sell it as if they researched real astrology. No doubt they will stick to researching psychological traits as well.

If only their time and money could be more wisely and constructively used to investigate REAL astrology!

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