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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #033 -- Is Your Lover Turning His/Her Back On You?
August 21, 2007

While the aftermath of our computer crash can still be felt over here and there may still be some delay in processing orders and responding to e-mails, we are not longer trying to recover files or software because we're losing too much time doing so. It's really VERY time-consuming.

Instead, we are trying to find new ways and possibilities that bring the same features and, hopefully even more, so that we can bring more services in the future too.

Also, our Marriage Graphs cannot be processed for the moment as the basic software seems not to work on our new systems. This needs to be fixed first before we can process and send the Graphs again.

So far the hurdles and hassle over here that we will manage anyway, even if it may take some months ;-)

Hope you enjoyed or still enjoy the days and vacation or summer holidays if you have any. With Venus currently still retrograde, we got the suggestion to write something about this specific situation, especially because Venus is in Leo, the sign of love too. Don't be astonished if a holiday lover also turns his or her back on you when you leave the place! Read on...

And another thing, expect some changes to our web site soon. More about it later.

Love always
Luc De Jaeger

Work in progress (coming in one of our next issues):

  • love marriages
  • arranged marriages
  • love degrees
  • fertility and Moon phase returns - latest research
  • happily married women: astrological indications

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Is Your Lover Turning His/Her Back On You?

Love Forecasts for September 2007

September is marked by "change" because of different planets and points (Mercury, the Sun, Saturn and Mars) changing the zodiac signs this month.

Saturn enters the earth sign Virgo around September 2 and feels slightly better in this zodiac sign than in Leo where it restricted creative self-expression.

However, Saturn in the sign of work, analysis and details can become extremely attached to and focused on the little details so that it tends to bring more "bureaucracy" into your life.

Work becomes more important than love and even if Saturn in Leo might have brought quite some love's sorrow, Saturn in Virgo will bring the focus on work, rather than love -- or the love for work that is ;-)

Expect more work-related sorrow as long as Saturn is in Virgo.

Mercury at 26° Virgo squares Pluto at 26° Sagittarius around September 3 when Mars at 16° Gemini squares disruptive and explosive Uranus at 16° Pisces. No doubt these are high energy configurations that might bring (traffic) accidents and harsh disputes and conflicts. Clearly, opinions differ a lot now.

Compulsive behavior/ideas and too much haste bring problems that need to be fixed under this configuration. Also, with the upcoming square around September 4 of the Sun at 11° Virgo with Jupiter at 11° Sagittarius, there is too much exaggeration.

Around September 5, Mercury enters the air sign Libra showing the need for balance, harmony and more compromises. Mercury, the messenger, in the sign of social interactions and relationships feels quite well and can reconcile opposite opinions. Talk your way through your relationships as long as Mercury remains in this zodiac sign.

September 7 and 8 mark important days because Venus at 16° Leo and Pluto at 26° Sagittarius both station to turn direct again. In all relationships, both points may bring a breakthrough the more so because Venus is the dispositor of Mercury in Libra. Negotiations may prove to bring the solution.

Notice that planetary stations are high impact transits that work out immediately during the period of station (3 days before and 3 days after the exact station).

Around September 11 there is a Solar Eclipse at 18° Virgo, a degree denoting negotiations and change.

When we discussed the previous Solar Eclipse of March 19 at 28° Pisces we mentioned that this Eclipse fell at the most "watery degree" of the zodiac. No doubt this has been confirmed by the world events in the past 6 months. Though this Love Letter is not about mundane astrology, the importance of some degree areas in the zodiac signs cannot be underestimated.

So, here again, the September Solar Eclipse is on an important degree denoting change and negotiation that will manifest in the coming 6 months. As the Eclipse happens around the time two points station too, the change or negotations will be drastic and profound and/or have a big impact.

Moreover, retrograde Uranus at 16° Pisces opposes the Solar Eclipse denoting that the change will be innovative, unexpected and radical. Reform is in the air. Expect Uranus to work out almost immediately and another time within 3 months (in December 2007).

Retrograde Uranus is said to bring an unexpected turn of events with partial escape. It could be worse!

The Solar Eclipse also squares Mars at 21° Gemini so that there actually is a T-square in which Mars is the apex planet. Mars, the self-driving, self-assertive and self-centered force in mutable airy Gemini brings conflicts in (close) relationships.

Mars in Gemini may bring heated controversy and disorganization. It's a very stressful position bringing mental irritability, nervousness and, eventually, incompetence -- depending on the situation.

This Solar Eclipse is favorable to initiate fast actions and quick fixes (even if quick fixes seldom last long!).

On a more personal level, the change may indicate a move (or change of the neighbourhood or environment) or a job rotation as well (Mars is very often the significator of work!) and will often bring an improvement or change for the better.

In some instances the move or change of the environment will be imposed though for whatever reason.

The Sun at 24° Virgo squares Mars at 24° Gemini around September 17 denoting a start of a project that needs some revision.

Around September 21 Mars at 26° Gemini opposes Pluto at 26° Sagittarius while Venus at 19° Leo opposes Neptune at 19° Aquarius. Love is a dream and will remain so. In other words, love will not manifest, even if you may encounter someone you find very attractive. It's love at a distance or a love's dream.

You are in a romantic mood though, so make it cozy or enjoy a beautiful movie or listen to some music.

If you are a woman be careful with whom you meet now and think twice as these configurations may indicate rape or assault. Watch out, especially when you are born around September 20, December 19, March 17 or June 18!

Around September 23, the Sun enters socializing Libra. There seems to be another player enjoying "the party."

If you are born around April 20, July 23, October 24 or January 21, September 27 brings the need to solve quite some problems. It's time for research and finding solutions. But don't worry, you WILL find the solution!

Mercury enters investigative Scorpio around September 27 and Mars enters Cancer around September 29 favoring household activities and steadily igniting more passion.

Love Quotes of the Month

If you want to sacrifice the admiration of many men for the criticism of one, go ahead, get married
-- Katherine Hepburn --

Success in marriage depends on being able, when you get over being in love, to really love... You never know anyone until you marry them
-- Eleanor Roosevelt --

So many couples destroy each other because they are afraid to give up their right to be right
-- David Stoop --

I hate to see my children suffer, but loving them means doing what is best for them, not what hurts the least
-- Patti Covert --

Love must be learned, and learned again and again; there is no end to it. Hate needs no instruction, but waits only to be provoked
-- Katherine Anne Porter --

Women might be able to fake orgasms, but men can fake whole relationships
-- Sharon Stone --

You don't love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her
-- Source Unknown --

What's New on Our Web Site?

Last month we updated our web site with the following additions:
  • we temporarily disabled the order form on our wedding setting date page till we are able to process new orders when we can run the software anew
  • we added a new page about the Composite Ascendants
  • we added a "favicon" to our web site. A favicon is an icon on the browser or menu address bar and page tabs of browsers when visitors view or bookmark our web page
  • there were some minor additions and link changes to other pages

Is Your Lover Turning His/Her Back On You?

With transiting Venus still retrograde we got the suggestion to write something about this specific situation, especially because Venus is in Leo too, the sign of love.

Venus is the general significator of relationships and love in specific. It also shows what you want to beautify.

Venus can be either the ruler of the material earth sign Taurus or the communicative air sign Libra. Ancient astrologers made a difference between Venus as a morning star and Venus as an evening star.

Venus as the morning star rules Taurus. Venus as the evening star rules Libra.

When Venus rises before the Sun (in a clockwise direction), it's a morning star and is more materialistic. When Venus rises after the Sun (in a clockwise direction), it's the evening star and more into socializing/relationships.

So far if Venus is direct and following the natural order of the zodiac.

However, when Venus changes its course and turns backward; it becomes more focused on itself, becomes more "materialistic" and physical. Retrograde Venus in such a position shies away from people and socializing and tries to find harmony, beauty and love in itself through material goods and tangible things, the more so if Venus is an evening star.

In all instances though, retrograde Venus makes more shy, more reactive in relationships and lives love on an inner level; without showing it outwardly. Love can be manifested in a material way (giving presents or gifts) though, instead of saying it with words.

Also, Venus retrograde becomes more suspicious when other people openly manifest their love. Retrograde Venus is in doubt if this is "real love."

Retrograde Venus in Leo, the sign of love, is in quite good a position because Leo is a charming and creative sign that loves beautiful things which Venus loves too. Venus in Leo brings artistic flair and productive needs.

Planets in retrogression are almost always in a learning phase and here too, with Venus retrograde, there is something to learn about love and relationships in general.

When Venus turns backward and becomes more materialistic, it might affect your income and/or budget. Love becomes expensive...

In horary astrology planets turning retrograde have a specific meaning because the planets almost always represent a specific person or object.

It's amazing how often this principle works in natal astrology too but you MUST take into account that the general signification of a planet comes after the rulerships. The rulerships are primordial in that any ruler of the house stands for the person signified by that house.

For example: the ruler of the 7th house is the significator of your partner. Venus only comes second.

When the planet changes direction by going retrograde, the person that is signified by the re-trograde planet, re-considers, re-thinks, re-conciles, re-peats, re-builds, re-coups, re-adjusts, re-collects, re-pulses, re-fuses, re-sists, re-paints, re-decorates, re-adjusts...

In other words, the situation almost always gets RE-VERSED.

If Venus represents your lover, (s)he might turn his/her back on you. Retrograde Venus may reject you (as will any retrograde ruler of the 7th house).

We very much like the way Ivy M. Goldstein-Jacobson, one of the most brilliant astrologers that ever existed, explains the signification of a planet turning retrograde: a planet retrograde will not reveal his nature entirely, keep much to themselves (on the inner plane). "There is always more there than meets the eye", is her motto.

Moreover, any retrograde planet signifies somebody who is possibly ill or in a "poor condition." A retrograde planet holds back and is averse to entering "your house", she also adds in different of her books.

Her keyword for retrograde planets is SHYNESS, especially with Venus, planet of relationships and social interactions retrograde.

So, what can we learn from this?

If natal Venus is retrograde, expect a lover to not reveal him- or herself to the full. Possibly you will meet someone who is ill or in a rather unfortunate situation. The same holds true if the ruler of the 7th house is retrograde in your natal chart!

Some other misconceptions about retrograde Venus:

  • retrograde Venus NEVER prevents you from love or falling in love (as some authors want us to believe), it will only delay it. Also, bonding with someone who has natal Venus retrograde takes TIME!
  • some authors claim retrograde Venus brings homosexuality in male horoscopes. We have not found this to be true at all!

One of the basic principles in astrology is that transiting planets in your natal chart are "players" coming from "outward" into your life. Mercury, the messenger, is the postman or a document or a letter that you get. Venus represents a woman or a beloved one or a gift/parcel...

As such, transiting Venus turning backward denotes a beloved one or a woman who is ill, or unfortunate or who is rejected or sent away or for whom the situation is reversed.

In Leo, the sign of love AND children, retrograde Venus can also signify a female child that is sent away, that is ill or...

This is the way to delineate retrograde planets: combining archetypal meanings into a consistent picture (like pieces of a puzzle you put together).

Doing so, you'll be astonished with all the knowledge and wisdom (ancient) astrology gives you!

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