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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #048 -- Are You Out Of Sync With The Other(s)?
November 21, 2008

This time, we'd like to share another secret astrological tip. Did it occur to you that some people seem to always meet, encounter or date the "wrong" person(s)? Do some people tend to always fall in love with the wrong ones?

Are you experiencing the same? Possibly, you are one of the persons having a specific configuration that we want to share and explain. It's something not found anywhere else and we have kept it very secret. Until now.

We are in the process of writing the 2009 forecasts for the 12 zodiac signs and are hoping to get them online before January 1st. However, it's not sure yet if we will be able to keep this deadline due to the overwhelming amount of requests and orders that keep pouring in our inbox.

Anyway, enjoy life and love!
Luc De Jaeger

Work in progress (coming in one of our next issues):

  • love marriages
  • arranged marriages
  • love degrees
  • fertility and Moon phase returns - latest research
  • happily married women: astrological indications

If you have any further suggestions or ideas to incorporate in one of the future issues of our Love Letter, please, click here to let us know!

Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Are You Out Of Sync With "The Other(s)"?

Love Forecasts for December 2008

Around December 1 Venus joins Jupiter at 22° Capricorn, blessing you if you are born around May 13, June 13, July 15, August 15, September 15, October 16, November 15, December 14, January 13, February 11, March 13 or April 12.

The focus is on friendship (and love), especially if you are born around April 12, July 15, October 16 or January 13. Expect major changes in your love life in the coming months if you are born around January 13-14.

Mercury at 18° Sagittarius squares unpredictable Uranus at 18° Pisces around December 5, while the Sun conjoins Mars at 14° Sagittarius. Mercury will square Saturn the day later so that Mercury is currently the apex planet of a mutable T-square.

Mercury being the apex planet of a T-square built by the Saturn-Uranus opposition is all about messages, letters and news of separation, divorce and death that will manifest between December 3 and 6. In other words, sad news that is.

The Sun-Mars conjunction will demand action and doing something between December 4 and 6. Some fast action is needed. Be aware of too much impulsive behavior though.

Venus, planet of love, enters independent Aquarius around December 8, bringing more love opportunities to all Aquarians (and, actually, to the other Air signs Libra and Gemini as well). Venus does not bond easily in Aquarius as it wants to feel free.

Aquarius is an air sign so that the mental outlook prevails. Because Venus here is thus less physical oriented, you can bond more easily with people who share the same beliefs and opinions. Group involvements get more attention during this Venus transit.

Around December 10, the Sun at 18° Sagittarius squares Uranus at 18° Pisces. Hectic and stressy moments and sudden news will mark this period.

Impulsive Mars at 18° Sagittarius squares Uranus at 18° Pisces around December 12 so that the period between December 9-13 can be very accident-prone, with lots of sudden and unexpected news. Physical injuries may occur, so, take care!

Some people will suddenly change course and their career because Mars almost always is quite job-related.

Mercury enters formal, administrative and restrictive Capricorn around December 12 and conjuncts Pluto the same day. Career changes are almost a given when you are born around September 24, December 23, March 22 or June 23. There may be some administration to do too like paying invoices and bills.

The Sun at 21° Sagittarius squares Saturn at 21° Virgo around December 13 so that there are more obligations to fulfill than enjoyable tasks. It's a very restrictive period in which you cannot fully unfold.

Around December 15, Mars at 21° Sagittarius squares Saturn at 21° Virgo blocking quite some initiatives. You have to push through the obstacles.

The planet of love, Venus, conjuncts the Moon's Node at 11° Aquarius, making for some enjoyable (new?) contacts and meetings.

The Sun enters Capricorn around December 21 and conjuncts powerful Pluto around December 22. Career changes and changes related to the employer are possible outcomes of this transit.

Around Christmas, 4 planets are around 20-22° in a sign (Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Neptune), bringing separation from beloved ones and/or love's sorrow. This might especially be if you are born between January 11-14, February 9-12, March 11-14, April 10-13, May 11-14, June 12-14, July 13-16, August 13-16, September 13-16, October 14-17, November 13-15 or December 13-15.

Mars too enters Capricorn around December 27, the same day Venus conjuncts Neptune at 22° Aquarius. Focused energies combine with platonic and/or unrequited love. This is a good time for some creative and inspirational activities. Go to the movies or enjoy a concert.

Mars conjuncts Pluto at 1° Capricorn around December 28 indicating a huge workload that awaits you. Moreover, Mars in the earth sign Capricorn is very ambitious and may add to the increasing responsabilities and deadlines.

Around December 31, Mercury conjuncts Jupiter at 28° Capricorn resulting in messages and letters of hope, sent in a formal way. The same day, Saturn stations to turn retrograde at 21° Virgo.

Retrograde Saturn in the earth sign Virgo may cause some delay and frustration re administration. Virgo is very much into health and work and if you are a Virgo or have prominant Virgo traits (due to a stellium in this zodiac sign), expect sorrow related to these topics.

Indeed, you're still not done with burdensome Saturn in your zodiac sign! As long as Saturn regresses in Virgo, issues about food may pop up too.

Love Quotes of the Month

A man can brave opinion, a woman must submit to it
-- Madame De Staël --

I never liked the men I loved, and never loved the men I liked
-- Fanny Brice --

A woman, let her be as good as she may, has got to put up with the life her husband makes for her
-- George Eliot --

Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love
-- Mother Teresa --

I married beneath me, all women do
-- Nancy Astor --

Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition
-- Timothy Leary --

A man is only as old as the woman he feels
-- Groucho Marx --

Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye
--Source Unknown --

What's New on Our Web Site?

There are the following additions to report:
  • we continued to add new pages about the zodiac signs in love (delineating how the individual birthdays fare in love) and now added the following zodiac signs: Scorpio Sagittarius

Are You Out Of Sync With "The Other(s)"?

In nature, everything has an order and is the result of previous actions, initiatives or events that are connected through a virtual string. It's the seed that sprouts and becomes something else. It's what we often call the evolution of matter (and life).

This also reflects through the zodiac signs in astrology. The 12 zodiac signs can be seen the same way, in an evolutionary way, starting with the beginning, the ignition, the sparkle, represented by the zodiac sign Aries.

The other zodiac signs follow in a certain and fixed sequence, representing mundane evolution in 12 steps (the 12 zodiac signs), sprouting from the Aries sparkle.

After initiating Aries comes kind of some materialization through the fixed earth sign Taurus which is followed by mutable (and spreading) Gemini. Then follow, in this order, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and, finally, Pisces of dissolving, release and letting go.

This mundane order of the 12 zodiac signs is very important and builds the basis of western astrology.

Aries is the initial and starting sign out of which all other signs evolve and sprout. In other words, Aries is our reference point.

Aries is the self-igniting force or drive. Opposite of it, we find Libra, the force that drives "the other(s)", the outer world and environment. Libra is everything that is outside of our own Self and our own world. It's everything we can encounter and meet (human beings, animals, material things...).

The Aries-Libra axis is also called the axis of relationships, meetings and encounters because it represents the ME (Aries), the own world, against the YOU ("the other"), the social and outer world at large (Libra).

When following the natural (and archetypal) evolution through the 12 zodiac signs, some signs are more in sync with the primary urges, ignited or initiated by Aries.

Because Aries is a fire sign, the fire signs are quite in sync with Aries. They understand Aries, follow Aries or spread its principles.

Some signs though, do not grasp Aries, they don't cope well, don't understand or follow the principles of this sign. These signs are disjunct or inconjunct the primary urges reflected by Aries.

These inconjunct signs are the signs that are 30° (and 330°) and 150° (and 210°) aside from Aries, following the natural order of the zodiac signs. This means that Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces are "out of sync" with Aries because they are disjunct or inconjunct Aries.

These 4 zodiac signs are incompatible with Aries one way or the other. They are incompatible with the primary and archetypal urges reflected by Aries.

When we transpose these mundane, archetypal and natural principles to an individual horoscope, the Ascendant becomes our starting point, as if it has Aries quality.

Whenever the zodiac sign that is on the Ascendant understands the primary drives of archetypal and mundane Aries (like fire signs do), chances are you feel in sync with the environment, with the other(s), with your partner(s). You can easily adapt to the other, to others, to the environment. There is some basic agreement.

Whenever one of the disjunct zodiac signs (Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio or Pisces) is on the Ascendant, you tend to be "out of sync" with the other(s), with the outer environment as if the other(s) don't understand you, as if you are living in another world, as if you are born at the wrong moment and/or the wrong place etc.

It's as if you seem not to find "the right" one, feel neglected and/or rejected easily. You don't fit or match the environment, the outer world and meet people that seem not to be a (perfect) match. You seem to be far ahead of your time, or far behind...

Does this mean that you will never encounter any "perfect match?" No not at all!

However, with a disjunct zodiac sign on your Ascendant, you will have to understand that:

  1. you will ALWAYS have to sacrifice something dearly if you want to match with the other, any partner or your environment
  2. a good match will not be easy to find at all and will take time, so, expect a lot of trial and error
  3. the best match is not the one that you think it is or that YOU try to force

Well then, how to find the best possible match?

The best way to live the inconjunct is to, well, live it... This means that:

  1. you should find a partner who, one way or the other, "does not fit" at first sight. Search for a partner with a huge age difference or someone of another social environment or culture, or someone who does not "fit" physically (very tall when you have a small stature, very slim when you're obese etc...) or ...

  2. you should learn to go for compatibility, not attraction.

  3. you should make a choice out of people who also have a disjunct or inconjunct sign on their Ascendant but so that it trines your sign.

    For example: if your Ascendant is Taurus, search for someone who has Virgo on the Ascendant (Taurus and Virgo trine each other)

    If possible, don't go for someone who has the opposite sign on the Ascendant as this will clash and will reinforce the incompatibility, almost surely resulting in a break up (if confirmed by other configurations).

    For example: if your Ascendant is Taurus, DON'T go for a Scorpio Ascendant.

    A good second choice is when the zodiac sign of the other's Ascendant is sextile your Ascendant. Keep in mind though that this is only a second choice!

    For example: if your Ascendant is Taurus, go for someone who has Pisces on the Ascendant.

Good luck!

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