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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #070 -- The Composite Chart Revisited
September 21, 2010

The Saturn-Pluto square as part of the T-square with Uranus/Pluto is quite telling regarding underground and below the surface events and not only from an archeological point of view as we mentioned in our previous Love Letter. What about the trapped and stuck Chilean miners, the exploration by British scientists of the 'never-ending' cave network underneath Borneo jungle , the underground gas explosion in San Bruno (California/USA), the RMS Titanic expedition (called the return to the deep and exploring the legendary ship wreck)...

Just to say that the proof of astrology is in history and historical events.

In this Issue we will discuss some further stuff related to analyzing the Composite charts, one of the additional analyses astrologers do to look at a couple.

Astrologers world-wide are hoping for 2012 to be the year of astrology, check out this page for more information .

Many blessings
Luc De Jaeger


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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. The Composite Chart Revisited
  2. Your Questions and Suggestions

Love Forecasts for October 2010

October 1 starts serious when the Sun and Saturn conjoin at 7° Libra. There are lots of responsabilities and formalities to take into account and there's no time for creative self-expression. You must follow the rules. For some of you this conjunction may bring resignation.

If you are born around February 1, March 17, May 2-3, June 18, August 4-5, September 20, November 5 or December 19, expect some auspicious moments and fortunate news around October 2. Windfalls might occur as well as meeting Prince or Princess Charming. If you want to propose, do it now. It's a really lucky day!

Mercury, the Messenger, enters Libra, sign of relationships and meetings, around October 3. Invitations may lead you to parties and/or mass events. You're in a very talkative mood.

Also, Venus and Mars conjoin at 12° Scorpio around the same day of October 3 which denotes that the male and female principles blend. Boy meets girl and vice versa. No doubt that the early days of October 2010 may ignite your love life and bring that long-awaited encounter. This Venus-Mars conjunction in passionate Scorpio may be all about lustful desires/feelings.

Aside from love, go for your desires whatever they are.

Around October 5, separation is in the air -- especially from or in the (parental) home or from the family. This will especially happen in your life if you are born around March 23, June 24, September 25 or December 24.

Venus stations and turns its back around October 8 at 13° Scorpio. On the same day, Mercury and Saturn conjoin at 8° Libra. What once so nice began, will now temporarily end. A lover may turn his or her back on you. It may become a sad day.

Some of you may encounter a lover or a beloved one from the past and talk about "the good ol' days."

The Sun and Mercury conjoin at 23° Libra around October 17. If you are familiar with astrology, you may know that 23° Libra is the position of one of the brightest and important Fixed Stars, Spica. This Fixed Star is told to be one of the most auspicious ones in the Sky and it brings honor, knowledge, greatness and the possibility of success. It represents a gift out of the ordinary and illuminates what it touches.

The Sun-Mercury conjunction at the Fixed Star Spica may denote public appeal, windfalls and gain, fortunate innovations and good news.

Around October 20, Mercury enters penetrating and transformative Scorpio. Something is on your mind and you seem not to be able to let it go. Mercury in fixed Scorpio may be very prone to obsessive thoughts. Mercury is less direct in its wordings or writings and more changeable.

Mars at 25° Scorpio squares Neptune/Chiron at 25° Aquarius around October 22. Mind your health as this transit may make you weak and even ill (infections, flu-like symptoms). This is especially so if you are born around January 1, February 14, March 31, May 16-17, July 2, August 18-19, October 4, November 18 or December 1.

The Sun enters passionate Scorpio around the Full Moon of October 23, time for rebuilding strength. With 4 bodies/planets in Scorpio now, the Life and health of all Sagittarians may need some attention. Indeed, there is lots of sorrow now if you are born under the Sun sign of Sagittarius but it will clear up before November 1st.

Also, on a mundane level, this Full Moon configuration may bring agony and injuries often involving burns. Something may be cancelled or dissolve during this Full Moon (starting three days before the Full Moon and two days after).

Mercury joins Venus at 7° Scorpio around October 25, bringing love talks and nice agreements. Give your lover a call, send an e-card or a message. It may do wonders, especially if you are born around March 15, April 28-30, June 15, July 30-August 1, September 17, October 30-November 1 or December 16.

Mars enters Sagittarius around October 28 and wants to take action. In this mutable fire sign, linear and pioneering Mars wants adventure and wants to conquer. It will push through, for Heaven's sake. Nothing will hold Mars and it may become quite bold and ruthless in its behavior. Don't be too extreme in your convictions as they may bring huge trouble.

Around October 29, the Sun and Venus meet at 5° Scorpio. It's a sociable and diplomatic time. Take a day off and enjoy some leisure-time!

Love Quotes of the Month

Lips that taste of tears, they say are the best for kissing
-- Dorothy Parker --

Paradise is always where love dwells
-- Jean Paul F. Richter --

A fickle thing and changeful is a woman always
-- Virgil --

He who can not learn to love must flatter
-- Johann Wolfgang Goethe --

In love there is always one who kisses and one who offers the cheeck
-- French Proverb --

Open marriage is nature's way of telling you you need a divorce
-- Marshall Brickman --

Love's chemistry thrives best in equal heat
-- John Wilmot --

It is better for a woman to marry a man who loves her than a man she loves
-- Arab Proverb --

What's New on Our Web Site?

The following updates and changes were made since our previous Love Letter:
  • we added a page about divorce degrees : Venus in the natal chart positioned at some critical degrees that are associated with a predisposition to divorce. We previously mentioned this is one of our first love Letters.

  • we added an astrology book reviews page . The books we review are remarkable because of their unique and highly important content for professional and novice astrologers alike. We will update this page regularly with new reviews of content-rich books and must-reads. So, every single book we list on this page will be more than worth having. And hostely, almost always, it's the cheapest and smallest books that are the real illuminating gems!

  • we updated our when to find love page with another tip based on the Venus and Mars transits (II). When transiting Venus and Mars are in the same zodiac sign, this may mark a period (or the beginning) of love to the opposite zodiac sign. Venus and Mars are thus in kind of a 7th house position -- counting from the solar houses (Sun on the Ascendant) and thus related to (sexual) encounters etc. For your convenience we list all the dates when Venus and Mars are in the same zodiac sign so that you can easily look up when love is in the air for you.

  • after checking our web site in the upcoming new versions of Google Chrome and Firefox we noticed some weird behavior in certain tables and rulers. We fixed this. We like to recall that we are still busy revamping our web site to give it a cleaner, more professional and modern look & feel. Hopefully we will get this done before the end of 2010 but -- as it goes with programming -- this may eventually become early 2011 too. Anyway, stay tuned!

  • we also revised the comments section on all our 12 unique gifts pages so that the comments now appear on one page (one below the other instead of each comment on a single page). This makes reading the comments more enjoyable and comfortable.

The Composite Chart Revisited

In most instances, a relationship analysis consists of a simple chart comparison between two people. Some astrologers go a step further and also blend the charts together in what is then called a Composite Chart.

The Composite Chart is a midpoint horoscope in which the planetary positions are found by calculating the midpoints between the natal planets of each planet/body/point in both natal charts. The Composite Chart then describes and symbolizes the Union, the relationship as a whole new entity between the individuals.

For some astrologers, the Composite Chart is the bottom line and the final word. It's told to overpower the simple chart comparison. Other astrologers delineate the Composite Chart in addition to the simple astrological chart comparison to find additional information about the relationship.

We at Cosmic Technologies (CosmiTec) have VERY mixed feelings about the Composite Chart because it's a pure mathematical and technical construct. It does not operate on a Time-Space level (as horoscopes should do) so that you cannot delineate this chart like another horoscope. For example, you cannot delineate the planets in the signs. Moreover, the Composite Chart may hold some surprising aspects like unreal Sun-Mercury aspects you cannot decipher by following standard astrological rules.

Instead of the Composite Chart, we recommend using the Davison Relationship chart which is also a midpoint chart that really exists in Time and Space and thus is a real horoscope you can use any astrological principle on. From A. Einstein's theories, we learned that everything on planet earth is related to Time and Space and that's why we also think that in the fields of esoteric topics, this principle should be followed.

********** Sidebar **********
That's why we think the Black Hat Feng Shui that is most often found everywhere because of its ease, is not quite correct too or at least not complete. Black Hat Feng Shui is static unlike the real 4 Pillar Feng Shui that is dynamic and thus more difficult to learn.
********** Sidebar **********

Almost all research conducted on the Composite Charts can be transposed to the Davison Space-Time Relationship charts. So, what we discuss below is not only valid for the Composite Charts but for the Davison Charts as well.

According to some research, the most important aspects in a Composite Chart (and the Davison Chart) are the conjunctions and oppositions (orb 3°). The closer the aspect, the more it gains importance. When delineating composites, this should be your main focus. If there are no conjunctions and/or oppositions, the relationship is likely not to endure.

In a lucky Composite Chart, there should be more harmonious aspects than disharmonious or challenging ones in total.

In Composites of lovers, you will almost always find VERY exact or close conjunctions or oppositions (orb 3°, the closer the better) to natal personal planets or points (Ascendant, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars) of one partner.

The Composite Moon conjunct the Ascendant of person A.

The Sun-Venus conjunction in a Composite chart brings adoring love and is considered one of the best aspects to have. This conjunction denotes pure forgiving and unconditional love without judgements. However, it does not necessarily result in marriage nor does it indicate a life-long lasting bond. It just brings adoring love with or without all it's tragedies. A New Moon in the Composite Chart (Sun conjunct the Moon) is highly telling and auspicious too.

The more planets are found in mutable houses (especialaly in the houses 6 and/or 12), the less stable the relationship will be, especially when the Composite Sun (representing the Life Force and core of the relationship) and/or Moon is (are) part of it. Too much planetary activity in the 6th and/or 12th houses are too critical and may result in arguments, disputes and sorrow.

Uranus around the composite Ascendant-Descendant axis may kill the relationship too. The union may be short-lived. Composite Saturn trine the Ascendant-Descendant axis on the other hand may promote a long-lasting union.

According to some research done by the German astrologer Mona Riegger, the composite Sun is most often found in a cardinal house (1, 4, 7 or 10) between married people, in the fixed houses (2, 5, 8 or 11) between friends or in the mutable houses (3, 6, 9 or 12) when it's about short-lived encounters and meetings.

Your Questions and Suggestions

We got the following question from a reader of our monthly Love Letters that we like to share.

Is it wrong for an Aquarius man to marry an Aquarius woman? Secondly, which of the stars are best fitted for an Aquarius man (Libra or Gemini)?

Our Answer
It certainly is NOT wrong for an Aquarius man to marry an Aquarius woman.

Statistically, from different astrological and statistical research studies, this combo is a neutral one. This denotes that there are as many divorces or separations as there are happy marriages or long-enduring bonds.

Also, because both egos (represented by the respective Suns) have the same background, it may bring some similar and compatible behavior.

However, we must be careful here as we are just talking about sun signs and should not forget that the other personal points and bodies and the whole chart too have to be analyzed BEFORE jumping to individual conclusions.

Because we don't have any specific natal charts, let's just look at it from the Sun signs perspective alone and keep it to the basics to analyze your question further.

Geminis and Libras trine the zodiac sign Aquarius and are thus basically compatible signs too. However, there's a difference here between men and women.

Archetypally, men are more fixed, static (stable) and rugged than females that are more flexible (vaccilating), movable and "curved."

Gemini represents a mutable air sign. When you materialize this "mutable air", you get wind which is highly unstable and not tangible at all. Blending archetypal female traits with the basic signification of Gemini blends to a HIGHLY unstable and fickle combination that lacks grounding.

Statistically, it's observed that most separations or divorces in the world happen with female Geminis and with male Taureans. These are mere general statistics based on Sun signs and, again, are not based on individual birth horoscopes. So, please, don't jump to the conclusion that female Geminis or male Taureans will beforehand divorce or separate and never have a happy marriage. Fortunately it does not work this way and you DO have to check the whole natal chart.

But now, through these basic and general astrological significations, you may understand why these statistics still may have some significance and importance. It does not come as a surprise: female Geminis are often extremely unstable to cope with or to rely on, while male Taureans are so fixed you cannot penetrate this concrete block easily -- if at all (it's a fixed earth sign) -- and it's also the most inert sign of the whole zodiac so that it's a sign that is the least interested in compromising and changings.

Clearly, both extreme traits are not what a long-lasting bond needs: compromises and understanding. A lack of stability is not sound, but a lack of compromising is not sound either! relationships are about balance and finding balance...

So, when it comes to answering this question in a general and basic way, the best match for a male Aquarius is NOT a female Gemini because Aquarius itself is a fixed sign (and this has some stubborn convictions that are not easily changed and may have it very difficult with unstable and changeable Gemini).

Libra is a cardinal air sign and is less fickle but still has some power to penetrate Aquarius's mental wall in a peaceful and charming way. That's why I would recommend a female Libra as a good second choice (after the Aquarius woman).

But again, this can be completely offset by the natal charts. So please, be aware that what we discuss here are basic, general and archetypal significations.

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