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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #085 -- Whom or What You Can't Stand
December 21, 2011

We write this amidst a hectic period. We are currently analyzing the 2012 annual forecasts for the 12 zodiac signs that we hope to get online before mid January 2012. Also, we are close to revamping our web site and wonder what will come first: the 2012 forecasts or the new look & feel...

Wait & see ;-)

Because of the importance of the upcoming Uranus/Pluto squares in 2012, we wanted to ramble a little on this topic.

We also wanted to write something about whom or what you can't stand from an astrological point of view.

Enjoy the festive season with lots of real (i.e. unconditional) love!
Luc De Jaeger

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Whom or What You Can't Stand
  2. Another Round About Uranus and Pluto

Love Forecasts for January 2012

Around January 1, Mercury at 20° Sagittarius squares Mars at 20° Virgo. Mercury is the dispositor of Mars (because Mercury rules Virgo, the zodiac sign Mars is currently in) which is related to irritation and clumsy behavior. Coincidently (?), this degree area in mutable signs is also assigned to have Mercury/Mars influences. It denotes the need to accomplish a lot of administration or work. Talks are very much work- and business-related around these days.

In some instances, you will likely need to mind your words because this combo is a very argumentative one and disputes and insults are in the air.

You may feel the tension and frustration out of which people react.

On a physical level, this combo is often found in charts of traffic or transportation accidents (in a large sense) and it often denotes injuries related to the legs.

It looks like the year 2012 starts with more than usual injuries so, it may pay to keep it safe on the road (also depending upon the weather conditions) and everywhere you envision to go.

If you are born around February 8, March 25-26, May 10, June 26-27, August 12, September 28, November 12 or December 26-27 enjoy January 5 and fully live your creativity. Love encounters may be possible as well. In general, expect nice surprises.

If you are born around January 5, February 18, April 4, May 20, July 7, August 22, October 8 or November 22, there is lots of tension and stress around January 5. You want to resist and are very opposite in your behavior. For some of you a separation from someone is possible (either because of illness, disputes or ...).

If you are born around this day of January 5, this all is likely to be part of your whole (solar return) year (counting from birthday to birthday), making that you should expect some sudden tearful separations and/or illness.

Mercury enters business-minded Capricorn around January 8 and squares Uranus at 1° Aries soon after. This combo is likely to bring upsetting and disagreeable news. There is resistance but you will have to face the hard facts.

On a mundane level, this combo may be related to strikes. People may say 'stop!' and things are on hold or delayed for a moment.

Around January 13, Mercury conjoins Pluto at 7° Capricorn. Between January 8 and January 13, Mercury will carry the Uranian influences towards the Plutonian influences. Mercury will act like a messenger and bridge-builder between individual freedom (Uranus in Aries) and governmental control/power (Pluto in Capricorn).

During this time frame, there will be lots and lots of talks and negotiations (especially around January 11). It looks like important changes will be made public or come out into the open. It may be a time of revelations and progress.

On a mundane level, this combo is often found during severe hurricanes and stormy weather, resulting in a very upsetting atmosphere.

Around the same day of January 13, Venus meets Neptune at 29° Aquarius before it enters Pisces the day after. You live in illusions and unfulfilled longings. Honestly, January 13-17 will not be too good a period in matters of love. There is love's sorrow and separation with people leaving your world. You may wonder if this is real...

January 15 might still bring an enjoyable day though with windfalls and receiving (wonderful) gifts. If you are born around January 21-22, February 20, March 22, April 22, May 23, June 23, July 24, August 25, September 25, October 25, November 24 or December 23 you are likely to feel and experience the auspicious effects. If you are a pregnant woman born around this day, expect childbirth now.

If you are born around February 23, May 26, August 28 or November 27, you may feel blessed and overjoyed around January 18. It's a lucky day.

However, if you are born around January 6, April 6, July 8 or October 8, there is upsetting news (it may involve a separation) around January 18-19 but there is also relief noticeable.

Around January 19, the Sun at 29° Capricorn squares Saturn (its dispositor) at 29° Libra, an ending and transitional degree. There is fear noticeable and you may lack some drive because of a love separation. Some of you will start a new love relationship the day after on January 20 when the Sun enters Aquarius.

You may even change your residence around January 20 or just leave the place and move or travel. Anyway, January 20-21 are marked by profound changes in your relationships (in a large sense) and it won't always be welcome changes.

If you are born around January 20, February 18, March 20, April 19-20, May 20-21, June 21, July 22, August 23, September 23, October 23, November 22 or December 21, you may feel ill or dissatisfied around the day of January 20. If you are born around January 20, take care of your health as your whole (solar return) year (counting from birthday to birthday) may be focused around illness.

If you are born around January 10, February 23, April 9, May 26, July 12, August 28, October 13 or November 27, you are very persuasive around January 21. People listen to you and you will likely hear about a fortunate change. January 21-22 will bring relief and sudden strokes of luck. If you are born around January 21-22, February 20, March 22, April 22, May 23, June 23, July 24, August 25, September 25, October 25, November 24 or December 23 you are favored by auspicious configurations around January 21-22. If you are born around this day of January 21-22 your whole (solar return) year (counting from birthday to birthday) may be full of windfalls and fortunate moments.

The Sun at 1° Aquarius squares Jupiter at 1° Taurus denoting moments of joy and expenses because of purchases.

During Mars's retrograde station at 23° Virgo around January 24, Venus at 11° Pisces squares the Moon's Nodes at 11° Sagittarius.

Mars in this position in the zodiac sign of work does not want or like to work so that strikes are likely. You may feel misunderstood and there may be troubles or losses revolving around finances.

Your social and love life is at a low and you will have to come to terms with your primal and instinctive urges and desires. You may become more aware of what separates you from others and this may create strong feelings of isolation.

Mercury at 29° Capricorn squares Saturn (its dispositor) at 29° Libra around January 27, just before it enters Aquarius the same day. The tension and stress are visible. For some, there is sorrow and sadness noticeable while others may experience a bad cold or feel rather ill. In any way, you can't live your full potential because you have other things on your mind.

If you are born around January 20, February 18, March 20, April 19-20, May 20-21, June 21, July 22, August 23, September 23, October 23, November 22 or December 21, you might feel sad or down around this day of January 27. You worry too much! Lighten up!

Travel to far distant places, a change of the residence or a change of the place is indicated around January 28 if you are born around January 21, March 6, April 21, June 6, July 23, September 8, October 24 or December 8.

Mercury at 2° Aquarius squares Jupiter at 2° Taurus around January 29. Don't forget to pay your bills!

Around January 30, you live in your head and imagination. You are preoccupied with out-of-the-world thoughts and experiences. Mysticism and creativity reign. Listen to music and/or live your sensual fantasies to feel centered again. Remember the ones you love(d) and feel blessed.


Love Quotes of the Month

Love is an electric blanket with somebody else in control of the switch
-- St Jerome --

Love, your pains are worth more than all other pleasures combined
-- French provereb --

Better to be an old man's pet than a young man's slave
-- Irish proverb --

Self-love is the starting point for everything
-- Susan L. Taylor --

You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving
-- Amy Carmichael --

A man's desire is for the woman; but the woman's desire is rarely other than for the desire of the man
-- Samuel Taylor Coleridge --

The worst of having a romance is that it leaves one so unromantic
-- Oscar Wilde --

What's New on Our Web Site?

Because of the workload involved in analyzing the 2012 forecasts and the redesign of the web site, which is imminent, we have not been able to add lots of new content.

Whom or What You Can't Stand

In this article we'll build upon the concept and theory that we discussed in our article about the Ascendant and being in 'synch' with your partner, with 'the other(s)'.

Disjunct zodiac signs (that are either inconjunct, 150°, or semi-sextile, 30°) have traits they cannot relate to, understand or grasp. They represent kind of blind spots.

In this article, we delve deeper into the zodiac signs that are disjunct in a semi-sextile (30° aspect) way.

Zodiac signs that are semi-sextile each other don't 'see' each other and cannot understand each other very well. How come?

This theory is based upon two very important astrological (archetypal) principles:
  • the elements (or triplicities) and qualities (or quadruplicities)
  • the derivative meanings (each sign is the 12th sign of the next one)
The quadruplicities and triplicities build the foundation of astrology. Each zodiac sign is the combination of an element (fire, earth, air and water) and a quality (cardinal, fixed or mutable).

Combining the qualities and elements gives very tangible descriptions, characteristics and traits that are linked to the zodiac signs. From here on, you can find an amicable, indifferent or even averse relationship between the zodiac signs.

However, this is not all.

Each zodiac sign is also the 12th sign of the next one, following the natural order of the zodiac signs in a horoscope wheel. This method is much used when delineating the houses and planets in the houses in a horoscope wheel but it can also be used in delineating the zodiac signs. So it is that Pisces is the 12th sign, counting from Aries. But Aries is also the 12th sign counting from Taurus and Taurus is the 12th sign counting from Gemini etc...

In astrology, the 12th house and sign have a sorrowful meaning. In the system of the derivative houses, each house is the 12th house of secrets, sorrow, tears, undoing,... of the next one. This is true also if you take this concept to the zodiac signs and their relationship to each other.

Each zodiac sign that is behind the next one, has something the other cannot cope with, cannot understand, cannot relate to or cannot stand. It's about minor or major traits, energies, characteristics depending upon how powerful or predominant the zodiac sign is in the natal chart.

Mind that this goes way beyond Sun or Moon signs!

So, let's take a look at some examples on how this all works.
  • linear and aggressive Aries cannot stand the winding, confusing and non-aggressive energies of Pisces
  • inert and stable Taurus cannot stand the pushy impulses of Aries
  • mental and airy Gemini cannot stand the 'heavy' and less mental (material) traits of Taurus
  • home- and family-loving Cancer cannot stand mutable and on-the-road Gemini
  • self-aware Leo cannot stand family-minded Cancer energies
  • submissive and serving Virgo cannot stand the overly self-conscious Leo traits
  • sociable Libra cannot stand the work-related Virgo traits
  • intense and confrontational Scorpio cannot stand the superficial and diplomatic Libra traits
  • freedom-loving and free-spirited Sagittarius cannot stand the dogmatic Scorpio traits
  • realistic and serious Capricorn cannot stand the flamboyant and overly optimistic Sagittarius traits
  • independent and original Aquarius cannot stand the conservative and restrictive Capricorn traits
  • compassionate Pisces cannot stand the detached and cool Aquarius energies
The mentioned traits are only examples and not limitative. Personalities have many different faces thar are, among others, reflected by the most powerful zodiac signs in the natal chart. A stellium (more than 3 bodies/planets in a sign), the analysis of the elements and qualities that are most occupied by planets and bodies, the Astrodyne (or Cosmodyne) calculations are ways to find which zodiac signs are the most prominent and powerful in a chart.

If two zodiac signs that are semi-sextile are powerful and predominant in the same chart, you will know that the person has two groups of (disjunct) traits, characteristics, ways of behaving.

In the chart comparison (synastry) between two people, you may find that partner A has a predominant zodiac sign and that partner B has a predominant zodiac sign that is semi-sextile the predominant sign of the other (partner A). In that case some traits may need continuous adjustments to find agreement.

For example:
If you have predominant Leo traits and your partner has predominant Virgo traits, you know that adjustments will be necessary to learn to get on with the disjunct traits to make the relationship work.


Another Round About Uranus and Pluto

In our Love Letter of December 21 2007 (Issue #037) we wrote about the entrance of Pluto in Capricorn.

In our Love Letter of February 21 2011 (Issue #075) we wrote about the Uranus in Aries ingress.

In our previous Love Letter we printed some thoughts about the upcoming and important Uranus-Pluto square. We'll delve deeper into this below.

In 2012, Uranus and Pluto will square each other exactly around June 24 2012 (at 8°) and September 19 2012 (at 6°).

Currently, Uranus and Pluto are only building a square by signs, not by aspect. This means that the heavier and slower moving one is still the most powerful.

That's why, currently, Pluto in Capricorn is still more powerful, than Uranus in Aries but the more Uranus will build an exact square, the more Pluto will be challenged.

That's why it does not come as a surprise that the Pluto in Capricorn meanings still prevail on a mundane level. Let's take a look for a moment at what is going on:
  • the question about the Internet Cencorship we mentioned in our previous Love Letter.

    While the principle of copyright protection seems reasonable, the way the Bills work it out, is just unacceptable and gives extreme (dictatorial) power to the Government.

    The Bills are lobbied and debated fiercely by its advocates and sponsors (like the Murdochs, Microsoft, Apple, Intel, ...) and its opponents (like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, AOL, Yahoo, eBay, Mozilla, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the American Civil Liberties Union and a host of other groups and companies).

    Also know that both Bills have TONS of money behind it! What else did you expect?? ;-D

    The SOPA bill H.R. 3261 was expected to pass out of committee December 16, which would have meant it would go to be voted on by the House. The proceedings have been long, and far from engaging but now it looks like they won't continue until some time in early January 2012 at the earliest. This means the Bill is temporarily on hold (delayed) for some weeks.

  • On December 1, 2011 the US Senate voted The Military Appropriation Bill for 2012, officially named the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2012.

    This innocuous sounding Bill S. 1867 represents the end of any last pretence that the Republic of the United States still exists.

    Reportedly, Section 1031, authorizes the armed forces to arrest and indefinitely detain anyone (American Citizens too) anywhere in the world with no need for a trial or any judicial process!

    According to Senator Carl Levin, one of the primary sponsors of the Bill, "The language which precluded the application of Section 1031 to American citizens was in the bill that was originally approved … and the [Obama] administration asked to remove the language which says that U.S. citizens and lawful residents would not be subject to this section."

    On December 16, President Obama approved the Bill which will now become LAW. Martial Law ! Everyone that opposes the Government or is considered a threat can be detained.

  • Coincidently or not, there is growing evidence that the US Government is activating AND staffing lots of FEMA Camps (concentration camps, detention camps, labor camps) some of which may even hold up to 1 million citizens (women, men, children) at once (you read this well)!

    Check out this video by Alex Jones and the accompanying web pages, documents and information here and here .

    You may wonder and ask what the hell is going on in the USA???

    Actually, the US Government seems to be terribly embarrassed by the Occupy movement and the possibility of a collapse of the banking system and economy resulting in major unrest that may be outed to the Government. Everything that 'opposes' the Government and the mainstream and official corporations might be seen as 'the enemy' and may be called 'terrorist acts'.

    If you think that's too far fetched, think again because the Occupy Movements in the UK have already been brought onto line with terrorists . It would not come as a surprise if the same applies in the USA!

    Lawmakers can do EVERYTHING, especially when their positions are questioned! They have the power, the money AND the armed forces to enforce the laws they make!

    Hopefully, you can connect the dots ...
However, this is just one side of the medal or coin. Pluto in Capricorn, representing the power, manipulation and force exerted by corporations and the government is going to be challenged different times from 2012 on -- which brings us to the other side of the coin or medal.

So, don't just focus on the 1st side -- know that this side exists but also know that there is another side that will become visible too...

Uranus in pioneering and pushy Aries will bring lots out into the open (we again refer to Issue #075 of our Love Letter for a delineation of Uranus in Aries -- as mentioned above).

The outgoing square will show in what way both archetypal principles (Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries) will blend or meet.

Outgoing squares are aspects of action and activation. Things happen, events happen. There is buzz, there is lots of noise and movement. It's not a passive or silent time. For some people, this will bring uncomfortable situations and experiences for sure.

The Uranus-Pluto square is the clash of two Giants. One Giant is extremely conservative, structured, formal, dogmatic and wants everything cut in stone and under control (Pluto in Capricorn) while the other Giant is all about breakthroughs, speed, innovation, progress, individualism and independency (Uranus in Aries).

Currently, Pluto in Capricorn is still the stronger of the two because Pluto is at a more powerful degree and the square is still out of orb.

This will change when Uranus proceeds and the applying square will tighten more and more in the weeks and months to come. Also, Uranus will move through a more powerful degree area when it starts to square Pluto so that its power is clearly to gain momentum and the clash will be more and more noticeable (especially mid 2012).

One thing they do have in common though: both bodies have to do with renewal and overhaul but they both want it completely differently: on an individual level vs. on a corporate level, in an innovative way vs. in 'the old fashioned way',...

Consider that while Pluto ploughs through Capricorn, its goal is to enter humanitarian, independent and freedom-loving Aquarius in the 2020s (Pluto in Aquarius???... gosh, looks like everyone's gonna have sex with everyone then... LOL) and that the Jupiter/Saturn cycle in material earth signs is going to start its less materialistic and more sociable air cycle too.

Uranian influences will thus win in the end!

So, try to see the bigger picture -- in time and space and things will work out for the best.

Things will really start to change if Governments will open the way for free energy ( like this device by the scientist and Professor John Searl).

As long as people don't have free energy, politicians and Governments are not serving the people but only (self-)serving their own profit and well-being. The introduction of free energy should be the 1st step in the positive transformation of large corporations and Governments and the way they behave towards the people.

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