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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #089 -- Sun Signs - Moon Signs - A New Study
April 21, 2012

The square between Uranus and Pluto is becoming closer and closer and is already manifesting in different ways. The outgoing square will be exact in June and it's still in its applying phase of building up tension before breaking free and breaking through in June. The month of May is a month of transition that may bring some unreal and exciting events and breakthroughs.

This Love Letter is all about the results of a new scientific research study that investigated the influence of the Sun and Moon signs in personality and marriage choices. We will only delve into the marriage results here though.

When reading scientific studies about astrology the same story always repeats itself:

  • when the study finds astrology or the researched astrological claims invalid, the majority of the mainstream 'scientific' community unconditionally accepts and applauds the results without questioning and analyzing the (validity of the) methods and assumptions etc. any further...
  • when the study finds astrology or the researched astrological claims valid, the majority of the mainstream 'scientific' community in advance refuses acceptance of the claims and obsessively starts focusing on the minutest possible errors that could have been made.
The bottom line is that 'scientists' are human beings too -- whether they like it or not -- and thus affected by emotions, judgements, experiences, religious thoughts, money and career concerns (!) etc.

Under the name of 'science' our society can be (and IS) manipulated, conditioned and programmed in many ways (almost weekly we get reports of fake studies, especially related to health matters, and some were told to be landmarks -- it's all extremely upsetting because you can't believe governments who often endorse such studies, scientists, researchers etc. anymore).

Our society and planet are just pushed in the wrong direction to self-destruction due to 'scientific studies and experiments' that are too often misguided.

It really made us think about what all the different clients of Dolores Cannon, the perhaps most renown regression therapist in the world, under deep hypnosis say; "it's the scientists that were the cause of the decline and destruction of all previous and past civilizations on earth..."

Hard to believe at first but the more we think about this saying and the more we see what's going on in this world, the more we start to find some truth in it. Don't panic though because, this time, history might not repeat itself if we may believe her clients...

It's true also that nothing can ever be investigated in an independent and unbiased way when human beings are involved but everything that is based upon dogmas, axioms (which the mainstream 'scientific' community is full of today) and money tend to go wrong somehow, sometimes! Take that into account in whatever so-called scientific studies you read.

Do your own homework: be critical in a positive, constructive and curious way and don't be averse in advance. Try to get to the core. Keep an open mind and spirit. Everything IS possible and don't rule out anything in advance because our human minds, understanding and knowledge are basically very limited in all that the Universe encompasses. We can't progress and expand our knowledge and life when we stay 'in the box' and even refuse to get out of it.

Anyway, the study we hereby present claims to be endorsed by the University of Boulder, Clarkson University and the University of Idaho -- for what it's worth.

Love! Always!
Luc De Jaeger

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Sun Signs - Moon Signs - A New Study

Love Forecasts for May 2012

May 1 and 2 bring pessimism, uncertainties and fear. Fear for the unknown and for the future. There is disharmony and lots of verbal attacks and hard opinions. Love is not an option now...

Around May 3, something is dissolving. There may be fires, arrests and imprisonment, injuries and all sorts of agony. Don't expect too much from the early May days and you better keep a low profile.

If you are born around this day of May 3, keep an eye on your health during your whole (solar return) year (counting from birthday to birthday).

Actually, from May 3 till May 8 there is a lot of tension, unrest and upheaval in the community noticeable. There is defeat and misery -- but not for all!

The following astrological configurations point to quite some excitement, uproar and turmoil so it will be necessary to keep your head cool:
  • Mars at 6° Virgo squares the Moon's Nodes between May 5 and May 9. The square will be exact around May 5. Please note that this square is almost always found in times of public shootings and (bloody) mass or multiple victim events.
  • Mercury at 24° Aries opposes Saturn at 24° Libra around May 6
  • there is a perigee Full Moon at 16° Scorpio around May 6, bringing things to a head
During this emotional and separative Full Moon period, there is lots to think and ponder about and you may not always understand what's happening at first.

Indeed, the May 6 perigee Full Moon period will surely bring quite a lot out in the open that may disturb you and/or bring hardship.

This SuperMoon, like all SuperMoons, may also bring more wild or extreme weather (incl. earthquakes and/or volcanic activity), the more so because Mars and Uranus are part of a Dominant Learning Triangle that is exact from May 4 till May 9.

This Triangle is about extremely fast evolving events (reinforcing the acute and speedy Mars and Uranus themes) resulting in immediate insight and awareness. Mars and Uranus together are most often pointing to physical injuries (cuts, wounds, accidents) and very often part of large earthquake configurations.

The upcoming, applying and outgoing, Uranus-Pluto square adds to this because Pluto represents the 'Underground' and Capricorn represents the outer skin (crust) of the earth.

The Mars-Moon's Node square between May 5 and May 9 will work out in a violent way as well.

Fortunately, the sky will clear up quite soon because, around May 8-9, Mercury enters Taurus. This entrance will bring relief for a short time and very exciting news in an unexpected way that will boost your confidence in the future. Also, on a mundane level, the active configurations may point to important scientific breakthroughs.

The auspicious influences will especially be felt if you are born around January 20-21, April 19-20, July 22-23 or October 23-24.

Around May 10, spirituality, the supernatural and mysticism reign. The focus will be on 'The Unreal' and chances are the influences remain active the whole month long.

If you are born around January 27, April 26, July 29 or October 29 you will likely feel the influences in a powerful way. If you are born around December 28, February 25, March 26, May 27, June 27, August 29, September 29 or November 28, you too will experience the configuration but in a minor way.

The Sun conjuncts Jupiter at 23° Taurus around May 13. It's a very blissful day on which fortunate developments occur. The day has enormous success potential in many ways, the more so if you are born around today May 13 or February 12, August 15-16 or November 15. If you are born around this day of May 13, the influences will be felt your whole (solar return) year long (counting from birthday to birthday).

Around May 13-14, there is travel, a move and/or a lot to study. This is the more so if you are born around January 29, March 13, April 28, June 13-14, July 31, September 16, October 31 or December 15.

Venus stations at 23° Gemini around May 15 and is about to turn "it's back." In many instances, retrograde Venus denotes that lovers (or beloved ones) will turn their back resulting is separations here and there. Also, lovers (or beloved ones) of the past may suddenly re-appear, say 'Hello!' and enter your life for another time.

Around May 20, the Sun enters mutable and airy Gemini, bringing more changes of the place, short trips and movements.

Around May 21, the Solar Eclipse at 0° Gemini (the most unstable degree of the zodiac) will emphasize the wandering influences and will mark a period of tons of short trips and changes of the place. It's likely you will nowhere feel at home or have "no real home anymore" because you're on the road or on the move.

Things are unstable, moving and changing continuously... According to the meticulous researcher and astrologer Bernadette Brady, the core meaning of this Solar Eclipse 14 South series is about long awaited breakthroughs and the acceptance of ideas and methodologies.

This Solar Eclipse, right at the Fixed Star Alcyone, will add more tension and stress in your life though. There is a tendency to rebel and you cannot stand any control any longer.

The Fixed Star Alcyone has a bad reputation in mundane astrology because it is related to accidents, imprisonments, blindness (or being blinded by something) and physical injuries.

As usual, the influence of a Solar Eclipse lasts for about 6 months and though it has some very challenging sides, this Eclipse will be highly auspicious and rewarding after all.

Mercury and Jupiter meet at 25° Taurus around May 22. Both planets rule cerebral and intellectual signs (Gemini and Sagittarius), Mercury being the more rational one and Jupiter being the more conceptual one.

They both join forces in material Taurus and become more realistic and practical in their search for knowledge and answers.

Interestingly, around May 22, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn build an astrological 'search configuration', representing 'a search' with lots of zeal and focus and the infinite longing for answers. These are experimental days on which you may feel dissatisfied with the current situation and look for other options -- even imaginary ones.

If you are born around January 30, April 29, August 1 or November 1, there currently are really big and life changing events going on in your life, especially noticeable around May 23.

Around May 23, the Sun at 3° Gemini squares Neptune around 3° Pisces. This square will bring uncertainty and a weak feeling. You may want to escape, feel reclusive or want to travel.

Mercury enters its own sign Gemini around May 24 and adds to the 'wandering' and unstable influences that are going on this month. There is a lot to talk about but mind gossip. Changes of the place and short trips are likely.

Around May 25, Mercury at 3° Gemini squares Neptune at 3° Pisces. Both planets in the sign of their rulership may disconnect you from reality. It's about daydreaming and trance-like states.

You may not be able to decide or handle consciously under this transit and you should consider taking a day off (the more so if you have a difficult job with big responsibilities regarding safety).

Don't take any important decisions now as you may feel mislead or confused. Your thinking is unclear and foggy. You better decline any proposal.

Around May 26-27, the Sun and Mercury at 5° Gemini oppose the Moon's North Node at 5° Sagittarius. You may feel the absence of a male person or of an authority figure.

Actually, since May 22, Neptune is the apex planet of a mutable T-square built by the opposition between Sun/Mercury and the Moon's North Node. This T-square has to do with the dissolving of criminal groups, the disruption of contact between groups of people, being let down (or robbed) by others and/or to be deceived by others.

Chances are there will be issues getting in touch with each other because mutable T-squares work out on the communication and transportation level.

Late May is a period of disorientation and confusion and the need to escape from every day pressures is really high.

Mercury at 14° Gemini squares Mars at 14° Virgo around May 31. Because Mercury rules Virgo, it is the dispositor of Mars and the most powerful planet of the two. You're in a nitpicking mood and way too assertive. Mind your words because they may hurt someone. Legal issues may keep you busy.

Love Quotes of the Month

When you are in love you can't fall asleep because reality is better than your dreams
-- Theodor Seuss Geisel --

We were two and had but one heart
-- Francois Villon --

He is not a lover who does not love forever
-- Euripides --

Love is of all the passions the strongest, for it attacks simultaneously the head, the heart and the senses
-- Voltaire --

Who travels for love finds a thousand miles no longer than one
-- Japanese proverb --

The soul that can speak with the eyes, can also kiss with a gaze
-- Gustavo Adolfo Becquer --

If we men married the women we deserve we should have a very bad time of it
-- Oscar Wilde --

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While our site management is still ironing out some bugs in the new User Interface that we need to launch and release our new look & feel, we have been trying out different logos on our public Facebook and Google+ pages.

Google redesigned its Plus pages toward a simpler, more functional and flexible version. Viewing the pages on widescreens results in a larger white area (whitespace) on the right side of the screen which Google will soon fill with new features -- whatever they will be. Anyway, part of the introduction of the new Google Plus version is the possibility to add a cover photo -- which we now added (it's the the same one as the one on our public Facebook page but within Google's limited image dimensions). We strive for consistency and recognizability.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are engaged. We updated our pages accordingly.

Thanks for ALL the volunteers who were willing to translate some texts into Italian and thanks to ALL the ones who are willing to translate texts into other languages in the future. What a BIG help! We keep all the information and e-mail addresses for future reference when we plan to continue translating our guides and services into other languages. We now offer baby gender prediction calendars in Italian and updated our page accordingly.

We added an article about Venus saturn connections which we previously published in one of our past Love Letters.

Sun Signs - Moon Signs - A New Study

In a 2011 study, Raj Paode, Ph.D., who reportedly worked in the field of environmental pollution control and who has a doctorate from the University of Colorado at Boulder/USA, wanted to scientifically test two astrological claims:
  1. does your Sun sign influence your personality?
  2. does Sun and Moon sign compatitibility influence your marriage choice?
Regarding the 2nd claim, the researcher wanted to find out if couples with harmonious Sun signs are more likely to marry while couples with disharmonious Sun signs have lower chances of marriage. The quality of the marriage (happy or unhappy marriages) was not part of the research study!

To investigate this claim, Raj Paode, compared actual marriages between couples with compatible signs and couples with incompatible signs, with expected marriages based upon random chance.

Each zodiac sign has three compatible zodiac signs, three incompatible signs and six neutral signs.

The Sun sign compatibility evaluation was done on two different sample sets:
  • 57 couples (with full birth information) in which at least one partner was a Hollywood celebrity
  • 357,763 Swiss married couples (actually, all the marriages in Switzerland from 1987 to 1994), without the times of birth of the partners
Two types of tests were administered to determine if there was a statistically significant link between Sun sign harmony and disharmony and marital choice: the t test and the Chi Square.

The Results

Sun signs do have a far greater effect on the marriages involving Hollywood stars. They have 75% greater chance of marrying a person from a compatible sign and a 65% lower chance of marrying a person from an incompatible zodiac sign. This is extraordinary.

The magnitude of the effect of Sun signs for the general population was much lower than that observed for the Hollywood celebrities but still statistically significant.

In some ways, the results confirm the 1999 Gunter Sachs study that was based on a much larger data set, lots of other variables and that did not use the t test (only Chi Squares).

Anyway, the researcher concludes that Sun sign compatibility plays a role in marriage, but it's only one of the variables that influences marriage decision.

He assumes celebrities operate in a different universe without the restrictions that the general population experience (income, geography, children,...) so that their Sun signs (traits) become more important. Hence the difference in effect between celebrities and the general population.

Raj Paode then researched the Sun-Moon combinations between the 57 Hollywood couples to find if the marital choice is influenced by the reciprocal Sun-Moon signs. In other words, he evaluated the following three sign combinations:
  • male Moon sign with the female Moon sign
  • male Sun sign with the female Moon sign
  • male Moon sign with the female Sun sign
to find out if the signs of these bodies influence the marital choice.

He only researched the 57 celebrity couples because these were the only ones with full and correct birth information (so that the lunar positions could be calculated).

Indeed, if you have no exact time of birth, you don't have an accurate Moon's position and cannot research the aspects to the Moon.

According to the results, compatible and incompatible Sun-Moon or even Moon-Moon signs do not influence marital choice. Whether or not your Moon sign is compatible with your lover's Sun or Moon sign does not affect marital choice, according to this study. Sun-Moon combinations between partners thus have no effect on marriage the study claims.

Our Comments:

It's a pity astrological research keeps sticking to the Sun signs, reinforcing and imprinting the erroneous thought that Sun signs are what astrology is just all about. Though Sun sign research studies have some merit, this is not the way to go at all.

This research study has only investigated the compatible and incompatible signs. The six neutral signs were left out (they were beyond the scope of the research).

The researcher did not take into account the quality of the marriage (happy or unhappy marriage), nor did he take into account the longevity of the marriage. His data set only contained couples that were married, that's all.

In reality, people marry for various reasons: financial reasons, for the sake and thrill of it, to feel more integrated/accepted in the community, for reasons of prestige or esteem, because of religious motives, because of moral pressure from the environment, because of pregnancy,... but seldom (if at all) with the consciously intent to break up soon after.

People want endurability when they marry and that's why studies that do not take this important factor into account are less valuable. In our opinion, it's important to know and find out what astrological conditions are found in lasting marriages and between long married couples. What sets them apart from couples who are divorced?

Also, statistical research is about probabilities and likelihood. It's not about (hard) facts that occur in any event. It's not about planetary patterns and configurations that infallibly describe traits, events, the outcome... at all times.

It's OK to analyze 57 charts of couples for Sun-Moon (in)compatibility because of the lack of other couples with reliable and full birth information, but still, you can't build a solid theory on such a small data set!

It's only a beginning.

We do know how hard it is to get reliable birth information and how time-consuming astrological research is.

We do welcome any astrological research but are always disappointed because they are all based on either simplistic Sun sign assumptions or psychological assessments. This hardly brings astrology to another level and we do need more thorough research based upon planetary pictures, planetary geometry, chains of astrological conditions etc... related to real life events.


Compatible signs are the zodiac signs that are conjunct, sextile or trine your own zodiac sign (they are of the same element).

Incompatible signs are the zodiac signs that square or oppose your own zodiac sign.

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