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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #092 -- The 5th House Element
July 21, 2012

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Our featured article is about the 5th house (of love) and the elements on that house cusp.

Love unconditionally.
Luc De Jaeger

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. The 5th House Element

Love Forecasts for August 2012

This month of August 2012 may be fairly a calm month astrologically, except for some very challenging configurations around mid August and between August 23-25.

Key dates on which events, in general, are likely to happen are: August 4, August 12, August 19, August 25 and August 31.

Also, if you are born around January 6-7, February 20, April 6, May 22, July 8, August 24, October 9 or November 23, the whole month of August may be full of (background) stress and separations. Lovers tend to live separate lives now. There is sadness and you may feel lost, especially between August 23-25.

But first, let's start with the beginning.

The Full Moon of August 2 radiates a positive mood, confidence and optimism.

Around August 4-5 there is sadness and love's sorrow. Some of you may feel ill as well and there is a general feeling of dissatisfaction. This is especially so if you are born around February 2, March 18, May 3, June 19, August 5, September 20, November 5 or December 19.

Venus enters emotional and home-loving Cancer around August 7. You want to be at home or need a more nurturing and cozy environment.

You may become more emotional regarding your relationships (in a large sense) and be more protective. Family-gatherings are favored. Love is reflected in the way and how much you care.

Mercury stations at 1° Leo and turns direct around the same day of August 7. In this public sign, Mercury is able to express itself more publicly. There is more charisma and a sense of drama in all your ways of communication. You may love to read and follow the news.

Around August 8, there is hardship around and the feeling that a door is closed, especially on a relationship level. Some of you may feel down or experience physical issues. The influences will be felt well if you are born around February 5, March 21, May 6, June 22, August 8, September 24, November 8 or December 22. Love is at an all-time low.

Around August 10, your interest is home-related, either because you want to do some home improvements, are building a house or just want to take it easy and cozy at home. If you are born around December 25, February 7, March 23, May 8, June 24, September 25-26 or November 10 the home-related influences will be felt strongly.

If you are born around this day of August 10, the influences will mark your whole (solar return) year (counting from birthday to birthday). In some cases, depending on which natal planet or point is part of the configurations, there may also be infidelity at hand.

August 14-15 may become a remarkable period because Mars and Saturn conjoin at 24° Libra and Venus at 7° Cancer opposes Pluto at 7° Capricorn.

The Mars-Saturn conjunction at a separative degree and the very compulsive Venus-Pluto opposition are both death configurations and configurations of resignation and defeat.

These configurations tend to be brutal and work out in extreme ways. They are able to turn things upside down completely and result in emotional traumatic events.

The Mars-Saturn conjunction at the Fixed Star Arcturus may bring aggression and legal issues.

If you are born around August 14, your whole (soler return) year (counting from birthday to birthday) is marked by the compulsive need to break free, to not surrender and try to master your own life on many levels.

Venus at 8° Cancer squares Uranus at 8° Aries around August 16. This aspect denotes that mid August (around the August 17 New Moon), Uranus is the apex planet in a cardinal T-square. There will be sudden irresistible and compulsive attractions, love at first sight and encounters that will be remarkable in many ways. However, because of the influence of Uranus, the encounters are short-lived and some of them may be just but real 'fatal attractions' as well.

Also, this T-square may point to the sudden death of a female person, shaking your or the world.

Around August 20, you can be highly successful. There may be sudden insights and auspicious discoveries. If you want to convince or persuade others, now is the time.

It's a very exciting and wonderful period, the more so if you are born around January 30, March 15, April 30, June 15-16, August 2, September 17, November 2 or December 16.

Around August 20, Uranus and Pluto both are at the same degree in a sign (7°). Though they are not in an exact square (which will happen mid September), their influences will be felt again more and more. The aspect may gradually build up more and more tension and you may have the impression that matters don't go fast enough. There is nervousness around.

The degree meaning of 7° in Cardinal signs is often related to illicit or secret affairs. Things that are unknown or have been going on behind the scenes, come into the spotlight.

From one surprise to the other, you will find out there are no certainties at all anymore.

Understand that you must stay grounded and focused at all times and remain firm and very calm. Be the proverbial rock in wild waters and know that there can be no complete healing without a profound catharsis. Let it be and let it go!

The Sun enters work-related Virgo around August 22 and squares the Moon's Nodes at 0° Sagittarius/Gemini. You may experience some issues with a male person or a higher-up (your boss?).

Mars enters Scorpio around August 23 and becomes really fanatic and focused. Primal compulsive desires and urges reflect your passionate nature but you should take care not to overdo or go to extremes.

Between August 23-25, there is another wave of love's sorrow and relationships (in a wide sense) tend to fall apart during this period.

It's an upsetting and sad time and you have the feeling that you live alienated or separated from other people. You may feel hurt and/or miserable.

Are you rejected?

Because of the opposition between the Sun at 1° Virgo and Neptune at 1° Pisces around August 24, a beloved male person may leave your world as well.

This periode of August 23-25 will especially affect you if you are born around January 6-7, February 20, April 6, May 22, July 8, August 24, October 9 or November 23.

Moreover, if you are born around August 24, the influences will be felt your whole (solar return) year long (counting from birthday to birthday) so that you may indeed experience lots of upheaval, separation and sadness in and related to your relationships. You should also watch your health because the astrological configurations aspect your natal Sun (which represents your physical body).

Around August 27-28, there is lots of excitement around and you are in a very talkative mood. Everyone is talking about something and you can't stop thinking about something.

In mundane astrology, the configurations may point to hurricanes. So, better be prepared if you live in areas where such events commonly can take place!

Around August 30, there may be illness, infections and/or surgery if you are born around January 25, April 24, July 27 or October 27. It looks like you are temporarily under the influence of other people and cannot easily help yourself out.

However, if you are born around February 27, April 12, May 29, July 15, August 31, October 16 or November 30, you are in a romantic mood late August. It's a very creative period during which you can live erotic fantasies and enjoy artistic projects. Do enjoy the beautiful moments but beware of expenses and irresponsible behavior.

If you are born around these days of August 30-31, the influences will be felt throughout your whole (solar return) year (counting from birthday to birthday) and will bring creativity, romantic events and inspiring moments of bliss.

Mercury enters its own sign Virgo and squares the Moon's Nodes at 0° Sagittarius-Gemini around August 31. Critical Mercury may present some challenging and upsetting news related to work and/or health.

Love Quotes of the Month

Love, like a river, will cut a new path, whenever it meets an obstacle
-- Crystal Middlemas --

Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop
-- Anonymous --

Where love does not exist, plant it and it will grow
-- San Juan de la Cruz --

It is easier to end love than to moderate it
-- Seneca --

Who loves well, corrects well
-- English proverb --

Get married and share the problems you didn't know you had
-- Anonymous --

A woman's life revolves in curves of emotion. It is upon lines of intellect that a man's life progresses
-- Oscar Wilde --

What's New on Our Web Site?

As long as there are migration issues, we will update existing pages with additional content. We updated our testimonial page , made some additions to our page about astrological configurations pointing to lasting love and updated our page about Composites and our astrology book reviews page.

The 5th House Element

The 5th house represents the way you express yourself in a creative, playful and radiant way. Hence, the 5th house is the house of 'love', a way to express your emotional Self in a tangible way.

In the natural order of the zodiac signs, the 5th sign is a fire sign because it belongs to the Leo part of the fire trinity (Aries-Leo-Sagittarius).

This holds true for the 5th house too that too is a 'fire house'.

In its natural state, the creative drives and urges are expressed outwardly (the fire element is an outgoing, spreading one). This is the case when you have a fire sign on the cusp of the 5th house.

However, in practice, you may find other elements on the cusp of the 5th house (depending on your ascending sign).

We use the Topocentric house system (that does not differ too much from the Placidus house system).

When delineating the elements on the house cusps, you have to take into account a very important (and infallible) astrological rule: the houses represent the 12 areas of life. The houses represent the environment in which these areas unfold or take place.

The zodiac signs color the environment and describe the background on which events unfold. This is basic knowledge that anyone must know and understand when studying real astrology.

What do the different elements on the 5th house cusp learn us?

  • The Fire Element (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) is in sync with its natural state. It's the most showy position (either phsyically or mentally) and the native tends to be outgoing, trying to manifest him- or herself to the full.

    In a more negative sense, they can be too excessive and pushy.

    Anyway, the native wants to be personally involved. There is some enthusiasm that must be shared.

    Fire signs on the 5th house cusp want to be part of an active environment and are often outdoorsy. You are very open-minded in matters of love as well but tend to be rather blunt and bold in your approach.

  • The Earth Element (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) does not fit well on the cusp of a fire house (earth 'kills' fire).

    Earth is very realistic and practical (down-to-earth), quite 'heavy' which the fire element is not (upward enthusiasm where the sky is the limit).

    So, heavy earth damps down enthusiasm and outward expression.

    The result can be a restricting environment in which the daily realities (work- and/or houseshold related) prevail.

    It's a very persevering combo though that delivers much resistance and tenacity, even when it's experienced or lived in a more passive way.

    The native has learned to be cautious in whatever (s)he does and is more reluctant and hesitant to fully go for something. Hence, a lack of enthusiasm.

    Creativity is lived in a most tangible way (fine art, sculpturing, painting, ...).

    Earth is a refined and subtle element so that it behaves in a more sobering and less striking way.

    The earth elemnt on the 5th house cusp wants to be in control and have everything under control.

    It is related to a serious person who wants to be reliable and meticulous in whatever (s)he does.

    The earth element may create a distance between you and your lover(s).

  • The Air Element (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) enhances the fire traits and promotes communicative urges. Talking, reading, reasoning, communicating are favored because the native loves to live, work or reside in such an environment.

    The native cannot stand silence and there always must be some noise in the environment to feel well. You need a lively environment -- and lover(s) -- to feel well as well.

    There is a huge need to talk about matters of love.

    The air element nourishes the fire element and may be unable to live the daily (restricting) realities. It wants to take everything light-heartedly and needs to 'fly high'.

  • The Water Element (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) is another 'misfit' because the water element extinguishes the fire traits.

    Unlike the air element, here, there is the need to live in a silent environment. The water elemnt needs a cocoon and a cozy place to withdraw. Creative urges are experienced on an inward level.

    It's a very sensitive combo, easily resulting in hurt feelings.

    Water is a passive element so that it brings reluctancy and hesitation in showing his or her feelings outwardly. Everything is lived on an inner level resulting in mood swings.

    The lesson to be learned is to cope with fear and emotional behavior. Know that fear is just an illusion.

    The water element on the 5th house cusp is very secret about the love life.
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