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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #027 -- Childbirth In Solar Returns
February 21, 2007

This Love Letter is mostly devoted to the significant results we got from our year-long research regarding childbirth and the solar returns.

After a whole lot of astrological research, we have found some specific astrological configurations that seem to point to childbirth in the Solar Returns.

The importance of this cannot be underestimated because it might show in what (solar return) year a woman will give birth to a child. We so often get the question from female clients and visitors who want to know if they (ever) will get pregnant.

Most of all we had to refer to some unresearched and general "aphorisms" found in astrological textbooks. However, these astrological rules are not always and in all circumstances true or reliable. That's why we have done (and are still doing) our own research.

Our results are VERY significant and reliable but will not be infallible though as we could only analyze 459 solar returns for the moment. We continuously add new information and solar returns and will check the results again when we reach about 900 or 1,000 charts.

We are hoping to set up a computerized model so that we can run a batch of solar returns of a woman and compare the model and see which solar return(s) turn(s) out to be a "child birth year."

We'd like to add this model to our Expanded Lunar Cycle Fertility Overview in the near future but for the moment this model is not ready yet and we are still in the process of finding out a way to present it in a readable and convenient way. More information will follow as soon as it's ready.

For the moment we will NOT publish our research results on our web site, perhaps later we will. So, this is really for your eyes only ;-)

Luc De Jaeger

Work in progress (coming in one of our next issues):

  • love marriages
  • arranged marriages
  • love degrees
  • fertility and Moon phase returns - latest research
  • happily married women: astrological indications

If you have any further suggestions or ideas to incorporate in one of the future issues of our Love Letter, please, click here to let us know!

Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Childbirth In Solar Returns

Love Forecasts for March 2007

March brings a Solar and Lunar Eclipse, some difficult aspects and two planetary stations. So, you'd better fasten your seat-belts!

The Lunar Eclipse on March 4 at 12° Virgo points to some surprising and even upsetting events. The circumstances are changing and you need to take the best out of it. It might be a hectic time of creative and stunning breakthroughs too.

Around March 8 Mercury, the messenger and ruler of transport, traffic and communications, stations at 25° Aquarius, ready to turn direct again. The 25th degree of Aquarius is associated with plane crashes and problems with air traffic.

Absolutely avoid any travel by air between March 4 and March 12, the time span Mercury is stationing at 25° Aquarius.

On March 9 the Sun at 18° Pisces squares Jupiter at 18° Sagittarius. There is over-optimism and too much exaggeration. Try to be moderate.

If you are born around April 9, July 12, October 12 or January 9 you may have some very loving moments/hours at home now and enjoy some music and/or a movie. Have a nice day!

If you are born around July 17, October 18, January 15 or April 14 expect some lonely moments around March 13.

On March 15, Mars conjuncts Chiron at 13° Aquarius. If you are born around February 2 or August 6 some job changes are possible. Also, this conjunction sometimes indicates physical injuries too.

Mercury enters Pisces again around March 18, the day before the Solar Eclpise at 28° Pisces. Mercury may bring confusion and uncertainty. Making choices can be difficult under this transit.

The Solar Eclipse on March 19 happens to be in the late degrees of Pisces. These degrees are well-known for their "watery nature" and that's why we expect a lot of rainfall, inundations AND tears during the coming six months.

Also, the late degrees of Pisces are "ending degrees", not only because they are ending the zodiac sign Pisces but also because Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac.

Moreover, this Solar Eclipse exactly squares Pluto of extremes and transformations at 28° Sagittarius, reinforcing the nature of endings. Pluto represents death and rebirth and chances are some major transformations (endings) will occur and have a very deep and life-changing impact.

Some of you may find the love of your life though (especially when you are born around April 23, July 26, October 28 or January 23).

Most of all this transit will have a life-challenging impact, bringing (di)stress in your love- or family life. If you are born around this day (March 20), April 19, May 20, June 20, July 22, August 22, September 22, October 22, November 21, December 21, January 19 or February 18 you may experience this Solar Eclipse to the full within 6 months.

Also, if you are born around August 26, November 25, February 21 or May 24 don't expect too much fun around the day of the Solar Eclipse.

On March 21 the Sun enters Aries and Mars, the Sun's ruler, at 18° Aquarius opposes Saturn at 18° leo. The entrance of the Sun in Aries will trigger this Mars-Saturn opposition, bringing some delay and restrictions. There is resistance and a standstill or setback is possible.

Take care of your health too, especially when you are born around November 11, December 11, January 10, February, March 10, April 9, May 10, June 10, July 12, August 12, September 12 or October 12. The Mars-Saturn opposition very often brings (some) physical restraint (from toothache to broken bones, or even worse...).

Around March 25 Mars will conjoin nebulous Neptune at 21° Aquarius. You may lack some perseverance, motivation and focus these days. There is too much uncertainty all over.

If that's not enough yet, Pluto stations to turn retrograde at 28° Sagittarius around March 31 making sure late March will find you suffering at times.

Stationing Pluto never goes unnoticed. While it still squares the degree of the March 19 Solar Eclipse its influence will be felt deeply.

Stationing Pluto will reinforce the death and rebirth theme from the Solar Eclipse. Expect some intense emotional moments and power issues may arise too. Take care!

Love Quotes of the Month

If thy daughter marry well, thou hast found a son; if not, thou has lost a daughter
-- Quarles --

A single rose can be my garden; a single friend, my world
-- Leo Buscaglia --

Who we are is reflected in the people we chose as friends
-- Source Unknown --

Happiness is in the heart, not in the circumstances
-- Source Unknown --

Jealousy comes from self-love rather than from true love
-- Duc de La Rochefoculd --

If you judge people, you have no time to love them
-- Mother Teresa --

Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself
-- George Bernard Shaw --

What's New on Our Web Site?

Last month we updated our web site with the following additions:
  • we finished our research of indications found in the natal charts of female cheaters and have published the results on our site
  • we added the long awaited bigger site map. You can browse the site map by clicking the "Site Map" button in the left navigation bar or by clicking the (Site Map) link in the footer on most of our pages.

Childbirth In The Solar Returns

While there exist different methods to predict childbirth in a horoscope, none of these systems could convince us completely. That's why we started our own investigations.

We were particularly interested in the Solar Returns that predict the outcome of a specific (birth) year. Indeed, Solar Return charts can be drawn like usual horoscopes and have signification from one birth day to the next birth day.

In doing our research, we’ve found Solar Returns to be a most rewarding tool.

If we have the planetary indications of childbirth in a Solar return chart, we can scan all Solar return charts of a woman and see which Solar return chart matches the indications. That will be the year(s) of childbirth. And that was the intention of our research.

In all our research regarding the Solar Returns we’ve always been taking the place of residence at birth as a key and starting point because we seldom know where the native resides on the time of the exact solar return.

Before we conducted our research, the following basic settings were used:

  • Planets and points taken into account: The Sun, Moon, Mercury, venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, the Mean Moon’s North Node, the Part Of Fortune (changed by day/night), the East point (Ep), the Vertex (Vx), the Black Moon (Mean apogee of the Moon), the Ascendant, the MC and all the house cusps (Topocentric system). Unfortunately we could not include the most important Asteroids as our software does not include them
  • Aspects used (orb 3°): 0°, 30°, 36°, 45°, 60°, 72°, 90°, 120°, 135°, 144°, 150° and 180°
  • The same aspects were used by calculating the midpoints (orb 1° though)
  • The geocentric as well as the heliocentric positions were analyzed
  • We used the Topocentric houses (almost the same as Placidus)
We analyzed 459 Solar Return charts of women whose birth information was as correct as possible (birth certificate).

The following significant results came out:

  • The Mean Node of the Moon square the 6th house cusp (Topocentric system) with a Chi Square = 16.7
  • Mars conjunct the Ascendant with a Chi Square = 9.0
  • The Vertex in Leo with a Chi Square = 8.3
  • Mercury opposite Saturn with a Chi square = 8.2
  • The MC 30° the Mean Node of the Moon with a Chi Square = 8.2
  • Jupiter 30° the Mean Node of the Moon with a Chi Square = 8.0
  • The ruler of the 4th house in Capricorn with a Chi Square = 7.8
  • Mercury 45° Uranus with a Chi Square = 7.7
  • Heliocentric position of Mercury 150° the heliocentric position of Mars with a Chi square of 7.4
In the midpoint research, we got some very significant results, the more so because the ones listed on top also came out in our first attempt when we had analyzed about 250 Solar return charts. In this set of 459 charts, the results came out as significant which means that there might be something onto it.

So what are these midpoints (orb 1°) that are so highly significant?

  • Venus/Jupiter midpoint 60° Pluto (Chi Square = 33.3)
  • Jupiter/Ep midpoint 72° Ascendant (Chi Square = 25.0)
  • Mean Moon’s Node/Vx midpoint 60° Sun (Chi Square = 25.0)
  • Mars/MC midpoint 30° Neptune (Chi Square = 25.0)
  • Venus/Jupiter midpoint 36° Mean Moon’s Node (Chi Square = 24.5)
  • Moon/Ep midpoint 45° Ascendant (Chi Square = 21.3)
  • Mars/Neptune midpoint 90° Venus (Chi Square = 21.3)
  • Sun/Jupiter midpoint 90° Venus (Chi Square = 18.0)
  • Jupiter/Ascendant midpoint 120° Uranus (Chi Square = 16.0)
  • Sun/Mean Moon’s Node 90° Moon (Chi Square = 16.0)
  • Black Moon/Vx 180° Ascendant (Chi Square = 16.0)
  • Moon/Saturn midpoint 0° Uranus (Chi Square = 16.0)
  • Moon/Ascendant midpoint 120° Black Moon (Chi Square = 16.0)
  • Moon/Part of Fortune midpoint 60° mars (Chi Square = 16.0)
  • Venus/Ascendant midpoint 120° Black Moon (Chi Square = 16.0)
  • Mars/MC midpoint 30° Moon (Chi Square = 16.0)
  • Jupiter/Vx midpoint 90° Mean Moon’s Node (Chi Square = 16.0)
  • Uranus/Ascendant midpoint 45° Sun (Chi Square = 16.0)
  • Uranus/Ascendant midpoint 36° Saturn (Chi Square = 16.0)
  • Ascendant/Black Moon midpoint 60° Pluto (Chi Square = 16.0)
  • Mean Moon’s Node/Vx midpoint 72° Jupiter (Chi Square = 16.0)
The following midpoints came out very significantly too (but were not present in the first set of 250 solar returns):
  • Mars/Uranus midpoint 45° Mean Moon’s Node (Chi Square = 27.0)
  • Moon/Mercury midpoint 0° Mean Moon’s Node (Chi Square = 25.0)
  • Moon/Vx midpoint 30° Pluto (Chi Square = 25.0)
  • Pluto/Mean moon’s Node 36° Sun (Chi Square = 21.3)
  • Mars/Jupiter midpoint 144° Sun (Chi Square = 18.0)
  • Moon/MC midpoint 60° Vx (Chi Square = 18.0)
  • Uranus/Ascendant midpoint 36° Pluto (Chi Square = 18.0)
  • Black Moon/Ep midpoint 36° Ascendant (Chi Square = 16.3)
  • Black Moon/Ep midpoint 60° Sun (Chi Square = 16.3)
  • Venus/Mars midpoint 180° Mean Moon’s Node (Chi Square = 16.0)
  • Mars/Jupiter midpoint 0° Uranus (Chi Square = 16.0)
  • Venus/Mean Moon’s Node 45° Mercury (Chi Square = 13.5)
  • Uranus/Mean Moon’s Node midpoint conjunct Sun (Chi Square = 12.5)
  • Sun/Uranus midpoint 0° Mean Moon’s Node (Chi Square = 12.5)
  • Venus/Uranus midpoint 45° Sun (Chi Square = 12.5)
  • Venus/Vx midpoint 60° Pluto (Chi Square = 12.5)
  • Venus/Pluto midpoint 30° Uranus (Chi Square = 12.3)
  • Moon/Jupiter midpoint 135° Mars (Chi Square = 12.3)
  • Moon/Uranus midpoint 135° Saturn (Chi Square = 12.3)
  • Moon/Uranus midpoint 45° Venus (Chi Square = 12.3)
  • Venus/Uranus midpoint 120° Moon (Chi Square = 12.0)
  • Venus/Jupiter midpoint 150° Neptune (Chi Square = 9.1)
  • Sun/Moon midpoint 150° Jupiter (Chi Square = 9.0)
  • Sun/Venus midpoint 45° Uranus (Chi Square = 9.0)
  • Moon/Uranus midpoint 60° Venus (Chi Square = 9.0)
  • Uranus/Mean Moon’s Node midpoint 45° Moon (Chi Square = 9.0)
  • Moon/Mars midpoint 45° Neptune (Chi Square = 9.0)
What can we learn from all this?
  • In midpoint analysis we must use all other aspects than commonly thought. The School of Cosmobiology only uses the 90° and the 45° dial but our findings made it clear that all possible aspects should be used. This also means that the use of the midpoints in Harmonic analysis is very important
  • R. Ebertin mentioned the Venus/Uranus midpoints in births. This we can confirm by our research results, be it that in our research the midpoints containing both planets are found in other 'harmonics' than the 4th or 8th.
  • The Venus/Jupiter midpoint 60° Pluto is the most important midpoint in solar returns pointing to childbirth
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