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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #030 -- Astrological Aphorisms + New Contest!
May 21, 2007

One of our readers wondered how compatible she is with her husband. We thought; let's make a contest out of it and ask you what YOU might think about the compatibility between both people and why you think they are (in)compatible (what simple method do you use to analyze compatibility?). More about it in the "Your Questions, Comments or Suggestions" section below.

We also gathered some insightful astrological aphorisms related to love and marriage. Just try them out and let us know if you find them accurate.

Till next time!
Luc De Jaeger

Work in progress (coming in one of our next issues):

  • love marriages
  • arranged marriages
  • love degrees
  • fertility and Moon phase returns - latest research
  • happily married women: astrological indications

If you have any further suggestions or ideas to incorporate in one of the future issues of our Love Letter, please,happily married women: astrological indications click here to let us know!

Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the Month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Tried 'n True Astrological Aphorisms About Love
  2. Your Questions, Comments or Suggestions

Love Forecasts for June 2007

Venus, planet of relationships and harmony enters playful Leo around June 5, marking a time of pleasure and enjoyable moments. June becomes a month in which love is in the spotlight (for good or for bad!). There is fun, love, charm and a flirt in the air!

Around June 6 the Sun at 14° Gemini opposes Jupiter at 14° Sagittarius. Don't overdo and keep your expectations and enthusiasm within the limits.

Expect a sudden change of course around June 9 when the Sun at 18° Gemini squares Uranus at 18° Pisces. Things will unexpectedly take a turn and you'll have to cope with these changes.

Mercury stations around June 16 at 11° Cancer and will start it's backward motion in this sensitive and emotional sign. After all, this transit is not too bad because the mind is turning "inward", pondering on past events, experiences or issues.

Retrograde Mercury in the water sign Cancer is less communicative and much more introspective. Silence is golden now. You best don't sign any contracts now and do not marry under this transit!

Your mindset is all about events dating (far) back (from childhood or youth) and you quite cling to the past under this retrogression. Issues around pregnancy, babies and/or children may pop up.

It's possible you encounter someone you have not seen or heard for long.

Be careful around June 17 if you're born around April 15, July 18, October 18 or January 15. You might have to fight for your honor and/or existence. You are under fire. Physically, this may be an exhausting period. A huge amount of work awaits some of you too.

Do take care of your health as some surgery may be needed to regain health. Anyway, your health may suffer these days. Just take care.

The Sun at 27° Gemini opposes Pluto at 27° Sagittarius around June 19 while Venus at 14° Leo trines Jupiter at 14° Sagittarius. You may meet powerful people or people who leave a deep impression on you.

If you are born around April 4, August 7 or December 7 this may be a highly enjoyable time. The days around June 19 may mark sort of a favorable turning point in your life. Some of you may expect a raise in income, windfalls or some very welcome gifts or presents.

Around June 21 the Sun enters emotional Cancer, just some days before Uranus is stationary retrograde at 18° Pisces which happens around June 23. Also, Mars enters material Taurus around June 24. You seem to actively want to gather some material goods now. Mars in Taurus may bring (impulsive or sudden acute) expenses -- and purchases.

The whole month of June is influenced by the applying opposition between Saturn at 21° Leo and Neptune at 21° Aquarius. The opposition will be exact around June 25. Remember that both planets together represent the axis of illness and depletion. It does not favor well-being at all!

When you are born around August 14, November 14, February 10 or May 12, this opposition will affect you directly and may at least be felt the whole month long. Indirectly, you will have your share of sorrow when you are born around April 12, June 13, July 14, September 15, October 15, December 14, January 12 or March 13.

Around June 30, when Venus at 21° Leo opposes Neptune and is applying to conjunct Saturn, love's sorrow is entering the scene. Also, take care of your health. While the first part of June may have been rather favorable to your love life, the second part (and the first week of July) seems to disrupt your dreams and bring you back to reality. Have faith!

Love Quotes of the Month

Everyone calls himself a friend, but only a fool relies on it: nothing is more common than the name, nothing more rare than the thing
-- Jean de la Fontaine --

As intelligence goes up, happiness goes down
-- The Simpsons --

The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: decide what you want
-- Ben Stein --

A heart can be broken, but it still keeps on beating just the same
-- Fried Green Tomatoes --

Love is hard to get into, but harder to get out of
-- Sean Bawden --

Real happiness is when you marry a girl for love and find out later she has money
-- Bob Monkhouse --

In women everything is heart, even the head
-- J. P. Richter --

What's New on Our Web Site?

Last month we updated our web site with the following additions:
  • we updated Kevin Costner 's page with the announcement of the birth of a boy. Reportedly, Kevin Costner became a father again on Sunday May 6, 2007 - this time to Cayden Wyatt Costner.

    The newborn entered the world at 10:30 p.m. at a Los Angeles area hospital. He weighed 7 pounds, 14 ounces and has dark hair. For the fifth time Kevin Costner became father, it's Christine's first child. He has three children with former wife Cindy Silva: Annie (born in 1984), Lily (born in 1986), and Joe (born in 1988).

    He also has a son, Liam (born in 1996), with Bridget Rooney, with whom he had a brief relationship following his divorce.

  • we also updated the Britney Spears page with some future Astrodamus predictions
  • from now on there is another service available from us: the " Reports Made To Measure. " You ask, we deliver. Also, there is no fixed price or fee. You decide what the report or analysis is worth and what you want to (or can) pay AFTER we send your report or analysis by e-mail! You read it very well: AFTER we send the report or analysis. This must be revolutionary! It's really all up to you: YOU decide!
  • some links were deactivated on different pages so that we had to delete or change them -- again.

Tried 'n True Astrological Aphorisms About Love

Below you can find some astrological aphorisms related to love and marriage. Some aphorisms are from medieval and ancient texts, some are from research studies. Anyway, we have found them to be so stunninlgy accurate that we want you to know them. Who told you astrology does not work?? ;-)

Have a good read.

  • natal Neptune in the 5th house almost always brings children in one's life
  • in the female natal chart, Mars in the 9th house indicates the love for a stranger or foreigner. Venus in the 9th house in the male natal chart indicates the same; the love for a foreign female person, or a female in a foreign country.
  • a Venus-Pluto aspect in the Davison chart denotes irresistible physical attraction.
  • if your natal Moon is in a cardinal sign you always need a good fight and some conflict in your relationship to keep it all going. Otherwise, the relationship may crumble because you get easily bored
  • natal Venus in Aries denotes someone who constantly tests people to know if one is still desired. This is especially so in female charts.
  • the ruler of the 5th house in its own sign in the 5th house in a solar return chart of a female person almost always indicates childbirth. This configuration works like a flag: if you notice it your first job is to look for other childbirth configurations that might confirm the prediction
  • Uranus disrupts, Neptune dissolves and Pluto transforms profoundly whatever planet or point it touches. If one of your love or marriage planets is involved (Venus, ruler of the 5th or 7th house), you know where you are heading!
  • Venus in the 12th house in a female chart often indicates a "marriage till death do us part"
  • if Venus is the most aspected planet in your natal chart you may have a beautiful body
  • natal Mars in the 7th house always blames the partner for everything that goes wrong. It's a very faultfinding combination
  • the sign Leo in the houses tells where love will grow: Leo on the 12th house brings love for a client (the 12th house is the 6th of the 7th house indicating encounters in your working environment; but not with a co-worker). Leo on the 10th cusp might indicate a love relationship with a superior, boss or higher-up etc. Always take the derivative house meanings into account!
  • an intercepted Moon in Scorpio in a female horoscope indicates miscarriages
  • in a female horoscope the natal Moon in Capricorn in the 7th house indicates marriage with an older man
  • in a female horoscope the Moon in the 7th house in Gemini indicates a much younger partner
  • in a natal chart a retrograde ruler of the 7th house indicates something your partner dislikes, according to the sign the ruler is in. In Cancer, your partner dislikes household activities. In Libra your partner dislikes social activities...
  • Leo is the sign of (your own) children (as is the 5th house), Aquarius is the sign of the children of other people or of your partner (as is the 11th house). If Aquarius is more dominant in your natal chart, chances are your life will be centered around children of other people (perhaps you work in a Kindergarten or have stepchildren or...)

natal Neptune in the 5th house almost always brings children in one

Your Questions, Comments or Suggestions:

We got a request from Fernanda, living in Portugal, and we turned her request into a contest... We'd love to hear from you. Just read the post and submit your entry before the deadline. Good luck!

Fernanda requested a compatibility analysis with her husband Carlos. Both people are born in Lisboa, Portugal.

Fernanda is born on August 9, 1964 at 13:05. Carlos is born on October 14, 1968 at 17:30.

When we assess a compatibility chart we always look at the elemental division first.

Fernanda has a lot of planets in fixed water signs, making that she has a lot of Scorpio traits. Carlos has a lot of points and planets in mutable and cardinal water signs relating him to either Cancer or Pisces.

Fernanda's Scorpio traits blend very well with Carlos' Cancer/Pisces traits. These signs are trine one another denoting full basic compatibility.

While Fernanda lacks the air element, Carlos fills in that void which is very good to bring balance to the relationship.

However, both partners have a lot of water which may bring too much emphasis on (fluctuating) feelings, emotions and unspoken forms of communication. Too much water often indicates too much "silence."

In the 30° comparison chart we find Fernanda's Sun on Carlos' Ascendant which is brilliant and denotes some powerful attraction. Her Uranus is on his Moon's node bringing thrill, but also some exciting and even upsetting events.

Fernanda's first house ruler (Pluto) conjuncts Mercury in its own sign Virgo, denoting that Fernanda is (overly) critical and quite "obsessive." Her Pluto conjuncts Carlos' Descendant which is very often an indication of a marriage.

His Neptune (ruler of his 1st house) conjuncts Fernanda's Part of Fortune bringing her fortune (and money).

In chart comparison we must never neglect the exact midpoint pictures between both partners (45° dial):

Fernanda's Pluto is on his Uranus/Neptune midpoint indicating losses. Because these are generational points/planets, we don't consider this too important BUT even if it's not THAT important, this midpoint has something to tell!

Carlos' Saturn is in Fernanda's MC/Mars midpoint denoting some disruptive events and even separation. Carlos' Uranus is on her Sun/Neptune midpoint denoting some sudden crisis. Carlos' Pluto is exactly on her Ascendant/Neptune midpoint bringing issues about secrecy.

Issues around secrecy are also indicated by the position of Carlos' Sun/Mercury conjunction in Fernanda's 12th house of secrets and sorrow. Something is hidden in this relationship (also, secrets and/or hidden things are quite common in relationships with a lot of water in the charts!). Carlos brings concern and sorrow in the relationship.

Carlos is born on Monday (a lunar day) while Fernanda is born on Sunday (a solar day). Seen from an archetypal view, it would have been better and nicer when the male person was born on a solar day (Sunday) and the woman was born on a lunar day (Monday), increasing the compatibility between a man (the Sun) and a woman (the Moon).

However, because the male and female archetypal principles are reversed here, there still is compatibility but there may be power issues too.

So, the bottom line is there is compatibility between Fernanda and Carlos. However, some problematic issues will have to be solved too. If not they might separate!

Currently, there is quite some planetary activity going on: transiting Uranus entered Carlos' 1st house and opposes Fernanda's stellium in the 11th house.

In a previous Love Letter we already discussed the importance of Uranus breaking bonds.

Anyway, issues about freedom may currently pop up.

BUT, what do YOU think about the compatibility between Fernanda and Carlos? What SIMPLE methods do YOU use to delineate compatibility?

Do let us know YOUR SINGLE BEST and MOST SIMPLE compatibility tip/method!

We'll send your method to Fernanda and she will choose the single best tip and entry that will be published in one of the next issues.

Send your single best method before June 4, 2007 12:00 MET.

The winner will be awarded with "The Key of Life, astrology of the lunar nodes" by Prash Trivedi (a hard to find book about the lunar nodes in Vedicastrology).

Send your tip/method by replying to this Love Letter. Before doing so, please make sure you have read the following guidelines!

The Guidelines (by participating you agree with these guidelines):

  • you must be a subscriber to this Love Letter
  • you must send in your answer BEFORE June 4, 2007 12:00 MET. Entries reaching us after this date and time will not be taken into account.
  • to answer the question, you must send your answer by replying to this Love Letter (by using your reply button in your e-mail client)
  • only Fernanda can assign a winner, if there is one (Fernanda and Carlos cannot participate in this contest). Her decision is final!
  • we will contact the winner to receive the address to send the book to. By participating in this contest you agree to send us your address on our request when you win the book
  • all items entering a foreign country or region outside the European Union may be subject to customs inspection and the assessment of duties and taxes in accordance with that country's national laws. Paying any required duties or taxes is the responsibility of the winner and not of us at Cosmic Technologies (CosmiTec). By participating in this contest the winner agrees that he or she cannot recoup these fees on us.
  • the name of the winner and the simple method or compatibility tip will be posted in one of our next Love Letters, so by participating in this contest you agree that, if you are assigned the winner, we may post your name, city (or county if you rather prefer this) and country in one of our next Love Letters
  • no further communication is possible regarding this contest

Thanks bunches Fernanda for sharing your information with us. Hope you get some interesting posts!

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