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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #045 -- Breaking News: Divorce Research
August 21, 2008

We are excited to report some very important astrological research results from the Netherlands. In a one-of-a-kind and massive study, the statistical correlation between divorces and astrological aspects was investigated.

Because we find this study exceptional and a real breakthrough in astrological research, we dedicate this whole Love Letter to it.

Hope this will help to bring less divorces and more lasting love!
Luc De Jaeger

Work in progress (coming in one of our next issues):

  • love marriages
  • arranged marriages
  • love degrees
  • fertility and Moon phase returns - latest research
  • happily married women: astrological indications

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Breaking News: Divorce Research

Love Forecasts for September 2008

The Sun conjuncts Saturn at 11° Virgo, tempering the mood around September 4. This is not a joyful or playful combination in Virgo, the sign of work, health and service. Work clearly comes first now.

A whole lot of highly important planetary activity is going on between September 7 and September 13. Expect important and major events and breakthroughs to come out into the open then. Let's take a look.

Till mid September all planets and points are posited in a "bowl configuration or pattern", Saturn in Virgo being the cutting or high focus planet. This can be a successful configuration but can be difficult and heavy to bear too.

Anyway, people tend to keep their cool and stay rather detached thanks also to Saturn.

There is lots of dedication the first part of September.

Big things begin starting around September 7 when Mars at 12° Libra squares stationing Jupiter at 12° Capricorn. Indeed, Jupiter is at its station now and turns direct, bringing more outward hope and optimism for the coming weeks and months.

It may be very rewarding to fight for your beliefs under this square. However, in legal affairs (divorces etc.), the ingoing (incoming) square with Mars in the sign of its detriment is NOT good because you may lose your case.

This may be particularly so if you're born around July 5, October 6, January 4 or April 3.

The retrograde position of Jupiter in the sign of its fall may have brought struggles with achievements, money, prestige and physical well-being during the past months but now that Jupiter starts its direct course again, it may bring more real and grounded hope.

In our May 2008 predictions, the month in which Jupiter turned retrograde, we mentioned that you might often feel hopeless during this retrogression. Now that Jupiter turns direct, this feeling will belong to the past.

Even if Capricorn is not the flamboyant propagator of hope and optimism, it's still better to have Jupiter direct in this sign than to have it turning back and inward and getting stuck between concrete walls or blocks (symbolized by Capricorn: "the concrete wall").

Also, Mercury conjuncts Mars at 13° Libra around the same period of time on September 8, while heavy Pluto is ready to station at 28° Sagittarius around September 9 and turns direct then.

So, we have two important stations in this short time span in which two planets/bodies turn direct and will manifest more openly from then on.

Both heavy bodies turning direct may bring a huge success and a big step forward. Pluto is about transformations and extremes and Jupiter is about freely widening the horizon in positive and unrestricted spirits.

The Jupiter-Pluto combo can be a success story, brought into the open with all that has been silently accomplished, thought of and researched during the retrograde positions.

Pluto will start its final journey in the last degrees of Sagittarius and will leave this sign in a couple of months to not enter it again for hundreds of years to come.

Just to say that this is the last station of Pluto in Sagittarius. We're entering a new milestone in our (individual and world) evolution, let this be clear.

The last degrees in Sagittarius still have a religious overtone and may still manifest fanatically though.

Around September 9, Venus at 12° Libra squares (stationing) Jupiter at 12° Capricorn.

This means that Venus, Mars and Mercury all square (stationing) Jupiter in a short time span (between September 7 and 13). These 4 bodies have a clear relationship meaning, the more so because Mercury, Venus and Mars are posited in Libra, the sign of relationships.

Expect some change(s) in your relationship(s) (in a broad sense) and actions to be taken.

Venus conjuncts Mars at 15° Libra around September 12, bringing your (love) relationship into the spotlight. Indeed, when the planets of love are posited at a very powerful relationship degree, expect a joyful meeting with your lover, a date, or, in the worst case, love disputes (mostly related to the topic of love too!).

Sometimes there is the meeting of lovers, sometimes there is the clash between lovers with Mars at 15° Libra. Anyway, it's all about love!

The Sun at 20° Virgo opposes Uranus at 20° Pisces around September 13, bringing some disruption, nervousness or tension into your life. Expect something... Anything! Some sudden and unexpected (breaking) news might be changing your life's direction.

Do also know that the Moon's North Node, Chiron, Venus and Mars are posited at 16° in a sign so that important relationship changes (breakthroughs) are very likely around these days!

Mercury and Venus conjoin at 18° Libra around September 15, bringing love letters, enjoyable talks and small gifts. Share your love with your partner, boy- or girlfriend.

Around September 21, the Sun at 28° Virgo squares heavy Pluto at 28° Sagittarius, making for some power struggles and transformations to initiate.

The Sun enters Libra around September 22, bringing socializing powers into your life. Enjoy social events during this entrance of the Sun in the sign of socializing and relationships. You may meet more people.

Around September 24, Mercury stations at 22° Libra while it conjuncts Mars. A WHOLE lot of talks will go on these days, gossip or not...

Because Mercury turns retrograde, it's not wise to openly make any decisions. You can make your point, but don't make any conclusions yet around the day of the station.

22° Libra is a very sexual degree so that talks about sex may be in the air. Communicate your wishes, dreams and phantasies. It's important you don't neglect this. There are no taboos.

Venus enters Scorpio, the sign of sex, taxes and the other's possessions (resources) and physical body(!) around September 24. What has been spoken of in the past days, can be practiced and experienced now. Do enjoy!

Love Quotes of the Month

Kissable lips and flirtable eyes still foul the good and fool the wise
-- J.B. Opdyke --

The greatest hate springs from the greatest love
-- Thomas Fuller --

Nobody dies from the lack of sex. It's lack of love we die from
-- Margaret Atwood --

The beginning, middle and end of love is -- a sigh
-- Arnold Haultain --

Gentlemen prefer blondes, but take what they can get
-- Don Herold --

When a man opens the car door for his wife, it's either a new car or a new wife
-- Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh --

Love is a friend, a fire, a hell; where pleasure, pain and repentence dwell
-- Richard Barnfield --

In our family we don't divorce our men -- we bury them
-- Ruth Gordon --

What's New on Our Web Site?

We have the following updates and additions to report:
  • we added a new page about the testimonials we receive (we will list most of the testimonials on this specific page to remove what some people call "the clutter" from some pages)
  • we updated our 12 gifts pages for each zodiac sign with new ideas
  • we updated Angelina Angelina Jolie 's page with the information about her twin birth
  • we updated the PayPal payment protocol on the pages on which you can order paid services from us to make the more easy and transparant procedure clear

Breaking News: Divorce Research

We are excited to bring you some very important and significant research results regarding astrology and divorce.

This time, however, the results do NOT come from our hands, but from the Netherlands.

The Dutch-based Equilibra Advice Corporation, a specialized astrological Corporation founded by Fred Opmeer, an MD specialized in Pharmacology, presented startling results for what perhaps is the first worldwide in-depth and largest research into astrology and divorce rates.

In his investigation, Fred Opmeer made use of the official data and information received from the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS; Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek) and consisted of all data of Dutch couples who were married on or before January 1, 2002.

The huge database of 3.2 million marriages was used to conduct the research. To keep the analyses manageable, a random test of 10% of the database was used. Only the day of birth (not the time of birth) of the partners was used, the time was set at 12:00 pm MET with a place of birth based in the center of the Netherlands. Other dates which were used were the day of marriage and when applicable, also the official date of divorce.

To analyse the divorce results, Fred Opmeer made use of the "event-history analysis" or "survival analysis."

After some data corrections (couples with huge differences in age, the marriage year and the legal modifications to the Dutch Divorce laws) the final result of the study made it clear that couples who share more disharmonious (inharmonious, discordant, challenging) aspects than harmonious aspects have a 20% increase chance of divorce.

These results are impressive and highly significant.

This also confirms different astrological methods stating that any couple to experience a lasting love relationship or marriage should have more harmonious inter-aspects than challenging ones (we refer to the methods by Ron Bippus and Nance McCullough, among others).

Now, you will certainly ask: what are harmonious aspects because there's some controversy among astrologers about that.

In his study, Fred Opmeer has used the same inter-aspects and orbs that he uses in his groundbreaking and very reliable "Character-matching" method. It's this set of aspects (and orbs) that brought the stunning and highly significant results.

He used the following orbs:

  • conjunction: 7° (8° for the Lights, i.e. the Sun and the Moon)
  • opposition: 7°
  • trine: 6° (7° for the Lights, i.e. the Sun and the Moon)
  • square: 6°
  • sextile: 5°
  • inconjunct (quincunx): 3°
We are absolutely delighted to see that Fred Opmeer in his research used quite realistic and narrow orbs, unlike research studies by other researchers that often use orbs as wide as 12° and beyond!

Harmonious aspects are:

  • all trines
  • all sextiles
  • most conjunctions, except conjunctions between "harsh" planets like Mars-Pluto, Sun-Pluto, Mars-Saturn, Saturn-Uranus, Moon-Pluto etc.
  • the opposition between the Sun and the Moon and between the Sun and Venus
Disharmonious aspects are:
  • all squares
  • all inconjuncts
  • the difficult conjunctions (between "harsh" planets that is)
  • all oppositions, except the two harmonious ones listed above
In Conclusion:
If you want to check in a reliable way your chances of a lasting love relationship, consider the ratio between harmonious and disharmonious aspects. You MUST have more harmonious aspects than disharmonious ones.

However, too much of a good thing is seldom good too and this is confirmed in this study also. If you happen to have too much harmonious inter-aspects, the relationship may become boring and dissatisfying, eventually resulting in a divorce too in the long run.

So, you do need harmonious aspects, but also some challenging ones to get the relationship (and love) going (and growing).

A ratio of about 1.5:1 harmonious:disharmonious aspects seems a very promising result.

About Fred Opmeer
In a "previous" life, Fred Opmeer was a medical scientist who got his Docter's degree with a specialization in Pharmacology at the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands (1982). He also got his Master of Science in Knowledge-engineering degree at the Middlesex Polytechnic university, England (1993).

In 1993 he founded Equilibra Advice, specialized in astrological relationship consulting and matchmaking.

After diligently researching the interaction between astrology and relationships, he set up his own method of "Character-matching."

During the past years, the scope of his astrological advice and consultations has broadened as he's doing business consults too.

He's also a member of the International Society of Business Astrologers.

His website: Equilibra Advice (in Dutch!).

To contact Fred Opmeer, go to his web site, click the "Home" tab and click "contact" on the pull-down menu and fill out the form.

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