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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #054 -- Why More Heartbreak Is In The Air!
May 21, 2009

The Uranus-Neptune combo is really creating havoc in many relationships and marriages these days. Numerous clients and people report break-ups and unhappiness in their love life. In this Love Letter we'll show you why this is so.

Due to the numerous requests and orders that really almost "floored" us, we have not been able to add much new stuff and articles to our web site, nor have we been able to finish an article that we wanted to publish this month, BUT soon we'll have some days off and we'll be able to get everything on track again.

Do enjoy life and live EACH day!
Luc De Jaeger

Work in progress (coming in one of our next issues):

  • love marriages
  • arranged marriages
  • love degrees
  • fertility and Moon phase returns - latest research
  • happily married women: astrological indications

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Why More Heartbreak Is In The Air!

Love Forecasts for June 2009

Around June 5, the Sun at 15° Gemini squares Saturn at 15° Virgo. As usual, the contact between the Sun and Saturn hinders and limits (creative) self-expression and playful love. Now's the time for duties, obligations and taking responsability. This is not funny for sure.

Venus enters its own sign Taurus around June 6 and brings the focus of attention to material gain, well-being, possessions, physical pleasures and food. During this sensual transit of the planet of relationships through this very physical sign, you may enjoy comfortable moments. Occasionaly give your lover a stroke and a gentle touch. It may do wonders!

Venus and Mars are now favoring all earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) in their search for love because both planets now reside in Taurus and remain in close contact. If you're born between April 21-30, August 23-September 3 or December 21-31, you will be the most favored of all.

Venus at 2° Taurus trines Pluto at 2° Capricorn and squares the Moon's North Node at 2° Aquarius around June 8. If you are born around January 22, February 20-21, March 22-23, April 22-23, May 23-24, June 23-24, July 24-25, August 25-26, September 25-26, October 25-26, November 24-25 or December 23-24, you will experience very powerful, impressive and strong love ties and harmonious developing relationships. There is romance in the air!

Around June 9-10, Mercury at 26° Taurus squares three bodies (Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune) which are all posited at 26° Aquarius. If you are born around February 15, May 17, August 19 or November 19, this configuration will affect you directly. If you're born around January 17, March 17, April 16, June 18, July 18, September 19, October 20 or December 18 it will affect you indirectly and, eventually, in a minor or more subtle way.

This Mercury-Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron configuration is not easy to interpret at all. For some, it may manifest in a very auspicious way, for others it will result in massive disappointments. Often, it just has a financial meaning but it may as well relate to fairy-tale-like and glamorous (and ballooned) situations. Keep your feet on the ground and remain critical as this configuration is not always one of the most realistic and reliable ones. Double-check all the information. Expectations may run (too) high, causing huge disappointments afterwards. Also, you may be more absent-minded and indulge in fantasies and imagination. You tend to more live in a dream world.

The configuration has a spiritual and/or religious meaning as well. It may bring hope and longings for a change for the better. Often, there is a huge interest in travel to far distant places. On the other hand, bankruptcy and business failures are to be expected too. Jupiter and Neptune are both related to water (rain, rivers...) and the sea, making for events related to this element.

Mercury enters its own sign Gemini around June 13 and brings short trips and more talks, news and messages. Many changes are likely to happen now, especially related to changes of the place. You become more mobile and talkative.

Jupiter stations at 27° Aquarius and turns back around June 15, expanding and intensifying life events. In its phase of retrogression, Jupiter is delaying good fortune and optimism (it does not deny it though!) till it turns direct again around October 13. Jupiter becomes more serious, less optimistic and more realistic which is not too bad at all. Retrograde Jupiter is more practical and modest. On a financial level, people tend to become less generous in spending and chances are financial issues may grow.

The Sun at 26° Gemini squares Uranus at 26° Pisces around June 16-17, bringing sudden love actions, love at first sight and irresistible attractions if you are born around January 31, March 16-17, May 2, June 17-18, August 4, September 19, November 4 or December 18.

Around June 19, expect sorrow if you are born around February 24-25, May 27-28, August 29-30 or November 28-29. However, there may be travel too, changes of the place, moves etc.

June 21-22 become days of irresistible and passionate sexual activity because Venus and Mars conjoin each other at 15° Taurus and the Sun enters emotional Cancer. If you are born around February 4, March 21, May 6, June 21-22, August 7-8, September 22-23, November 7-8 or December 21-22, you will likely feel this very powerful energy.

The Sun at 1° Cancer opposes Pluto at 1° Capricorn around June 23, marking power clashes and compulsive desires that cannot always be fulfilled. This opposition can be very violent, so, be careful with whom you meet!

Mercury at 16° Gemini squares Saturn at 16° Virgo around June 25-26. The mood becomes somber and you cannot unfold. Things are at a standstill on a communicative level and separative influences are in the air.

Love Quotes of the Month

A wedding is just like a funeral except that you get to smell your own flowers
-- Grace Hansen --

There's a commercial where guys sit around drinking beer, cleaning fish, wiping their noses on their sleeves and saying "it doesn't get any better than this." That's not a commercial. That's a warning.
-- Diane Jordan --

Absence makes the heart grow fonder
-- Thomas Haynes Bayly --

Love is like a butterfly; it goes where it pleases and it pleases where it goes
-- Source Unknown --

It is the things in common that make relationships enjoyable, but it is the little differences that make them interesting
-- Todd Ruthman --

Though miles may lie between us, we're never far apart, for friendship doesn't count the miles; it's measured by the heart
-- Source Unknown --

Only love can be divided endlessly and still not diminish
-- Anne Morrow Lindbergh --

A good heart is better than all the heads in the world
-- Edward Bulwer-Lytton --

What's New on Our Web Site?

We updated our Cancer in love and Leo in love pages with more information.

We also added new testimonials and changed some broken links.

Why More Heartbreak Is In The Air!

Uranus and Neptune have been (and will be) both transiting the same degrees at the same time in the zodiac for the months to come. Uranus is traveling between 19°-26° Pisces while Neptune is posited between 23°-26° Aquarius.

Uranus is the planet of breaking-up, breaking or running away. Uranus is, in a certain way, very set in HIS/HER way and wants to go his/her way whenever possible. It's the rebel and does not want to be fenced in. It represents a disrupting and revolting force.

Neptune on the other hand dissolves whatever it touches. It flees away silently out of disillusion, too high expectations or unreal situations.

When both planets travel the same degree (even when they only build a minor aspect like the semi-sextile), they bring both energies together.

When another (third) point or planet is posited at the same degree in a zodiac sign, the three planets/points will manifest their influence openly and directly towards this third planet or point.

When this third point is related or linked to relationships, expect the energies of Uranus and Neptune teaming together to influence this third point and the relationship(s).

When the Ascendant-Descendant axis, representing the relationship between yourself and "the other" (partner or other people you encounter) is touched, we have a very reliable indication of break-ups in marriages and partnerships.

So, whenever your Ascendant is situated between 23°-26° in a sign, Your relationship will be questioned. In case your MC is posited between 23°-26° in a sign, you will question your career, eventually jump ship, and your parental home is likely to be in danger of a split or separation too.

Uranus and Neptune will continue to build such a dreadful combo late in a sign till mid 2011! It will affect all the Ascendants that are posited between 23°-29°59' in a sign in a successive order (i.e. the earlier degrees come first and will feel the influence this and/or next year, the last degrees in the sign will feel the influence next year and in 2011). How we wished it would be otherwise!

However, the combo of Uranus and Neptune has a common auspicious theme and meaning too: both planets always go for the better and envision a more ideal life! So, while there may be a lot of heartbreak in the air, the change will always be for the better and enlightening!

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