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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #067 -- Your Checklist For a Lasting Love Union
June 21, 2010

In the astrological world, much is to do about the mid-Summer configurations in the sky. Though the astrological configurations do not portent too much good, we must take a sobering look at it. When a harsh opposition aspect is released by a sextile/trine aspect in the natal chart, the tension that an opposition brings too is released.

Clearly, IF the opposition is NOT released by a sextile/trine, and IF the opposition is right on a sensitive point or personal point/planet in your natal chart, you will be challenged in a hard way.

Fortunately, in many instances, the harsh opposition aspect that will be active mid-Summer, will be released for many of us so that the challenging experiences will not affect all of us dramatically.

Be conscious and be aware of this aspect and don't take any major decisions starting late July.

Be aware that only challenges make you grow stronger. Challenges raise consciousness and that's what we NEED! The Universe wants us to know something, is going to tell us something.

Don't close doors in a definite way and leave all the options open. Let it be and be patient and wait till the aspects pass (late August).

Still enjoy life!

Gratefully yours!
Luc De Jaeger

Work in progress (coming in one of our next issues):

  • the Fixed Stars and your love life
  • fertility and Moon phase returns - latest research
  • happily married women: astrological indications

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Your Checklist For a Lasting Love Union

Love Forecasts for July 2010

Around July 1, Mercury at 12° Cancer still opposes the mean North Node of the Moon. Encounters with or messages from friends of the past will keep you busy on these first days of July. Re-unite or catch up because there can be lots to tell.

The Sun too will oppose the mean North Node of the Moon around July 3 at 11° Cancer, denoting a meeting with (a) friend(s) from the past. A male person may re-enter your life again or may pop up again after a long time of no hear.

Around July 5, Uranus stations, ready to turn retrograde at 0° Aries. Regressing Uranus of breaking away in the military sign Aries dislikes a fight. Mind that Uranus is very unpredictable and you tend to break up easily too under this station. You tend to follow your instinctive and primary impulses which you may regret sooner or later. So, you better think twice before acting under this transit.

Around July 9, Venus at 28° Leo opposes Neptune at 28° Aquarius. Whenever a planet or body opposes dissolving Neptune, you will experience a void, something that is missing or absent, something that is "lost" or vanishes. With Venus, planet of love and relationships, you will experience love's sorrow, unrequited love and may miss someone dearly. Love is lived on a more spiritual and platonic, and less physical, level. There are longings and unfulfilled wishes. You may suffer. This will be the more so if you are born around January 18, February 17, March 19, April 18, May 19, June 20, July 21, August 21-22, September 21, October 22, November 21 or December 20.

Around the same day of July 9, Mercury enters Leo adding to the (love's) sorrow you already may experience. Indeed, Mercury is currently not in too good a position and you are in a sad mood. You may think about someone who passed away or left you. You just don't understand what's going on and why it's going on. Perhaps you take a short trip to find mental peace and think it all over.

Venus enters Virgo around July 10, denoting some love-affairs on the working floor or among co-workers. If you are still single, you may encounter Ms. or Mr. Right between one of your co-workers. However, Venus does not feel too well in this health-conscious and work-related zodiac sign because it's in the sign of its fall. You may find a lover caught in a difficult situation -- not because (s)he created it for her/himself but because the situation is just not too good. Beloved ones, health and work (co-workers) are now intertwined and will influence your daily routine till Venus enters its own sign Libra around August 7.

Around July 11, a Solar Eclipse at 19° Cancer will bring the focus on the home and family the more so because the Moon is in its own sign Cancer of home-bound interests. As usual, a Solar Eclipse works out within 6 months (mostly more profoundly around the days of the Eclipse and about three months later). Also, what this may mean for you personally totally depends on where the Eclipse falls in your own natal horoscope. It can be good or bad. However, in these forecasts, we can only give general delineations based on the planetary positions in the sky at the very moment of the Eclipse. The general signification is not bad at all!

Very significant is Mars at the same degree of and sextile the Eclipse's position. Mars is all about initiating things so that the basic and general meaning of this Solar Eclipse is related to starting something new, getting a new job, lover, project or whatever. It's about getting off and getting things done (and often leaving "the old" or something old) behind. Breaking with the past is a given because the Solar Eclipse is in the sign of the Moon's South Node (the Eclipse is of the Saros South Series).

It's said that old traumas and issues will be cleared under this Eclipse and that long-term issues will be "healed" and successfully overcome, even if this denotes leaving something behind. The final outcome is highly auspicious.

Around July 13, love will prosper. Expect windfalls and a very auspicious time if you are born around January 23, February 22, March 24, April 24, May 25, June 25, July 26, August 27, September 25, October 27, November 26 or December 25. You may be full of joy.

Saturn will enter Libra again around July 21 and will remain in this zodiac sign for a lot of months. Clearly, with the planet of limits, boundaries, structure, formalities and older people in the sign of relationships and encounters, your relationships (in a general sense) will demand some restructuring. It's all a question about responsabilities and you are able to take well-informed and balanced decisions. Relationships tend to mature well and in a positive way and direction. Slowly but steadily.

The Sun enters Leo, the zodiac sign it rules, around July 22. The Sun wants to enjoy and may bring a more playful and relaxed atmosphere.

Around July 23, Jupiter stations at 3° Aries and turns retrograde while it's building a square to Pluto at 3° Capricorn and which will be exact around July 25. Stationing Jupiter magnifies Pluto themes; issues about power, taxes, "the other's" possessions and money (insurances and investments for example) and sex. This may be popular topics that receive much public attention around the period of the station. Mind your money...

Around July 26, Mercury at 27° Leo opposes Neptune at 27° Aquarius which is related to miscommunication, deceptions and nebulous situations. Neptune dissolves clear Mercurial thinking under this transit. You may feel easily the victim of someone else too.

The day after, around July 26, Saturn at 0° Libra opposes Uranus at 0° Aries. This heavy and disruptive transit is one of breaking up, trying to cope with revolutions, breakthroughs and novelties the more so because it's accompanied by a Full Moon. Uranus is still the heavier planet (because it's still stationary) so that breakthroughs, novelties, revolts and innovations will manifest and overpower conservative and limiting forces. Freedom will have its price though. Something is going to erupt or break free and become public knowledge (because of the Full Moon which always brings things out in the open).

Mercury enters its own sign Virgo around July 27, bringing more stress, tension, worries, analytical thinking and discriminating behavior. Paying too much attention to the minutest details may severely annoy some people. Nothing and nobody seems good enough now.

Mars enters Libra, the sign of its detriment around July 30 and has to take into account the opinions and vision of other people. It's not the own urges (represented by Mars) that count any longer, but the drives of other people (represented by the zodiac sign Libra) so to find balance. Negotiations rule. In some cases, Mars in Libra may be related to more infidelity, blaming it "the other." Indeed, Mars in this zodiac sign of relationships and of "the other(s)", feels weak, cannot take a stand and is now at the mercy of "the other(s)."

Also, around the same day of July 30, Mars at 0° Libra opposes Uranus at 0° Aries and is also joining Saturn (exact on July 31) indicating a highly explosive and violent atmosphere late July.

When Mars, Saturn and Uranus all come together in an exact configuration at 0° in cardinal signs AND if there is no release of the tension through a sextile or trine, something massive will happen and will come into the open. 0 degrees in cardinal signs are always the most open and noticeable to the outer world. They represent the world at large and may indicate severe violence, all kinds of accidents and catastrophies that cause physical injuries or even death.

If you are born around January 21, February 19, March 20-21, April 20, May 21, June 21, July 23, August 23, September 23, October 23, November 22 or December 22, you will feel these energies too. In case there is no release of the tension by a sextile or trine with (for example) natal Jupiter at 0° Sagittarius, Gemini, Leo or Aquarius, beware of physical injuries or accidents late July. Expect violent and harsh arguments, separations and divorce.

So, watch out for the last week of July when the Moon is also furthest away of the Earth (in apogee around July 29 and also changing declination from South to North) because it all adds to the possible mayhem (in astrometeorology accompanied by heavy thunderstorms here and there). Indeed, on a mundane level, this portents natural disasters.


Love Quotes of the Month

Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood
-- Oscar Wilde --

Wife and servant are the same, but only differ in the name
-- Lady Mary Chudleigh --

The fate of love is that it always seems too little or too much
-- Amelia E. Barr --

There is so little difference between husbands, you might as well keep the first
-- Adela Rogers St. Johns --

If the bedroom were a kitchen, women would be crockpots and men would be microwaves
-- Diana Jordan --

Make love during the safe period ..... -- when his wife's away
-- Source Unknown --

When we are not in love too much, we are not in love enough
-- Comte de Bussy-Rabutin --

In true love the smallest distance is too great and the greatest distance can be bridged
-- Hans Nouwens --

What's New on Our Web Site?

These are the updates and changes we made since our previous Love Letter:
  • we updated our Claudia Schiffer page with the information about the birth of her 3rd child.
  • we also added our revised Wedding setting date page with the brand new (paid) Marriage Dates service. To find the Marriage dates we not only make use of our own researched Marriage Graphs but also add some other astrological algorithms that we found to be reliable.
  • we added a new page about the natal aspects to Venus which is a revised page (in a minor way) of the article we previously printed in this Love Letter. Because our Love Letter articles are not optimized for search engines, it was necessary to make these minor changes before publishing it on our web site.
  • we also added some new gift ideas on different zodiac sign gifts pages.

Your Checklist For a Lasting Love Union

In synastry (chart comparison between two people) it is observed that long lasting (love) unions have some very specific astrological patterns and configurations that seem to bring and keep the partners together for quite some time. If you plan to marry and cannot find any of the below mentioned affinities, chances are, the marriage will end in divorce quite soon (in rare cases the marriage still passes the first 7-year cycle though -- the 7th year is almost always a hurdle year).

However, even with one or more of the listed configurations, a divorce is not ruled out but chances are the marriage will last very long and if divorce occurs, the partners will remain good friends. Don't underestimate the importance of the rules that will follow. The more of the configurations can be found in the natal chart comparison between two persons, the better.

The configurations are found in comparing both natal charts (and horoscope wheels) with each other which also means that you will need an exact time of birth of both persons. Without a reliable time of birth, you will not be able to identify most configuration.

What are these configurations and patterns?

Below are the "must have" combos:
  • The Sun/Moon midpoint of one partner in an 8th harmonic aspect to the Moon and/or the Sun of the other (or in the 45° dial the Sun/Moon midpoint of one partner equals the Sun and/or the Moon of the other).
  • The Sun/Moon midpoint in the Davison chart in an 8th harmonic aspect to the Sun and/or the Moon of one or both partners.
  • The ratio of good to bad aspects.
  • Reciprocal Sun-Moon affinities between both natal charts.
Additional benefits occur when the following configurations are found in the chart comparison:
  • The Venus/Mars midpoint of one partner conjunct to or (to a lesser degree) in the same sign as the Venus/Mars midpoint of the other partner.
  • harmonious Saturn aspects.
Now let's take a closer look at the different configurations.

The Sun-Moon midpoint of one partner in an 8th harmonic aspect to the Sun and/or the Moon of the other partner

Unfortunately, midpoints are still underrated, underused and even misunderstood in astrology. Exact midpoints (with an orb of 0° 00') overpower aspects and build the basis of scientific astrology because with midpoints we find (recurring) patterns that always have the same signification and thus can be used in predictive work.

What is the Sun/Moon midpoint?

The Sun/Moon midpoint is a sensitive point half-way between the positions of Sun and the Moon. It is the half-distance between the Sun and the Moon in the horoscope wheel.

For example: if the Sun is posited at 2° Aries and the Moon is posited at 28° Aries we find the midpoint between both half-way, that is at 15° Aries. The Sun/Moon midpoint is thus posited at 15° Aries. 15° Aries is a sensitive degree that combines the Sun's and Moon's significations, that blend both meanings together. It represents the heart (Sun) and soul (Moon) of the person, the male and the female, the conscious and the unconscious.

Any other point or planet that builds an 8th harmonic aspect to this midpoint is activating, triggering that midpoint (of the body and soul) so that this 3rd planet, body or point influences this combo.

An 8th harmonic aspect can be found by dividing the horoscope wheel of 360° by 8 (and multiply the result by 1, 2, 3 etc...). You will then get one of the following aspects: a conjunction (0°), semi-square (45°), square (90°), opposition (180°) or sesquiquadrate (135°). Use a maximum orb of 1° 00'.

In the rule we mentioned above, we have to look for the Sun and/or the Moon of one partner that is conjunct, semi-square, square, opposite or sesquiquadrate the Sun/Moon midpoint of the other partner.

Fortunately, almost all software programs that feature a midpoint analysis calculate this for you instantly. Whenever you can find this configuration, there is a very strong soul union between both persons noticeable. Practice has shown that people with such a combination are very attracted to each other on the soul level and seem to stick to each other for quite some time.

Building further on our example of the Sun/Moon midpoint of one partner at 15° Aries, the rule works out if the Sun and/or the Moon of the other partner can be found at either 15° Aries (or because of the orb of 1° between 14-16° Aries), 0° Gemini/Pisces (or between 29° Taurus/Aquarius and 1° Gemini/Pisces), 15° Cancer/Capricorn (or with the orb of 1° between 14-16° Cancer/Capricorn), 0° Virgo/Sagittarius (or with the orb of 1° between 29° Leo/Scorpio and 1° Virgo/Sagittarius) or 15° Libra (or with the orb of 1° between 14-16° Libra).

You can also make use of the 45° horoscope wheel or dial (instead of using a horoscope wheel or dial of 360°) because then all 8th harmonic aspects will be shown as a conjunction in the dial. This way, you can see at a glance if the Sun/Moon midpoint of one partner is activated by the other's Sun or Moon.

To be continued...

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