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We at Cosmic Technologies are very committed to bringing you the best astrology charts, profiles, reports and forecasts that are rich in content as well.

Moreover we would like our reports, forecasts and profiles to be the most accurate and to-the-point that are available.

We have the advantage that a human astrologer casts the charts and delineates the different configurations.

We do not yet present computerized texts.

Because a human being interprets the charts, we can more easily build an extensive knowledge and experience from our success stories and our failures.

When something did not turn out the way we thought, we can try to revise our method to develop a more reliable method or system.

This way, we can try to bring you top-notch quality reports. We think that's what you're looking for -- and what you deserve too!

However, without your feedback, we cannot evolve and develop the art of astrology into a science.

The more we can provide you with accurate predictions and analyses, the better you are informed too and the more you will be happy with a report that can be a life-long guide.

If you order from us, we want you to be sure to receive valuable and reliable content.

We want to learn from our mistakes.

We want to learn the methods we think are (very) reliable too.

Does it work for you?

Tell us what you think of our astrology charts, reports, profiles and forecasts.

Your feedback can help us becoming better and better.

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