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I agree, gifts are very important to a female Libra :) And, getting them wrong can unfortunately "play a chord out of key" or "paint a color out of harmony" (something extremely unsettling for a Libra).

Flowers: A big bouquet of very tasteful, fine quality flowers (such as one would see in a beautiful Impressionist or Old Master painting) such as a dozen or two dozen Roses, Orchids, Pionese, Lilies, or Hydrangeas. Also, think of creating a bunch of flowers mostly in a certain hue such as lavender and blue flowers maybe with a few pink ones as accents. Another lovely combination is yellow and pink.

I once received a bouquet of a dozen yellow and a dozen deep pink roses and to this day the bouquet lingers in my mind. Another good bouquet is, of course, two dozen LONG stemmed roses impeccably wrapped in high end wrapping. Libra is just tooooo sensitive to receive cheap wrapping on flowers or anything. Again, something unrefined is unsettling to a Libra, we have extremely perceptive artistic sensors and pick up on the subtle nuances.

Good wrapping for flowers could be clear cellophane with generous amounts of wide, expensive cloth ribbons and a small classic elegant card. Always a sweet personal card. I once had a boyfriend who would only sign his name, not write mine. As a result I always felt an unsettled feeling as if the gift was not for me, but could be for anyone.

In truth it is simple to uplift, delight and charm a Libra, just purchase a large and impressive bouquet of excellent, classy, refined, high end flowers or a tasteful gift which is personalized with your lover's name and a card with a few poetic words of direct affection.

Another time a lover gave me a huge dirty black plastic pot of rust colored mums. I did not care for it at all. The flower was far too casual (Libra likes luxury) and the pot was artificial (Libras like real things of quality such as a glass vase, or flowers sent in a box - think glamorous hollywood) The pot was also very heavy and unmanageable, not refined and delicate. Not a good choice for a Libra.

When in doubt go for the more luxurious, pricier item. Think wedding bouquets of class and style that go the extra distance with quality ribbons and artistic wrapping, not cheap generic supermarket wrapping. Tip - Wholefoods has the BEST roses around in my opinion. They are fairly inexpensive ($19. a doz.) organic and last a lonnnnnng time (should be cut at an angle each day and put quickly after cutting into cold water. Then they will last weeks. But nevertheless, Wholefoods roses are often far superior to florist's roses). Also, their buds are very large.

Great bouquets of flowers, even if one spends a little effort and money on the gift, will go a long way with a Libra woman and will always be remembered. The quality of the bouquet will become the quality of you in her eyes.

Other gifts could be real gems in a classic style - not too heavy or garish, delicate and refined, but real and substantial, not insignificant. Classy and stylish. Good colors are pastel colors, pearls, opals, or lavender, blue, deep red, or turquoise colors. Diamonds and gold. A gold heart shaped locket would be special. Again, real and tastefully wrapped with a beautiful and personalized affectionate card.

I must note that I have dated men with big hearts and little money as well as wealthy men. It is the beauty and attention to details which makes all the impact, the personalized affectionate words that matter.

Frankly, if you want a relationship with your Libra to last over time, it would help to have a little education about art so that one can spot tasteful quality when one sees it (at any price). Art is the language Libra most readily responds to, it would be a great asset to be able to speak to her in her native tongue. Also, for a relationship to nourish her and return to you her passions over time, learn which are her favorite flowers, colors, materials (fur, cashmere, velvet). Which are her favorite perfumes, etc... Libras are sentimental and love to be loved according to who they are and what makes them most happy. It's good for a lover to know and provide these deep pleasures for them. You do not have to buy gifts often, but on holidays for sure.

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Nov 28, 2009
Brilliant and Extensive Tips!
by: Luc De Jaeger

Thank you so much for taking the time to share us so in-depth what makes a Libra happy. Many, many people will love your honest, very informative and helpful post which is classy in itself!!

Nov 27, 2009
by: Eve

I just noticed that I wrote that roses can last for "weeks" when properly tended to. The "s" was a typo. Even the best roses last only around one week. However roses are still a most treasured gift, possibly made even more so by their fleeting beauty.

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