Jan 5: truly thoughtful gifts!

by Ilais
(Sacramento, CA)

+ anything sentimental that shows a person is thinking specifically of me and my taste or wishes -- what I'd actually really like -- not necessarily something they themselves like or would prefer to give someone... that kind of a truly thoughtful gift means the most to me. Cost isn't important at all as long as thought goes into it

+ anything of the earth: flowers and plants, jewelry (metal, minerals/stones, especially letting it retain its natural shape (the stone -- undyed, uncut, etc.), sculpture or pottery, crystals or rough polished rocks, pressed flowers or herbs, a memorable walk through an arboretum, hike or backpacking trip in the mountains, a swim in the ocean or a river, a trip to a hot springs or the desert, etc. a really good meal cooked with a wide variety of natural ingredients. I love all these things! even better if I encounter/experience these things with the one I love.

+ an occasion where we can dress up and then be dressed way down afterward... ;>)

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