March 23

by Aries

Here's an idea! Surprise me by sending me beautiful preferably red roses in a beautiful vase (if not red roses, a fabulous arrangements of gorgeous flowers are also great) to my place of work! With the flowers, I would love a short but romantic personal message...and a heads up for the 2nd gift later!!! 2nd gift could be a really nice dinner at an upscale restaurant with private seating and view or take me somewhere with a nice atmosphere or reputation. :-)

Depending how long we have been together...Any kind of promise ring, necklace, or bracelet! Preferably 925 silver but white gold would be a slam dunk. If it's been over a year, this kind of a gift would be IDEAL!

Anything personally engraved or personalized for me is awesome!

A casual fun and spontaneous gift could be something like as corny as teddy bear with chocolates to anything you know that your Aries is obsessed with!

A naughty gift for an Aries could be a sex a vibrator. I wouldn't mind shopping for naughty things TOGETHER!
It could actually be better to bring your Aries with you because I know that PERSONALLY, I could see myself getting kind of weirded out and or suspicious if you go and get me something really wacko, gross, or something that was completely unexpected like in a bad way...
PLUS the combination of not being together for long enough for these sexual gifts is a total no no.

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