Tried And Tested Idea

by Aditi Swami
(Jaipur, Rajasthan, India)

love your guy

love your guy

Gifts for Pisces should make them feel that their lovers treats them in such a special manner in which no one else has ever treated them ever before.
Some of the gifts that I decided to give to my boyfriend are:
A bathrobe, a swim-suit, a towel set.
An aquarium with tropical fishes.
A bonsai plant.
Books of Paulo Coelho since, they discuss a lot about spiritualism.
Silk cushions.
A shirt on which I got his own photo printed with a tagline which he often says a lot.
A set of sunscreen lotions, after shave, cologne, body wash/shower gel with a loofah.
Dvd's which are of very sensible movies, inspirational videos.
Something cooked/baked by me.
Sneekers and very comfortable socks.
Bonsai bamboos.

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