Whelp. That got a bit longer than planned))

by Tessa
(Lost in Space and Time)

In order:
- Technology. Multi-purpose and in a pinch work towards satisfying flexible research, psychology-adjacent, creative and entertainment cravings among other things.
- Something your Scorpio is a fan of. Openly, actively or latently. Not only it will make their internal fan squeal with delight, it also shows you pay attention and accept their hobbies. Acceptance, non-judgmental joining in and bringing new information will work too.
- Various puzzles, crafting and construction kits. Or you can DIY a project with them together.
- Practical gifts are the best. There is a scale however.
- Something that shows that you are paying attention and care.
- Some supplies (and/or prepared plans) for our next traveling/exploration/adventure.
- If you are after a clothing/jewelry gift and can't find something that would fit their taste and style, something weird, cool, tasteful of not entirely crap quality will do. Adorable in a tongue-in-cheek way cozy, huggable things are also accepted (whether they admit it or not). Unless we love you very much and you are genuinely clueless, or its a tradition in the relationship to prank each other with gifts - NO TACKY STUFF.
- Books could be outdated somewhat, but its still a good gift.
- Depending on sincerity even the wrong/horrible/useless/tasteless gift could still fill us with warmth if it shows us you care. =)It... might just see the light of day less often and or include some mock horrified eyes and gentle trolling when we do use it.

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